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Betrayal, Deception And Love Online, An Update

RE: “Betrayal, Deception And Love Online” 1/8/2003 by Brian

I Just wanted to send in a few words regarding my past and what has taken place since that time.

He Clinic Bangkok

Let me start by saying that there are some events in a person’s life which have the potential to impact a person and also alter a person’s life if the damage was deep enough. For me, since that time things have definitely changed
and I am not totally sure if I have come to terms with how people can go about in life doing as she did to my life. They seem to have little or no moral or ethical value and give very little thought to consequences for their actions. It still
baffles my mind to some degree that people can be so messed up as to go as far as she did to screw with my life. I have learned to definitely avoid the type of BS she pulled on my life. Unfortunately, the events of my past have left me somewhat
jaded and cynical.

I am certain of one thing; I will never again be involved with a Thai woman for anything serious. My past has left me unbelieving of most people in general and not only Thai women. As a result though there is no way I would ever consider
a Thai woman for a serious relationship. The way I see things looking back on the situation is that it took place during a very critical part of my life when indeed I could have found the right person to start a family, the realization is that
now it will never take place in my lifetime as a result of the damage caused. Simply, there is no way in hell I can trust anyone to get close enough to me in my life. The experience has left me very cynical and jaded to the point that I have no
longer any interest to be involved with someone to start a family.

Life has gone on and there is much that life has to offer then to throw it away to some senseless person who will just trash a person like May did to my life. I will never go out on a limb for anyone to believe or trust anything they say
or do. As I said there is a lot more to life and many things to enjoy. Having said that I can make friends with women, go out etc, the usual things but I can never throw my life away to someone and get involved or allow myself to think of a serious
relationship with someone. The one thing for sure is that I have become well tuned-in to recognize BS and read through women as if I can read their heart, mind, soul and intentions from 10,000 miles away. Actually I can see right through the BS;
that is the one true skill I can say I have gained from that experience.

CBD bangkok

For sure I have become very busy in my life with things that matter and can still enjoy my life fully. There will for sure always be one image and impression in my mind and heart when I think of Thailand. There will always be a certain level
of hate for her thinking back to all the shit she has pulled due to her deliberate intentions to destroy my life. The one thing I am certain of is that things have a way of coming around. As we say in the west “ what comes around goes around”
which would equate to karma in Thailand or any Buddhist country. Basically, there are always consequences for all things in life and I do not believe she took that into consideration, but I am sure she has or will face the results of her actions.
I certainly believe that it will cause her life an equal amount of pain and suffering.

It makes perfect sense that if you do something destructive there will be consequences for all you do. If you decide to do damage to another person’s life that will cause such a deep impact to that person, you also will face consequences
at some point, perhaps not in the same way but there will be consequences of a Karmic nature. If you decide to rob banks for a living, you might get away with it, but sooner or later you would be caught and face the consequences to the full extent
of the law which would negatively impact your life. In the same way if you decide to play with a person’s life with the full intent to destroy or seriously mess the persons life up, there will definitely be consequences, might not be in
the same way, but there will be consequences equally as damaging.

Life has gone on in different directions for each of us. For her I am certain at some point she will be facing the results of what she has done and will suffer the consequences. For myself things are going along fine just in different ways
as my professional life also leads me in different directions and normal life has its rewards at this point for me. I can say now for sure that I am happy to be alive and enjoying life in some better ways, but it has taken a long time to put things
into perspective. During my darkest time back then, there were times when I truly felt like ending my life. I made it through all of it. Truly life does go on and all is not so bad. As for May, I hope truly that she endures a sense of her own
karma in her life. I hope she discovers the true depth of the damage she has caused my life, realizing at some point in her life what is right, what is wrong and how to conduct herself properly in life so she can avoid the affects of her own Karma.

Stickman's thoughts:

wonderland clinic

I have always said that the locals don't always play what we would call "fair", and that if you get involved with these girls and things go really bad, then damage can be seriously done…damage that can affect your modicum of trust, and your ability to have a fulfilling relationship.

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