Stickman Readers' Submissions April 24th, 2006

The Slapper’s Sister

In May 2005, I wrote a submission entitled ‘The Slapper’.

If you didn’t read it, it doesn’t matter but if you did, this story might have a bit more relevance. Names have been changed except the name of the Bus Stop. If you are Australian and this story resonates with you, my email
address is below.

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Nit is Pim’s sister. In this case, blood relatives, same mother, same father. Isaan girls.

Pim was tragically widowed a couple of years ago. Her German husband was killed in a road accident. Pim turned to prostitution and her young family came off second best. Willy has grown wild due to lack of supervision and lack of attention.
It’s tough enough being sixteen, it must be hell if you live in Bangkok, your father is dead and mother is a hooker.

Lisa is fourteen now, she spends most of the time with her mother. I can only imagine that she is left alone night after night in some sleazy hotel room or worse, maybe she’s not left alone. I shudder to think. Neither of the children
ever went back to school after their father died. The family home is being advertised for rent. God only knows what plans Pim has for their future. Willy frequently gets bawled out by his mother for turning the lights on at night and ‘wasting
money’. He chooses to not go home most of the time and spends his days and nights with equally wild friends.

I wish I didn’t know them. That would be easier.

Nit is younger than Pim and she tried to look after Willy and Lisa for a while after Kurt was killed. Pim would be out all night, most nights and asleep most of the day. Nit tried to give the kids some kind of home but Pim is a wicked woman
and soon drove her away by making endless and unreasonable demands of her younger sister.

Nit gave up and took a job in the Bus Stop on Soi 4. My heart sank further when I heard that.

Nit has a husband and two children of her own. They live in a village in Isaan surviving on money that Nit sent them from her Bus Stop job and other sponsorship arrangements.

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Next thing I hear is that Nit had picked up a new boyfriend at the Bus Stop. A kind hearted Australian by all accounts. He has a wife and family in Australia though visits Thailand regularly. He provides Nit with a monthly stipend. He might
not be the only one.

Back to the village in Isaan for a moment where Nit’s husband and children live. A problem was looming and a poor old retard was about to feel the rough end of Thai justice.

Nit’s family house was in a group of four, which were built closely together. In one of the neighbouring houses lived another family where there was a son of twenty something who is, as my wife would put it, not ‘neung loi per sen’.
Meaning his lift doesn’t go all the way up to the top floor. His name is Daap.

A few months back Nit bought a washing machine for her Isaan family home but because she is now a selfish, tightfisted sod much in the mold of her elder sister, it was not a new one but an old re-conditioned piece of junk that even had a
coin slot. Of course, it didn’t need coins to get it to work anymore but it was the kind of thing that you would normally have to pay people to take away. Nit had it installed in the house in Isaan.

A week or so later, some bad news reached Bangkok. There had been a fire in Nit’s home and her house along with the three neighbouring houses had been burned to the ground. There was a suggestion that the piece of junk washing machine
had shorted out and started the blaze but it was all rumour and conjecture.

The important point was that four families were now basically destitute and friends and relatives pitched in to help in whichever ways they could.

All four families received money from the local government to re-house themselves. I am not sure of exactly where this money came from but it was thirty thousand baht (USD 750) per family so that they could provide themselves with some form
of shelter.

The rumour about the washing machine being the cause of the fire would not go away and one of the neighbouring families began to openly blame Nit and her family for causing the fire.

Nit reacted by declaring that it must have been the idiot Daap who really started the fire because he was always lying around smoking and was a retard anyway.

Cutting a long story short, the matter went to the local court and for reasons that no farang would ever be able to fathom, Nit won her case and Daap was thrown into jail. On top of that, Daap’s family had to hand over the thirty thousand
baht government handout in compensation to Nit.

In the meantime, Nit’s kind hearted Australian boyfriend had not been forgotten. He had been hit with the news of the fire early on and had stepped in with a substantial cash injection to help Nit rebuild. So she now had her thirty
thousand baht from the government plus Daap’s family’s thirty thousand baht and a hefty contribution from her Australian sponsor. She used all this wisely, and built herself a new family home in the village in Isaan.

The cheeky cow even took her Australian boyfriend to Isaan to see the new property that he had subsidized so heavily. He met her kids and she introduced her husband to him as her brother.

Nit doesn’t work at the Bus Stop anymore. Now she lives at home in Isaan with her husband and children. The money comes from Australia every month.

Nice one Nit. And she seemed like such a sweet girl.

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Stickman's thoughts:

It is interesting to hear of a married man in the West sending money every month. I wonder just how common that is?

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