Stickman Readers' Submissions April 6th, 2006

The Mascot – The Smile – The Keeper

By Dazzle Star

A short story – another night out with the boys! No not a holiday night out. Not that they don’t feel like a holiday night out every time we have one as we do enjoy ourselves as you will find, but we all live here.

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Well me and the boys had been out playing golf all day and as usual decided on having a few beers and a night out as you do. We were a bit away from Walking Street and beach road but decided to have a few beers on the way from our drop off
point after golf! We headed in to a not so well frequented but lovely little gogo bar in Soi Metro Pattaya – Champagne a gogo. We only popped in to have a few beers a little look around and wait for one other fella to turn up and were not
specifically there to grab our selves a lady for the night as my friends are attached but we like to have a laugh and a joke and play around (a little).

Ok so we gets in to this place and everything is refreshingly cool and clean and bright, perfect there are even some very lovely girls, but one girl in particular caught the eye as she was a sexy little mover and had a smile like a Cheshire
cat. So we get this playful little thing over and buy her a drink or two and have the usual banter with her… Please we are young, good looking and have a couple of baht between us so we know how to play the game. This one was different though,
(did I just say that?) what a cute laugh and a never ending smile, she was real good fun but hardly spoke any if any English. My friends talk Thai well so she explained she had only been at the bar a few weeks and was all new to Pattaya!!! She
was real good fun, not in a nasty slutty way but in a young playful happy way. I said to my mate she is class lets bar fine her and take her as a Mascot for the evening!!! We explained to her that we were not trying to bar fine her to go with
3 guys but that we would take her out, have some fun and some beer. She was delighted and the rest of her friends were jealous…! she pulled 3 narak farangs all at once!

So we head out of the bar lady in tow but I make a grim discovery that we decide on changing as swiftly as possible! I noticed she had “big pants” on… So a minor meeting was held and as we walked along Soi Dianna it was decided
that when we get to Mikes Mall we buy her a lovely thong.. There was not intention for any of us to take it off but we couldn’t have a mascot with big pants..! We stopped in by Kiss (if you’ve been to Pattaya you know what I'm
talking about) for something to eat it had been a long day at golf and some grub was needed, also we wanted to treat our mascot! Wow big spenders taking her to kiss…! Why even mention this – so you guys can understand that this lovely
little thing still smiling took care of the 3 of us at the table, even started taking the mick out of me in Thai which my mates understood and laughed about… She was funny and enjoying herself, perfect!

We get to Mikes mall and a frantic search ensues to find the ideal thong for The Mascot! We are tearing this place upside down, and finally we find it! A little black thong with a red butterfly at the back on the T – perfect we had
a little giggle and she shot off in to the toilets to put it on..! came back smiling even more (was that possible).

The boys and the mascot are off to Walking Street, now just because we have the mascot with us does not mean we are going to differentiate from the original plan – this was a gogo night so the boys could have a view of what Pattaya
was offering lately before going home to the respective live in Partners. Well we did a little tour and went in to the usual spots, at one place a girl was making eye contact with me and came over sat beside me and made it very clear she wanted
a piece of the action… Now my little shy retiring smiling mascot had been holding hands with the 3 of us up the street and I'm not sure she liked the competition as the gogo girl got a frosty reception and explained to in Thai that The
Mascot was with the three of us!!! Funny she was protecting her catch – all three of us..!

We headed off to a quieter bar without any girls to wait for another friend to turn up (well if I'm honest) my mate had arranged to meet (the body) he was planning on having a night of passion with (the body) and she was on her way!
Whilst in this bar we got some space to have a little dance around and muck about with our little mascot. Weirdest thing ever for such a sexy mover on a pole she could not dance. We soon figured out that the only way she could dance was to pull
the sexy moves she does with the pole. Just like the 3 amigos we decided to rescue the poor little blighter and show her how to dance properly, she was smart and a quick learner – she soon got the hang of dancing slower and without popping
her hip out trying to gyrate against the leg!

The next stage of the story, so we are in another gogo, me my mates – the mascot and the body and please I must say what a body!! but more specifically what an ass, but as my mate kept reminding me “you wont see much of that
ass when I'm hanging out the back of it tonight” I got the picture and not a very nice one – I have an active imagination! At this point though, I think the Mascot figured out I was the only single fella and we had a bit of kissing
action happening, she was sweet and lovely and as my mucker kept saying to me she was a keeper (What did she play football to?) I like this bird even more now, she plays football! No not a goal keeper, but a keeper of a bird, young – quite,
not been around long, lovely, refreshing smiling ! almost perfect worth keeping as he would tell me ! a Keeper…!

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I already explained that my keeper – the mascot couldn’t speak much English, and I am only just starting to pick up Thai so we had some communication problems, mai pen rai – she shows me her telephone and on the screen it says
I want to make love to you mark mark… Quality! But I'm not stupid, I pass the phone to my mate and tell him to find out who sent the message and tell her mai cow chai, I play the game… Ok why did I do this, well if she is worth keeping
I need to know who sent the message! Cut a long story short, she has now had 3 beers – I know stupid of us to give her so many knowing better..,. She is a little drunk and now has passed out on my shoulder declaring her undying love for
me – how sweet !!! the mascot is pissed and may need some taking care of. The night is still early so I start filling the mascot full of water to sober her up..! I was contemplating taking advantage of her at this point! What was I to do…?

The last of the evening – we sobered up the mascot – my keeper, We are snogging the face off each other non stop (disgusting I know)! So she is in a good way again and cleverly

convinces me to buy her another beer, not the first mistake I ever made. She drinks it and is wavering again. I decide to call it a night and head for home. I take the mascot with me, she is pretty drunk and I reckon that I could pretty much do as I please
as she is young, vulnerable and my friends know I'm a bad ass! To end the story well, I took the little girl home, gently put her to bed (my bed) never even took her clothes off as she was just so young and innocent and worth keeping that
she didn’t need spoiling by a c*nt like me. So I let her sleep and gave her a gentle kiss good night! I even paid her above the usual price for her services and kissed her good bye in the morning. The Mascot, The Smile – The Keeper
and I waved good bye… Why ? because I wanted to be nice to her…

Stickman's thoughts:

It's nice to be nice.

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