Stickman Readers' Submissions April 4th, 2006

Simply Thailand II

"Drama, Bruises, A Uni-Eyebrowed Chanthaburi Girl, and a True Moment of Glory for a Beautiful, Dark Brown, half Isaan / half Malaysian Girl."

I am back in America after a nightmare trip to Thailand. If you have not read "Simply Thailand" submission, dated 10/11/05, you might not get a good grasp of this submission. The story begins when a beautiful Isaan girl fell for
me in July. Actually she is half Malaysian and half Thai. We kept in touch. She was truly beautiful, petite, short, and had a very independent personality that I so admired in her. I met her at Beer Garden on Soi 7 in Bangkok and we dated for
a month. I preferred a friendship with occasional intimacy, but she text messaged me in a taxi while we both sat together in the cab. I looked at my telephone and it said, "I love u". I was perplexed because we had remained friends all
this time and then suddenly she had fallen for me. I had told her that with love there are too many problems, but she insisted that we can work things out. Soon I also fell for her.

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A week passed and I had to leave for America. I promised her that I would be back in January and we would start a new life together. We kept in touch all these 5 months between July and January. Sometimes she would not e-mail me for a month,
but then I would see her e-mail with words of deep love. We both knew that she was still working as a freelancer. She needed money with her two kids. I sent her some money, but then I told her to be patient and that I will be back in Thailand
in January and we would start a new life together.

I got a very good job at an American International School in Bangkok. I was due to start in January. I was happy that at least I had found a decent job to look forward to. I had no illusion that our life together would be good. I just hoped
that things would work out together. This beautiful little brown Isaan girl (i.e., her father is Thai and mother is Malaysian) was happy too. But in my heart I had some reservations because a large gap between how we thought as people and how
our views of the world so differed. I had seen 48 countries as a 35 year old man and being half Italian and half Indian, I deeply valued intellectual and deep conversations. I knew we would not connect on an intellectual and deep level. Yet there
was an emotional side of me too and since we were both passionate people, we got along very turbulently.

Then came the time to go to Thailand. For 12 days before my arrival, I did not hear from my girlfriend. Finally I arrived in Thailand and she was not there at the airport. The next day she called my hotel and got a hold of me in my hotel
room. That is when slowly the nightmare began.

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I knew that as a freelancer, she had a lot of issues. But I never knew they were of the magnitude that I was about to experience. She came to my hotel the same day. I had not activated my cell phone so I was told by the hotel staff that my
girlfriend came by to see me and then left to eat. The hotel staff person in Saphan Kwai pointed her to me eating in an open restaurant across the street from the hotel. I saw her and was very happy. She looked a lot thinner and as I walked across
the street, my heart was brimming with sincere affection. As I reached her, she did not even budge, but sat there eating nonchalantly. I stroked her with my hand on her upper shoulder.

Then it was off to the hotel room. We got a bit intimate. After she asked for 4,000 baht to pay for her backlogged apartment fees. I paid her and she said that she would be back tomorrow after she moves from her apartment and puts the rest
of the stuff in her uncle's house. She comes back the next day and demands of me to go to Ubon. I had promised her to go with her and possibly try living there because she wanted to forget Sukhumvit, Soi 7, and all the memories of that area.
But I was jet lagged and promised to go in two days. She demanded we go "now!" I said "no".

Later that same day, I bought her a cell phone for 6,000 baht because she had lost her cell phone. She flew to Ubon and I was supposed to meet her back in Bangkok after a few days. We talked for two days on the telephone and then suddenly
her telephone was off for 7 days straight. I was sad and distressed. I thought something might have happened to her.

Then suddenly on the 8th day she calls my hotel room and tells me she is downstairs. She comes up and brings all her belongings and puts them up in my hotel room. We spend the day and night together and then she says she has to see her uncle
and her baby and that she will be back tomorrow. I give her 2,000 baht. For four days, she disappears again.

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Then she telephones me the fifth day at 3 in the morning and says she is downstairs in the hotel. I tell her to come up. She comes up and starts vomiting in my hotel room bathroom. I tap her on her upper back to get all the excess out of
her system. She then lies there in my arms. I feel sad and utterly hopeless for her state and realize that I cannot save her, but can just be compassionate to her.

She starts to withhold sex from me and I do not mind so much because I loved her to that level that sex was not the issue for me. As a Buddhist, I just wanted to make her a happy person and make her life more fulfilling. But I knew then that
it was not possible and that I had to let go of that possibility.

Turbulence gradually unfolds into a nightmare. She leaves the next morning and then telephones me the same night to ask me to meet her at Soi 7 where she always loves to play pool. I meet her and she looked absolutely stunning with her hair
done quite well and her clothes fitted perfectly on her petite body. She plays pool while I drink iced coffee. After few pool games and some street food, she says she wants to take me to an Isaan restaurant. We get there at 1:00 in the morning.
We meet her Isaan girl friend and her French boyfriend. They are about to leave the restaurant while we are going in. But they come back with us. After 30 minutes, I felt like I was going to go deaf considering how loud the Isaan singers and musicians
where playing. I even asked the French guy and he conceded that the decibels were way to loud to be safe for being there. After 45 minutes, I ask her that I want to leave because the music is wonderful and so is the show, but it is too loud and
it is giving me a headache. I walk with my girlfriend out the restaurant and explain this to her. She says, "what do you want me to do about it?" I tell her that I just want to go back to my hotel room. She reluctantly goes with me while
ranting and raving to the taxi driver about how farangs are.

We get to our hotel room and before she falls asleep, she tells me that she never loved me, but that she was drunk when she said that to me. I tell her to pack her stuff and leave right now. She leaves after breaking a few things of hers
in the hotel room. I thought that was the end of our relationship. But the true nightmare ensues later.

I finally felt a tinge of freedom and clearly realized that it was best for me to have a good time in Thailand for a few more days and then head back to America. I went to Ubon on my own and spent some quality time in my forest temple. On
my return, I visited Beer Garden on Soi 7 and had some iced coffee. I sat there and thought about how much I had loved this girl, but how utterly hopeless the situation was.

As I sat there in Beer Garden, I caught a glimpse of this very quiet and demure girl standing at the corner drinking a Heineken. We exchange few friendly smiles and then she starts walking up to me. As she comes closer, she definitely looked
Thai, but with a very Egyptian one eye brow. She was a bit voluptuous for my taste and Thai standards considering I was with a petite Isaan / half Malaysian girl a few days before that I had loved so much and that I waited to see for 5 months
to see. But this one eybrowed girl really liked me and said that that at least we can go out to eat. So I buy her some food on soi 9 and she tells me that I look sad. I said yes and it is so because I recently broke up with my girlfriend. She
comforts me and we exchange telephone numbers.

I get in the taxi while she goes to get her nails done on Soi 5. As I am riding in the taxi towards Saphan Kwai, I suddenly feel so much anger in my heart and what my girlfriend had done to me. I ask the taxi driver to head back to Soi 5
and I get off the cab and see the one eye browed girl getting her nails done. I walk up to her and she feels happy and surprised to see me again. After she gets her nails done, we head back to my hotel room in Saphan Kwai. We had a great night
together and she said that she will make up for what my girlfriend lacked in and out of bed. She pretty much did.

The next morning she leaves for work at Tesco at 9. We promised to see each other the same night. I was happy that at least my whole trip to Thailand had not been in vain. I knew that I was going back on the 17 of January to America, so we
only had one night to enjoy each other. But that night, not known to me as of yet, the nightmare would begin.

The whole day goes by and my girlfriend does not call me; I am resolute in not calling her either. As night approaches, the one eye browed Chanthaburi girl calls me and says she wants to see me very badly. I tell her to meet me on Soi 1 across
the street from Grace Hotel where a new Italian restaurant had opened.

We meet about 8 O'clock in the evening. We ordered some food and then suddenly my telephone starts ringing. I look at the screen and it is my girlfriend's telephone number. She knew a few days back that I was leaving on the morning
of the 17th because she had upset me. So I talk to her while the Chanthaburi girl is using the restroom. I tell her that I was upset at her, but that I had forgiven her. I tell her that I am eating in the Sukhumvit area and then will be headed
back to my hotel to get a good night rest before my long flight out to America. She suddenly tells me to call her back in five minutes. I never do and began having dinner with this one eye browed Chanthaburi girl. The dinner was great and we enjoyed
each other's company.

After dinner, we grab a drink in Beer Garden on Soi 7. Now my mind is racing a million miles per minute debating whether I should take this girl home tonight or just let it be and have a good night's rest. I opted for the latter. So
I tell her that I am going back to my hotel alone because I really need to rest before my long flight out tomorrow to California. I gave her some money and said that I hope to see her on my next trip to Thailand in July. She tells me that if I
ever wanted to talk to her tonight at any time or see her — that she will keep her cell phone on and wait for my call just in case. We gave each other a hug and parted ways.

I get in a tuktuk and tell the driver to take me to Saphan Kwai. We get in a little fender bender with a taxi and I receive a few bruises on my legs. No big deal though for a former US Marine.

I reach the hotel room about one in the morning. I am very tired and not looking forward to my long flight tomorrow. I get a text message from girlfriend that she is Nana Disco and to meet her there. I ignore it. As I am packing my bags,
I get another text message from my girlfriend saying that she missed me. I ignore that one too.

As I get into bed, she telephones me and I turn my telephone off. Then the telephone in the hotel room starts ringing off the wall! I pick up and it is her. She asks me why I was not picking up the telephone. I tell her that I am very tired
and that I was a little hurt from a tuktuk and taxi fender bender. She says that she wants to see me "now"! I say "no" and I deceive her in telling her that I was joking and that I was not going to America tomorrow just to
get her off my back. I tell her that I will talk to her tomorrow. I hang up.

Now it is 3:30 in the morning and my flight departs on Japan Airlines at 8:45 am via Tokyo to Los Angeles. I tell myself that my sleep is lost for the night anyway, so why not telephone the uni brow Chanthaburi girl over to the hotel and
at least have some fun before my departure. I decided to do just that. She promptly picks up the telephone.

The next thing I know it is 4:00 in the morning and I hear the door knock in my room. I go over and it is my girlfriend at the door! Not the uni brow Chanthaburi girl as I had expected! She drags me in the room and has another girl with her.
Apparently she had brought this girl from Nana Disco so that she could translate English to Thai and vice versa because my girlfriend's English was rudimentary at best. This girl apparently spoke good English according to my girlfriend's
remarks later. She had brought this girl from Nana Disco because according to my girlfriend, she wanted to talk to me in detail about our life plans. She said that she tried very hard to forget me, but was unable to do so because she had not met
a man with such a good heart. I had heard that line before and was NOT so ready to buy it!

I had a premonition though — as my girlfriend and this girl from Nana Disco and I were talking about us (i.e., my girlfriend and I taking with the Nana Disco girl as the translator), that the uni brow Chanthaburi girl was in the hall way
waiting for me. So not even to exchange proper greetings with this Nana Disco girl, I walk out of the hotel room and here she was standing next to the door on the outside — the Chanthaburi girl!

Time was ticking fast to my departure to America. My heart was beating in my mouth! And this Chanthaburi girl with her demure and quiet personality looking into my eyes, I was overwhelmed. This uni-brow Chanthaburi girl had made one evening
remarkable for me a few nights past after a hellish time with girlfriend. But even though I meditate regularly and I consider myself a very calm person, nothing had prepared me for this! I really wanted to spend my last hours with this Chanthaburi
girl. I suddenly decided that!

As I am standing in the hallway of the hotel, my girlfriend comes out of the hotel room and sees this uni brow Chanthaburi girl. She asks me, "who she?" I tell my girlfriend that this Chanthaburi girl had consoled me a few nights
ago when things were really wrong with my girlfriend and I relationship. My girlfriend tells this Chanthaburi girl in Thai to leave immediately and points her finger to the elevator.

Now I am standing there with a billion thoughts racing through my head in the hotel corridor! I am recalling all the nightmare experiences I have had with my girlfriend and the frustration and hopelessness towards our relationship is all
that keeps resurfacing in front of my face.

Ever since I had come to Thailand, I felt that everything was going tailspin with my girlfriend and I. Yet we both kept the few sparks left unextinguished. And here I was in the true moment of tempest! Two girls standing in front of me in
the hotel hallway and the Nana Disco girl coming out of the hotel room with her mouth agape!

I decided that I was willing to lose everything with my girlfriend (even a friendship!) to be with this uni brow Chanthaburi girl for a last few hours in Thailand on this trip. I had decided supposedly!

My girlfriend yells in Thai again to this Chanthaburi girl to "leave!" I say "no she is not leaving, you leave."

Without any warning, my girlfriend picks up one of her sandal from her foot and starts hitting this Chanthaburi girl. In an attempt to save her, I take all the blows. Every blow that goes towards this Chanthaburi girl, I block and take on
my body. But some hits missed a bit and the Chanthaburi still got a bit bruised. As a Buddhist, I only defend this girl without hitting my girlfriend. But after a few hits, I get my girlfriend in a loose and comfortable headlock and tell her to
"please stop". She tells me ""she leave now, I stop." I say "okay."

Now here I am bloody and really sad. I decide to walk this Chanthaburi girl downstairs to get a taxi. My girlfriend tells me "she go alone!" I say "no". So she starts hitting again. She throws her cell phone that I had
given her on me and it falls to pieces. Now by this time the hotel staff had gotten involved downstairs in the lobby.

As my girlfriend is held by the hotel staff, the Chanthaburi girl and I get a taxi to the police station in Saphan Kwai. The reason I went with this girl in the taxi was to assess how hurt she was and offer any consolation, assistance, and
my apologies.

The police were ambivalent at best. So we decided to go back to the hotel because we thought that my girlfriend would have left by then. It was now 5:00 in the morning. Boy were we wrong!

As we neared the hotel, I told the uni-brow Chanthaburi girl to get off near the petrol station and that I would go inside the hotel and see if my former Isaan girlfriend would still be there. As I near the elevators in the lobby, there she
was! Sitting in a lotus position on a chair and crying sheets of tears. I felt so bad for her. I walked away and met the uni brow Chanthaburi girl near the petrol station. I told her that it is near 5:30 in the morning on the 17 of January and
that she needs to go home; I told her that I would call her for sure the same day as I was NOT going to America this morning!

I walk to my hotel and as I neared the elevator again in the lobby, there was still my former Isaan girlfriend sitting there helplessly. As I got in the elevator, she came after me. We went in together to the hotel room and there she inspected
my bruises and cried a flood of tears.

I telephoned Japan Airlines and cancelled my flight for that morning. We lay together and then both of us fell asleep. When the sunlight penetrated through the window, I awoke. She lay there asleep as usual in deep delta waves. She would
not wake up until mid afternoon as is usual for her. I got some breakfast and then went for a walk in this vibrant and chaotic city called Bangkok.

In the afternoon when she woke up, she needed some food in her system as she had not eaten all day. I took her to this open restaurant that I usually go to when I am wanting some food in Saphan Kwai. That was the only time when we (i.e.,
my former Isaan girlfriend and I) had the most quality conversation if there was any quality conversation between us. She said that she did not want any of my money. She said that she did not like it that her grandparents asked for money from
her and that I would have to also contribute if I became her husband. She also said that she wanted to make it on her own by starting a business and then when she was settled and I was settled in my life in Bangkok — we would consider marrying.
She said we both needed a little more time to get

to know each other. I sat there and listened and realized how truly disturbing this all was and how unfortunate that her life was that she could never make up her mind on anything. Besides, how do you start a business and succeed when you are sleeping
until 3 in the afternoon like she would everyday and with no ambition or skills at all. I felt so sorry for her. But I also felt very sorry for myself. I felt like I had gotten very deep into this and my heart was already in a mess. My head was
spinning and my heart was in deep pain. I felt there a tinge of maturity in her, but knew for sure that it was a very transient affair and that she would change again to her bar girl mode any minute the same day.

The next four days, she was with me 24 hours. She almost did not even let me go to take a shower alone! I was so confused about all of this. I did not know what to do.

Finally on the fourth night, I asked her to go see her baby that her uncle was taking care of near Crocodile Farm area. I said that that night I was going to get some decent sleep and that I would see her in the morning the next day at 8:00
am. She agreed and I opened the door of the taxi and off she went in the hazy night of Bangkok.

Here I was two days before mynew departure now that I had confirmed my seat again. It was night time and the uni-brow girl kept coming up in my mind. Next thing I know she (i.e., the uni-brow girl text messaged me and it read, "I miss
you"). So I text message her and tell her to meet me at Thermae Cafe at 9:00 pm; it was now about 7:00 pm. I get back to my hotel room and have this intense workout doing calisthenics. I take a shower and then get into taxi to go to Sukhumvit.

At Thermae, I sit there for 15 minutes waiting for her. I am drinking an iced coffee as she walks in quietly and starts walking around and then suddenly spots me as I spot her. I just sit there motionless and she walks toward me.

We have another drink together and then she checks my matured bruise on my right upper shoulder. She is shocked that the bruise was so bad. We walk out shortly after at her insistence and grab a something to eat at Saphan Kwai about 4 kilometres
from the hotel. At the restaurant, when I get the bill, I ask her to add all the amounts to see if they added to the final total because I thought that they had under charged me. She adds it up all wrong. She says "I no good adding, computer
does for me Tesco." I felt sorry for this one too. These girls — grown up — but cannot add and with little education, no wonder they have to be in this bad predicament of working at freelancer places as they are not much they can do with
limited skills. But it was not my job to judge and not my job to change the world. I just wished they could have had it better. But then again, some of these freelancers have better lives than a lot of other Thai people — so maybe it was time
for me to also wise up and not feel so bad for them.

Anyway, we head for the hotel. I leave her outside and check for my former girlfriend to see if she is spying on me and when all is clear, I tell her to come in. We take a shower together and then just lay there watching TV. I did not have
any feelings for sex; I just wanted to sleep. So we both fell asleep. Little did I know what was to come next!

Sound asleep in delta waves, I am awakened to a heavy banging on my hotel room door. I look at my cellular phone, and it reads 0322 hours. Next thing I know, I hear from the outside of the door, "honey, honey, honey, honey!" I know
it is my girlfriend's voice. I am startled and the uni-brow girl wakes up too with the voice of my girlfriend and the loud banging on the door.

I quickly devise a plan in my head. Being a US Marine, I was trained to act in a moment's notice and act rationally and with a clear and level head. So I tell the uni-brow girl to stay silent while I turn my cell phone on vibrate mode.

After repeated attempts of knocking on my door and saying "honey" at the top of her voice, my former girlfriend starts telephoning me on my cell phone. I do not answer. Then I hear her footsteps (i.e., sandal steps!) slowly wane
as she leaves the hall way. Next thing I know, she is calling me from downstairs from the hotel telephone and my hotel room telephone starts ringing of the wall! The uni-brow girl is scared to death by all this chaos. I tell her to calm down and
stay level headed — a difficult thing for most girls. Then I hear my cell phone vibrate again. I pick up knowing she will not hear me because she is downstairs. She asks me, "where are you?" I say I am Soi 22 and very drunk and that
I will see her tomorrow. She says "crazy man!"

Moments later, my former girlfriend comes back to the hallway in front of my hotel room door and starts knocking like a mad-woman again with words like "honey open door! She does this repeatedly.

So here I am — expected to act in moment's notice and act constructively. I have a girl in my room and my former girlfriend outside the hotel room door. The uni-brow Chanthaburi girl is getting more and more scared and nervous as the
knocking of the door is getting louder and louder. Suddenly I come across a flashback of what my former girlfriend had said to me after I arrived in Bangkok this time. She said, "I see you with lady, "I shoot you number one (pointing
to pelvic area), I shoot you number two (pointing to heart area). I shoot me (pointing to her head)."

Suddenly the knocking stops on the hotel room and my cell phone stops ringing. I tell the uni-brow Chanthaburi girl to calm down. She cannot.

All seems to be quiet on the eastern front until after 20 minutes, I hear scratching noise from my hotel room window from the outside. I know who it is! So I tell the uni-brow Chanthaburi girl that now she has to leave as it is getting way
too intense. We go into the bathroom so we do not have to turn on the room light. I shuffle in my passport bag to give her some money and I take out 1,500 baht and handed to her. The uni-brow Chanthaburi girl says quietly, "2,000 baht?"
I say, " I will give you the rest tomorrow." I could not believe that in this moment of emergency, she is talking about getting a little more money from me. Nothing fails to surprise me in life anymore. She opens the hotel room door
and runs like a wild woman outside and I can hear her loud sandals steps slowly dissipate into the air. Lord Buddha, I ask — she must have really been scared!

Next thing I know I jump into bed pretending like nothing has happened. I see the curtains move and start thinking of my own demise — yet I am not scared at all as I have Buddha's teaching in my heart and mind. She opens the window
from the inside and comes in. She (i.e., my former girlfriend) tells me, "why you no open door?" Why you say you stay Soi 22 drunk?" She adds, "I call my friend in Soi 23 and she say she no see farang in Soi 22 — she see only
dog, you crazy man."

Apparently, there was a terrace outside my window connected to the hotel main building on the side. She went to the backside and then broke the window and got into the terrace and then cut the hotel room window with a sharp object. I was
surprised how clean the cut was because the hotel small panel window in room was perfectly cut. I asked her how she did that and she took out a surgical blade — this girl would make a great surgeon with such dexterity!

I was perplexed. She wanted answers. I told her that I did not want to see her that night because I was already bruised and that I needed some time to myself. Besides since she had mentioned the fact that she would shoot me, I told her that
since she had seen me with a girl before, she might be coming with a pistol because she was knocking so frantically on the door. Yet that was just an excuse on my part. I knew she would not kill me because I knew her too well — she was this little
petite girl that was mostly talk. But I also knew that she had her limits and that if pushed there, she could really hurt someone.

That was a close call! The uni-brow Chanthaburi girl escapes and my former girlfriend comes in through a window without knowing who was there with me a few minutes before!

The next days and nights, I am shadowed by my former girlfriend. She watches every call I make and watches my every move. She tell me that she wishes that she could cut my penis off and save it until I came back to Thailand in July — so
that no one else could have sex with me.

Time goes by and the night before I leave comes. We go to soi 7 and I watch her play pool one last time. I watch while she plays. Even though I adore her, I felt the sadness of it all and the fact that we were too different from each other.
I had told her that the previous trip when I had said to her to NOT fall in love with me because it creates too many problems. She fell for me then and then I fell for her soon after that. Now I knew that I might lose a friend and that is all
I wanted in the first place.

She plays pool and between sessions, she comes up to where I am sitting at and buries her head in my chest and then kisses me on both sides of the cheek. I am heart-broken knowing that I will be leaving tomorrow morning. She does not believe
me or refuses to do so.

We go back to my hotel room, both of us exhausted. We fall asleep and then at 0400, I wake her up to get dressed so that she can go home. She says, "I go with you airport." I tell her that I will give her money and that she does
not have to go to the airport with me as it will be sad for both of us. She insists on going.

We get in the taxi at dusk and the blue light is barely visible on the Bangkok sky. She sits very close to me in the taxi and I can see her eyes blinking. I can see the pain in her eyes and the hell that she has seen all those years of betrayal
and deception. I felt like I should have died there. I felt so sad for her.

We reach the airport and I haul my bags out. She sits in the area next to the exit / entrance into immigration while I check my luggage in. I meet her where she is sitting. I felt like I should have never come to see her — I felt so bad
for everything. I gave her 6,000 baht and gave her my cell phone. We talked a little, but there was really nothing to talk about. I looked at the cell phone and it was time to leave. She walked me to the entrance/exit where you pay the 500 baht
and then leave. I stood there — took a good look at her and knew in my heart that I may never see her again. And I am probably right on that count.

The plane trip was long and arduous. I never had felt so much pain before. I tried to meditate, but my heart and mind were on fire.

When I reached US, I received her e-mail. She said that she was very sorry for what she had done and that she wanted me to come back to her, but she said that that was not going to be so easy for me to come back so soon.

I told her to not worry about it and just take good care of herself. I did not know what to make of it anymore. I just left things as they were.

E-mails between my former girlfriend and I were sporadic at best. But e-mails between the Chanthaburi girl and I were everyday. The Chanthaburi girl had made my life a little more sane in the tail end of my trip and it was nice to see her
e-mails. But suddenly, the e-mails stopped from the Chanthaburi girl.

Then my former girlfriend's e-mail stopped too. I was back to zero ground — and I felt that it was probably for the good. I started getting back to my life and my social studies teaching job at a high school in California. All began
to be well again and the healing process started with regular trips to my forest temple in California and intense meditation. I was looking forward to my trip to Thailand in July again, but this time with a much more virtuous purpose to better
myself and stay clear away from working girls — not that easy of course. But I knew there were many girls that I had become friends with on my trips to Thailand and these were just normal girls living normal lives — supposedly, I hope.

Addendum: As of late — March 28, 2004. Suddenly I receive an e-mail from my former girlfriend and she tells me to call her in Laos! I call and find out that some French guy had taken her there and that she was going to start a new life with
him. She was so happy that she met him. She said that "he take care of everything for me." I said, "I am happy for you." She said then, "I killed your heart, I am sorry." I said, "no one killed my heart except
me because I did not follow my dreams of becoming a monk." I told her that I only wanted to be her friend, but it somehow got out of hand. She seemed so happy with this man and this new life in less than two months. I did notice some conceitedness
in her voice, but I did not let my kindness go. I told her, "Good luck" in Thai. Apparently as she was talking with me she was speaking Isaan / Laotian with this French guy (Thai and

Laotian are not that different). As she was talking, she was laughing– I felt like hanging up, but she kept on saying, "baby are you there?" What is wrong with this girl? I asked her how old this French man was and she said that he was 33 and
then changed it to 39. I thought to myself — she is lying again and that that he is probably over 50 considering that he has been living there for so long as she had said. I will let STICK make a comment about this addendum as he is going to
laugh at all this.

So here it is. I will be going back to Thailand in July. But like a bird, I am free to go and enjoy Thailand. Nothing to worry me and or make me apprehensive. My liking for Thailand has not changed and as a Theravada Buddhist, it is a fabulous
place to spend time — I feel at home there. But I have learned a painful lesson. And I will say to all who read this submission — Gentleman, please be careful. But do not let few people taint your liking for Thailand.

Stickman's thoughts:

I simply cannot understand why people wait for their annual holiday all year long, and then put up with so much shit when they get there….

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