Stickman Readers' Submissions April 11th, 2006

Fighting Fire with Fire

I have been to Thailand many times over the last 6 years and have broken every rule I have set for myself regarding Thai women (bargirls). What's even worse is that I made my rules a mandatory for anyone I introduced to the fantasy world of Thailand.
My buddies have also failed in keeping to those rules, so I guess I won't be part of their jokes anytime soon.

My rules are simple:

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Never fall in love, always use a condom and be responsible with your health and money (In other words don't do anything stupid.)

Well so far I have only kept one of those rules (wanna guess which one that is?) Although I'm making a big deal about rules, this submission is about my buddy and I evening up the playing field. This is about fighting fire with fire
and beating Thai bargirls at their own game. Lets face it everyone who has been to Thailand has broken a rule or two over the years and thus writing about this quite frankly sucks. However, my story would not be true or should I say complete without
bringing it up.

In October of 2005 my buddy and I made the long journey from the States to Thailand. We were on a mission to have the best parties, sex, and hangovers ever on this trip! After all we had a lot to make up for since our last trip. Also my buddy
had to redeem himself after he had broken two rules on our previous 2 trips (fallen in love & thus not using a condom). What a mess that was! Too much drama and a hell of a lot of worrying while waiting for the results of the HIV tests.

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So here we are in Bangkok and ready to have the time of our lives. Two young strapping dudes getting all the attention a man could ever wish for from the hottest Asian women in the world. NEP (Nana Entertainment Plaza) was true to her old
self in delivering us a pair of bargirls who knew how to work that pole. Paid the bar fine and could not get back to our rooms fast enough! Great start to our first night and we had 13 more nights to make it just as wild.

After that first night in Bangkok we decided to try something different and headed off to Chiang Mai for the first time. It was really relaxing, not quite what we had in mind for this trip. Yes we did party there, but it was just too sleepy
of a town for us. We are the type of guys who like to party so hard on vacation that we end up needing a vacation from our vacation. Anyhow, we realized there is only one place for us and that is Pattaya!

This is where it gets interesting! Our first two nights in Pattaya go off with a blast. Unfortunately the unexpected happens and my buddy injures his ankle the following day at Pattaya Park. He can barely walk and now I'm thinking our
trip just went down the drain. Boy was I wrong! My buddy is a die hard terminator when it comes to women. You can chop off his legs and hands and if there is a hottie near by he'll learn to walk with his butt cheeks to land her in bed. Turns
out it's not broken but badly sprained. So he sends me off to the pharmacy to get the strongest anti-inflammatory and pain meds money can buy and off we go to the clubs. He's hurt, but determined to find a hot sexy nurse to ease his

Doesn't take long to find two cuties at the Kitten Club and were back to our rooms to receive some health care if you know what I mean! Well I am all over the lovely bunny in seconds and I have my way with her. After a couple of hours I call to see
if he wanted to pay the girls, send them away and go out hunting again. He replayed that his ankle was hurting and he was going to keep Pong all night. I don't do the "long time" thing as to avoid getting attached and also giving
me the opportunity to go out for a different flavor (girl) if I was up to it. However it was late and I thought I'd keep Ping til morning. Big mistake! We stood up talking all night long and Ping was also a spark plug in bed. No sooner than
we were finished she would get all horny and start playing with herself. Now I don't know about you, but seeing a hot chick playing with herself got my motors firing on all 8 cylinders. Too make a long story short, that was the best night
of my life with a Thai gal. I could not believe the connection we made mentally, spiritually and sexually. Oh, oh was I starting to fall for this girl! Well if I was not at that moment, I sure was when I left Thailand. Both my friend and I stayed
with those two girls throughout the rest of our entire trip. We blame it on his ankle, however after that first night we both fell hard!

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Yes I finally broke my rule! I fell so hard I went back the next month in November just to spend a week with Ping. I was so in love with her. She told me I was her only boyfriend and promised she would only have me as her boyfriend. I know
she worked at a bar and would be barfined, but to be her only boyfriend type of relationship made me feel special. She told me she was clean and gets tested for HIV monthly. She wanted to have unprotected sex with me. I first said no, but gave
in after going to a clinic and getting tested. Rule #2 broken without even a fight! She had me hook, line and sinker (fishing analogy). She promised she would not have unprotected sex with anyone else and would keep clean for me. She wanted a
baby from me and wanted me to marry her, but I told her it was too soon, maybe a year from now. She held my money and managed it well making sure I don't overspend for anything. She never cheated me or asked for money. I told her before I
came money was low, but she still wanted me to come. I did pay her 5000 baht at the end of my trip, but she gave back more than half of it after seeing an ATM statement indicating a small amount in my bank. She said she wanted to take care of
me and make me happy. After this second visit I was definitely in love. I was also definitely stupid!!!

My friend and I made plans to return in January, however we were in constant contact with our girls in the mean time. Phone bills were clearly out of hand, but it didn't matter at the time. I thought my girl was different (sounds familiar).
After all you know the saying; "No Money No Honey". But she proved money wasn't a motivating factor on my last trip. Or did she really prove anything? Twice in December she asked for me to send money in which I sent far exceeding
the amount given back to me at the end my last visit to her. She then started implying that I should start sending money each month so she could save for us. Now the red flags begin to go up and I found out the same is asked of my buddy. We both
agree it's time to sever all ties with these girls no matter how painful it is.

We still made plans for a return in Feb. of 2006 and agreed we would not contact them at all. We decided to return to our devilish ways and butterfly like the kings of butterflies and so we did. However, once we were in Pattaya my friend
against all my pleading visited the club in which our girls worked at. Thank goodness our girls were not there. We then had a good night with two cuties from a beer bar. The next day however, is where things went wrong. My friend realized I had
the phone # of Ping and wanted the number so he could ask her for Pong's number. I had no intentions to make contact with Ping so I instructed my buddy not to mention that I was with him. As much as I disagreed with him, he was intent in
getting in touch with Pong and I was not able to stop him. I even offered to make contact with them the last couple of days of our trip, but he wouldn't have it. After verbal teasing from me (weak ass etc.) he called Ping and got Pong's
number without a hitch. She didn't ask for me at all! So he calls Pong as I head back to my room for a afternoon beauty nap. My phone begins to ring and as I begin to wake I reach over answer it thinking it's my buddy, only to hear a
woman's voice saying: "honey why you not call me long time?". Then I realize it is Ping. After the shock we begin to talk at which she invites herself to come over and see me. No sooner then we hang up I call my friend and ask him
if he gave the name of our hotel to Pong, but he didn't. I later realize Ping got the hotel information from her caller I.D. when my friend called her to get Pong's number. She called it back and asked for me, thus waking me and providing
a nightmare that is all so real. She is on her way and my trip is over, shut down, ruined because of carelessness.

I didn't know what to expect, but as soon as I saw her my emotions came roaring back. She is so lovely and so damn wild in bed!!! I asked her if she had sex without a condom since our last meeting and she said no. She told me she protected
herself for us. I'm pretty sure you know what happened next. I spent that night with her and had so much fun. As she took a shower in the morning I decided to do a little detective work and scrolled through her contact list AND WHAT A LIST
IT WAS. There were many names of guys along with the country they were from. Amazing to see a map of the world in her contact list. All I could think of was how special I was to be sharing a contact list with Tom from Germany, Andy from Sweden,
Rob from London and the list goes on. So as she comes out of the shower you can imagine her look when she sees me with her phone. That look was all the confirmation I needed. I asked her how many boyfriends she has and she replied I have three,
the others just friends. "I just have Sweden, London and you, USA" with a smile on her face. She thinks this is funny and I guess it is because I knew it all along and allowed myself to be played. It's funny how you come to Thailand
with all this cash thinking your in charge, yet these girls play us like we are schoolyard boys just learning how to bust a nut and we allow them to do this to us. The funny thing is she said I was her #1, like that's going to give my eagle
boost and make me feel better after finding out about this big lie. I am pissed so I ask her to leave. She begins crying and jumps on the bed and covers herself with the blankets. I try to physically remove her, but she screams loud. So I end
up leaving and head to my friend's room. He realizes something is wrong and tells his girl we are going somewhere to talk. Well we talk a bit and decide to go to Sabailand to relieve some of my tensions.

Several hours go by and when I return to my room I realize something is different. She put up this picture of us that was taken on my second visit with us. She also has clothing that she had bought for me. She is smiling saying how much she
loves me and she is "finit" with other boyfriends. She erase all of their names and contact info in front of me. Just then my phone rings and upon answering I hear screaming in the background; it's Pong and she is pissed. My friend
calmly speaks "we need to ditch these bitches". Apparently Pong accused my friend of butterflying when we left earlier in the day. He did nothing and waited for me at Sabailand. He said he didn't want anymore drama and I agreed.
After hanging up I gave Ping a shirt and some socks and asked her to go and wash for me. She then leaves to do as I ask of her. I call my friend and his girl is gone we then pack up and check out of and into a new hotel down the street. What was
funny was that I knew she could be back at any moment so I ran like a scared bitch transporting our belongings between hotels. We then enjoyed the rest of our vacation, until the final night that is!

We both felt bad for running out on them like that and decided to call them to apologize, but the next thing I knew Ping was on her way. She came by and I told her I wanted to talk. She agreed and I began to tell her I don't like being
lied too. I then asked her if she told me the truth about always using a condom and she said no that she had not used it on one occasion. My mind went blank! You could have asked me "Hello is anyone home?" and

there would be no answer! My mind was gone! All I saw in front of me was a bullseye and my fists were the firing pins. I held back' but not my verbal attack! She said her apologies and I love you's but it fell on deaf ears. I can play your game
too bitch. I left and went to the nearest gogo and barfined a lovely sexy girl and went back to my room. She was shocked to see me with this girl. I looked at her and said she's my girlfriend, but not to worry your my number#1. The pain on
her face swelled as she ran out crying. I guess they don't like it when you play their game!!!

Luckily I have never tested positive. I am a new man now, and have a new strategy on how to play this game. I have the cash and I do what I want when I want. Want to be my girlfriend? That's fine as long as you know you may be number
3 or 4 or 5.

Stickman's thoughts:

Don't get emotionally involved with the girls and you'll have a great time. Let your emotions get in the way, and it is all DOWNHILL!

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