Stickman Readers' Submissions February 22nd, 2006

In Thailand

By Poppie

I'm a young guy. Eight-teen, to be exact. Along with most of my peers, I'm more or less fresh off the bus. Though I've been all over the world in my teenage years thanks to a father who travels a great deal. Thanks to his negligence / respect
of my independence, I've been able to see a bit more the locales than many young dudes traveling with their fathers. On University break, I took my first big solo expedition to Thailand. I was nothing but impressed.

He Clinic Bangkok

I slept with a prostitute from the Moonshine Joint in their short time room or what have you. I didn't take her out. I have no desire to date prostitutes, and I had my taste of the game. Not really my thing, I'm pretty sure. We'll
see how I feel in about 20-25 years. I respect anyone's decision to visit prostitutes so long as they treat them with respect. It's a personal decision and therefore none of my business, really.

That being said, the vast majority of posts on this site sadden me. If you want to marry a prostitute, more power to you, love comes in all sorts of forms. But don't act surprised

if it turns out to be a bad idea, or if you are ripped off.

CBD bangkok

You are consorting with a PROSTITUTE. This is how she makes her living. You are not special, just another few inches of her day. Prostitution is more or less an underworld activity, and though some places and people may tolerate it, it is
not socially acceptable. You can't deny this. It is an activity that has a great deal of inherent risk. Like riding a motorcycle.

I ride a motorcycle every day. This is dangerous. I do my best to minimize my risk with vigilance, protective gear, and experience. However, the day I get nailed by a truck or snap myself over the handle bars in a high side is not the day
I go crying to the internet. It's a personal responsibility that I have taken, and I do not ever get on the bike unless I am prepared to DIE should something go wrong.

Please do not act surprised if a prostitute steals everything you have or lies to you. She does this for a job, and for survival (even if her survival consists of pissing baht away like there's no tomorrow). Take responsibility, accept
your risks, protect yourself, and be at peace.

Please, do not complain about Thailand when you are ripped off or treated with disrespect. You are a sex tourist. You have come to their country to fxxx their women and party. Most people have a hard time respecting this. I noticed that when
I was in the company of Thai women, I was treated differently, though all were far from prostitutes. Is that right, absolutely not? Is it my place to complain? No, I am a tourist. I do not contribute anything to society, I do not pay taxes, and
I'm not even spending a great deal of money. I am a customer. If I don't like the experience, I don't come back. It's as simple as that. You do not have the inaliable right to come to their country, consort with their prostitutes,
and be treated like some sort of western God. They don't have to agree with your lifestyle, and if they choose to make you feel unwelcome, it's their country.

wonderland clinic

That being said, I am currently in the process of planning a move to study just outside of Bangkok. I like the country, and never received the terrible mistreatment and thievery spoken of here. I don't think I'm lucky. I did my
best to avoid bad situations, just as I do at home. I know I will be taken advantage of or treated like a dumbass Farang when I come back, but that's accepted. I experience all sorts of crime, mistreatment, and discrimination at home. No
matter where you are in the world, there will be people waiting to rip you off. Get over it, accept it, and live happily.

As someone who worked on the Las Vegas strip with a great deal of tourists on a regular basis. From personal experience, I can assure you that you've pissed off your waiter, front desk clerk, bus driver, government official, or whatever
in the Kingdom. You didn't mean to at all, but you committed some sort of social faux pas or did something or had to be told something you "obviously" should have known. People who work in the service industry are usually young
(immature), not paid well, disrespected all day long, and pissed that they're at work. This is more or less a universal fact. You barely even know in Thailand, most of the time when comparing experiences in Farangland. I am treated much,
much better in Thailand than I am in the States. Try and keep things in perspective, people. The Thai people are not your little Oriental servants, they're not stupid, and they can and will give you a shitty customer service experience if
they want. Next maybe consider that it was your fault that you got bad service because you simply didn't understand the intricacies of the culture. If you really hate how you're treated, don't keep on coming back and spending your

Now that I have gotten those two gripes off of my chest, I would like to suggest an unofficial ban on bad bar girl stories. They're all the same (there are a few thousand of them!). They're boring and depressing, and hardly representative
of life in Thailand (at least what I have experienced). There are so many positive things to write about, so many secrets, and so many other things to do in Thailand that don't involve getting burned by a bar girl. We all know this, even
the average sex tourist (why would they come back if it was such a bad time?). The point has been made for new wannabe mongers. They should be able to discern from a few thousand stories that they will be, surprise surprise, ripped off by a prostitute.

One exemption from this unofficial rule will be Dana. I may not like everything he says, but damn, he's a very good, funny writer who does in fact have some sort of love for Thai society under his bitching and complaining about Pattaya.
If I can make a proposition, why not make some caveats for my personal taste?

In summary, I wish everyone the best of luck and health in whatever vacation activity they choose. I just wish that more would take more personal responsibility, be more realistic, and not pollute the internet with their (almost inevitable)
sob story. Lets keep it progressive, interesting, and a bit less depressing. Maybe I'm just a naïve, fresh off the boat dumbass kid, but I'm pretty sure that there is more to write about. In fact, Stickman does it every week, and
that's even published in print. How many of your stories have been published in print?

"In the Soviet Union, the toilet flushes You."

"In Thailand the prostitute Fxxxs You"

Stickman's thoughts:

All stories are welcome and if there are submissions you do not like, just go to the next one…. Please do not tell people what to write about or what not to write about. Please also do not tell people that they are not allowed to complain. It's all rather insulting.

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