Stickman Readers' Submissions February 15th, 2006

I-san Migration – Part 2

And such she was; her daughters had their dowers
From spoils of nations, and the exhaustless East
Pour'd in her lap all gems in sparkling showers

Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, Canto the Fourth
Lord Byron 1788 – 1824

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It's always dangerous to generalize, but without doubt among the tens of thousands of I-sanian girls that come to Pattaya and the thousands of bars that employ them, there are very clearly defined groupings of bar type and bar girl.
I offer my apologies for any of you that may be offended by my observations.

Whist the little black beauties of the North East are headed home, so another group can hear the call of the I-san. Every day another handful of the younger girls, of the smarter bars, shops and hotels quit. They quit in a feigned huff, with
a little smirk and an arrogant swagger. The boss pleads, yet he knows it is hopeless; these pretty little light skinned darlings were his choice. His choice of prejudice for the lighter skin, the contrived smiles that might fill his coffers better
than the I-san's blacker beauties by miles; they are the very petard on which he is now hoist. He now has to grovel, up the salaries, lower the demands that he places upon their successors. He will beg, borrow and steal replacements from
other gogos and bars. Some will accept his offer in glee, easy money for another couple of weeks. Some just can't resist it. After all, this is more than just money now, it's a kick in the balls for the kinnee-ow (stingy) owners

These girls are truly flush with baht, they have sung and served, danced and dazed drunken farang, worthy Oriental gentlemen and those of Arabia and India too. They have had their twosomes and threesomes at thousands of baht a night and so
many short timers that some can barely stand at the end of their shift. The face of the farang is but a blur but the bank book is that full they don't care.

These girls were not broke as were the little black beauties of the Southern I-san when they arrived. Now they have even more assets than before. Few, if any, have husbands or boyfriends. Unless that is you consider two or three farang sending
them monthly grad constitutes a boyfriend. Not for them a long bus ride home, theirs is a taxi, or even their own car. These girls are the business. They are in business. They'll not stop in Pattaya in leaner times. They'll return to
their home town to invest their ill gotten gains. They will be looking for their monthly credits from Farangland and Japan and curse any farang that drops out, exhausted of cash, or when his wife found out.

Lets be serious for a moment. The lighter skinned beauties are cleverer than their Southern cousins. Mostly they are much smarter than their farang too. They can read and write Thai as well as their farang read and right their own language.
Their math leave the farang standing and their skill on their money markets is to be admired. These skinny little things had a full twelve grade education, usually were raised in good homes with adoring parents. Although they didn't quite
make it to university, they are street wise, Farang wise and Thai wise. They will not send money home to mum and dad, because their mum and dad don't need it. They use and have always used birth control so don't have children. They are
as shrewd and manipulative as they were as children on daddies lap. The have spent hours in front of the mirror ever since they were six years old, will do so for the rest of their life, and have always worn nice clothes. These little puppies
know that their beauty is their passport to wealth and property. They know that there is a limit on the number of years that they can bed the high rolling farang. Those above the age of twenty five are leaving Pattaya for a long time. Some of
them will return in their forties as rich women. During this second coming they will buy property in Pattaya, and if they can, marry a rich man, typically a self made farang business man. The outcome is always the same, the light skinned lady
Thai will become well known, her past forgotten, because her wealth blinds all men, Thai and Farang alike. She will be ruthless, launch high commission agencies,

(Insurance is a favorite). If she but a Barter Card, she'll likely also sell them. She will be landlady to many a farang that rents a bar from her. No one remembers her farang of the past, they're all broke or dead, or both. She is a lady of
means. Believe me, these ladies have great presence, rise quickly in Pattaya social circles and involve themselves in conspicuous charitable works.

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The clever little bitches that return to Pattaya are not the majority. Their kind can also be found in small numbers, in Farang ghettos all over Thailand. Wherever they're at they are not bedding farang, they are selling his essentials
or reign on as a provincial mama-san or mafia like fixer. Yes, there is a dark side to our beautiful Thailand and it is shared by the Thai mafia and the 'retired' Hi-So of the Low-So Shady Lady Brigade.

Stickman's thoughts:

Hmmmm…. I have not spent so much time in Pattaya so as to understand the flow of the locals in and out of the city, but there is some mention in here I'd put a question mark or two next to…

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