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First You Die Chapter 13: Wou’s Problems And Pleasures

First You Die, Chapter Thirteen: Wou’s Problems and Pleasures

Johnny Wou slammed the phone down and pushed a button under his desk for his personal bodyguard. There were always two men stationed in front of his office door. Both men were large, but one was gigantic and was referred to as the beast; his name loosely
translated in Thai was Sat which meant animal.

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The man entered Wou’s office, almost taking up the entire doorway and stood silently waiting for instructions. One of the reasons Wou liked this man was that he was completely devoted and would do anything asked of him, without question,
no matter what the task was. Another reason was that Johnny Wou enjoyed giving orders to a man four times his size.

‘Jesus Buddha, What the fuck is going on? Get Neung Rawy on the phone.’

The large man bowed his head and hurried to the adjoining office. Wou continued screaming even though the room was empty. ‘I just get set up in America and now my best doctor disappears. The fucking richest country in the world and
my fucking doctor gets kidnapped. God damn it, people will die for this. I’ll kill everyone involved.’

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After a few minutes, The Beast entered the office, bowed his head and spoke. ‘Khun Neung Rawy is on the line.’

‘What took you so long? I want things done immediately,’ Wou slammed his hand the desk.

The large man bowed again. ‘I am so sorry Khun Wou. Rawy is in transit, flight 23/8, Thai airways. His cell-phone can not pick up the signal. I had to call our people at Thai Airways to put a call through to the captain of the plane.
Rawy is on the phone now.’

Johnny Wou picked up the phone and screamed. ‘What happened? The nurse there just called me; the doctor in the Chinatown clinic has been kidnapped. I paid a million dollars for that son of a bitch and I want him back. I want you to
go and find him as soon as you bring the girl. Have you killed the Thai whore and her Farang boyfriend? What? Why not? Report to me as soon as you have delivered the girl.’

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The Beast was still quietly standing near the desk. Wou shouted to him. ‘Get two girls from the nightclub and send them to my suite with a bottle of Dom Perignon and a bottle of Remy Martin. I want a hot bath ready as soon as I get

He had to take it easy, relax, get his mind off things. This would do it he reflected and unconsciously rubbed his crotch.

Johnny Wou stepped into his private elevator and turned a key in the slot below the word Penthouse inscribed on a gold plate. The elevator hummed and in a few moments the doors opened on a large white-carpeted foyer facing carved double wood

White marble tables alongside the elevator held huge sand filled ashtrays and vases of freshly cut flowers. Wou glanced at his reflection in the mirrored walls as he pushed another key into the lock and went inside his penthouse. The living
room was twenty meters wide with floor to ceiling windows along two sides. The other walls were covered in beige silk and there was a long ebony table with a Limogue place setting for sixteen alongside of a cabinet filled with Asian sculptures.

Four white brocade sofas faced a mahogany coffee table holding a crystal decanter of Lagavulin. Wou could see the lights of the city twinkling far below as he approached the bookcase on the far side of the room and pushed into a copy of Napoleon’s
“Cuirassiers and Carabininers.”

The bookcase swung open and Wou stepped into a pink granite tiled bathroom. The glass walls continued into the bathroom and Wou could see the Chao Phraya River winding silently below. The huge square tub hugged the window so its occupants
could see the lights floating on the river or the stars above.

‘Khun Wou,’ one of the girls squealed with delight and stood up, foamy suds dripping from her glistening body. The other naked girl hastened to open a bottle of champagne nestled in a silver bucket of ice. They were both about
seventeen or eighteen years old and had the kind of looks that appear in Ipana toothpaste commercials on Thai TV. Their black hair was tied up in a bun and Wou pointed to their heads and flicked his fingers. Immediately they lowered their eyes
and undid their hair, the tresses flowing down their backs and shoulders. Wou undressed and folded his clothes on a spacious leather sofa.

The bathroom was larger than most people’s apartments and one wall held two sinks made from huge clam shells with gold fixtures set into a pink granite shelf. A gleaming stainless steel refrigerator and an ice machine stood against
one wall near the chrome hot water pipes holding fluffy white towels. Wou climbed three marble steps and slipped into the warm water, holding out his hand for a glass of champagne. One of the girls began softly massaging his shoulders.

As Wou sat back and closed his eyes he pointed to the girl opposite him and then to his lap. She was one of his favorites and wore four gold bracelets on one small wrist. She moved nearer, kissing his ear and gently fondling him. When he
became hard, she held her breath and submerged, taking him in her mouth, holding his balls, pulling him closer, moving in and out until she had to gasp up for air, laughing hysterically.

Johnny Wou knew that he would not have ordinary sex with these girls when he had something extraordinary waiting for him in his bedroom. This was just a prelude to the real thing, an appetizer for the main course. He stood up in the tub and
motioned to both girls. They both took him in their mouths, every part of him, as he watched the river glide by. If his thoughts wandered and he started to become soft all he had to do was think of the girl in the bedroom. He knew that he would
not let himself ejaculate now and eventually he became bored.

‘Out.’ He waved a hand and the girls scrambled from the tub reaching for their robes. Wou took two oblong jewelry boxes from a drawer and flung them towards the girls, who giggled and bowed their thanks, retreating towards the
living room to change clothes. Wou carefully dried himself and stepped into ivory colored silk pajamas.

There was a door at the far end of the bathroom and he opened it, stepping into his bedroom. The four-poster bed was set with white sheets and pillowcases, contrasting against the thick black rug and black silk-lined walls.

The lights were dim and Wou padded softly to the video camera that was set on a sturdy tripod. As he clicked it on, auxiliary lights opened and shone against the walls, softly illuminating the room. The forty-inch television blinked and the
girl in his bed appeared on the screen. She was quite young and absolutely beautiful with long black hair flowing along the white pillows. She was tucked under the stark white sheets with her arms out and by her side. Her eyes were closed she
had long eye lashes. Wou was silent as he removed his clothes and gently knelt on the side of the bed, carefully pulling back the covers revealing full round breasts and a smooth tan stomach. He moved the sheets down further and he became hard
as he saw that her pubic hairs had been shaved. He gently pulled her legs apart, holding the inside of her thighs. Her skin was cool to the touch and he became even harder as he bent to place his lips against her vagina. An electric surge of power
ran through him. He knew that he would completely dominate this girl and that she would not object to any of his demands. None of the other girls would be brave enough to do so either. He was completely in control and he liked it that way. Wou
glanced at the TV, smiling that he could watch at the same time that he would do whatever he wanted to her and also have this moment frozen forever along with the rest of them.

Khun Rawy woke up just as the plane touched down on the runway. He was in the first class section and would have priority exiting the plane. What a sight we must be he mused, me in this stupid white coat, the girl wrapped in bandages and
my man with his arm in a sling-an effective disguise anyway. He looked out of the window and saw the ambulance waiting off to the side of the tarmac. Next to it were customs and immigration officials. Inside of the van were two of his men in white
hospital uniforms. Good, everything was going according to plan; all of the arrangements had been made.

When the plane taxied to a stop, the flight attendants brought the patient to the door and eased the wheelchair down the stairs to the waiting van. The officials bowed, waied and stamped everyone’s passports. Johnny Wou was a stockholder
in many businesses and knew important people all over Bangkok. Special service like this was easy to arrange and if anyone noticed that the ambulance driver and his attendant carried pistols underneath their jackets, nothing was said.

Rawy sat in the front seat next to the driver and leaned back for the ride. The men had already been informed where to go. The call from Khun Wou had been disturbing. What could have gone wrong in America, he wondered? Who could have taken
the doctor and why? Well, he would just have to go back, find out and kill those responsible.

Rawy turned his thoughts to more pleasant things, like the expression on Ran Chinn’s face when he opened the red and gold envelope after he had counted the money. The envelope contained a blessing from a Buddhist Temple. The people
blessed and prayed for were listed in ornate script on expensive parchment paper.

Chinn’s name was first, then his wife and four children’s names and their wife’s names and their children’s names. His parents in China along with his aunts and uncles and their children’s names and the
names of their children. His brother in Hong Kong and his brother’s wife’s name and her parent’s names and their other children’s names. There were eighty-seven names in total. Khun Neung Rawy smiled as he pictured
Chinn coming to the realization of it all, the unspeakable horror. How far would he get through the list before realizing the safety of his entire family was now a part of this?

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Wow, that is the half way point for this story.

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