Stickman Readers' Submissions October 19th, 2005

I Resisted For A While

£1200 half board in Turkey or £1500 board only in Thailand these were a couple of my options this summer. As a widowed forty two year old father of an eleven year old boy and always being able to take late deals, neither of these looked too
good. Part of my argument for the LOS was that if Sir Richard Attenborough had grand children who holidayed there it must be OK for kids. They were unfortunately lost in the tsunami but without the extensive news coverage I wouldn’t have
contemplated Thailand as an option until I was holidaying alone.

Two weeks later and we were checking into a 4 star Bangkok hotel, 5pm jet lagged but duly impressed with the digs. My lad trooper, that he is had coped better than most with the long haul. Although no sooner than I’d suggested he take
a short nap before getting ready for dinner than his eyes were shut and he was under the duvet. I told him I was going to explore the hotel and would be back in half an hour.

He Clinic Bangkok

Just want to address the horrified reader’s outrage at my leaving an eleven year old alone in a hotel room, in a foreign country on another continent with thieves, rapists, child abductor etc. etc. When we’re on holiday we both
have mobiles, he knows roughly where I am and roughly when I’ll be back. He knows not to leave the room unless there is a fire. Should he wake up in the morning and I wasn’t back – shock horror, it hasn’t happened –
yet, he’d simply call me. I don’t drink, I’m built like a slow fly half, 42 remember hence the slow and wouldn’t be anywhere it might matter. So “dads going out, one chapter of Harry Potter then sleep”
enough said.

On my tour of the hotel stopped by the spa/gym which is also used by the locals and booked a Thai massage an hour and a half for 600b. Less than a tenner in a 4 star hotel. I’m starting to like this country. So after a long relaxing
shower, waking my son telling him to get ready for dinner and where I was going I set off pretty excited about my first massage in LOS.

So I’m in the spa reception have paid and am smiled at so much by the pretty young receptionist a ripple of anxiety hits me. I didn’t ask if it was a woman masseuse, images of a great hairy bone crushing Turk pop into my head.
Just for a second, they were replaced by my vision of a masseuse she was beautiful and with a huge smile asked “Thai massage” with the “age” going up three or four octaves to make the question. “No” I
answer in my best perplexed tone. The two faces that had a second before been smiling at me were now looking at each other. “Just kidding” I say springing to my feet way too eagerly. The glee that these girls showed at my little
joke was wonderful. Off I go following my giggling masseuse to my room of pleasure and I’m just tingling with anticipation.

CBD bangkok

I’ve been getting professionally massaged for almost 20 years and I love the uncertainty of the first session with a new masseuse. Will she be any good, will I be allowed to lay there naked uncovered as I prefer or will she insist
on covering me with a small towel or worse a whole sheet. How high up my inner thigh will she go and will she massage my bum. Finally will there be any extras offered, how much will they cost and will I want them.

After my poster girl masseuse chose the farthest room from reception, always a good sign. She bolted the door turned and asked “take off clothes please” Wow often they’ll leave the room and you’re left there for
20 minutes freezing your bollocks off. Obviously I’d already got a decent semi on and tucked it between my legs when I lay on my front. She took a little towel about the size of a face clothe and pushed it into the crack of my arse and
kind of arranged it round my balls too. I was thinking if I was 10 lbs lighter my cock would flip me over like a mouse trap. It was a little painful, nice pain though.

Having only slept about four hours in the last 48 I was floating in my professional’s very capable hands. The 45 or so minutes on my front passed wonderfully by in a semi conscious almost opium induced state. She had chatted a little
to start with but on seeing how well I was relaxing and maybe tiring of my one word answers let her fingers do the talking. When she asked to “turn around please” it was a real effort to flop myself onto my back. The little towel
was deftly extracted and gently placed over my neatly trimmed nether region. Without the massage tables pressure to let me know how much blood was down there I reached down and gave myself a squeeze to put some life into and draw attention to
my little fella. To my slight amusement she ignored this and started rubbing my clavicle. I threw the towel down between my knees and relaxed letting my hands settle around my navel. Within a couple of minutes she’d started to massage my
left thigh. Now I don’t know how extreme this is for most guys but I strongly favour my left side, so much so that to touch the top of my thigh mean the back of her fingers were stroking my cock. Ah that accidental first touch. Now this
part is really important, how I react now dictates what I can do or decline to do later and how much it will cost.

I just breathed out a deep contented mmmmmm. Then she takes my cock in her hand gently teasing my knob and whispering in my ear she asks “you want sex” I look at her “sex”? I ask thinking surely here it would just
be a hand job. “you want sex” she repeats wide eyed nodding towards my shiny member in her tiny hand. “How much” I ask“2000” she says. 30 quid for a hand job seems steep and I was past wanting it. Had
she made her play when I first got undressed I’d have bit her hand off, maybe. 30 quid was too much. “No thank you” She was a little surprised but I told her I’d give her a nice tip anyway she was then making a little
fuss about not tell the hotel “don’t worry” I told her. She then gave my balls a really nice fondle, she was really very good with her hands. The rest of the massage was great especially the reflexology. She then dressed me
and was in fits of laughter trying to get my little fella into my shorts with my panicky whimpers about the zip. I tipped her 400b probably too much but hey I’d had a good time.

wonderland clinic

The next day was pretty similar in the same spa except this girl asked for $100. I had learnt that a premiership club had left the day before we arrived and perhaps I was being quoted footballers rates. Again I declined but I actually had
to stop her from tossing me off “you no want come out” she was a tad surprised.

In the basement of the hotel there were some gift shops and what looked like a reflexology salon. If that the right term. We were looking around the gift shops and I just put my head in ask if they did massages as well. An older nicely filled
out lady who had had her feet up came over to me. She had a lot of makeup on and started to massage my arm pushing her breast hard against it and letting our thighs touch. I was immediately aroused but my son was next door so asking what time
they close arranged to go back. “OK we take goooooood care of you”

I got back about midnight and the busty lady took a bowl and washed my feet. Showed me to a booth with just enough room for a bed and asked me to undress. I lay there on my back waiting but she didn’t come back it was the younger less
attractive girl who came into the booth. Great she gets me all worked up then palms me off – perhaps not the right choice of words.

This girl says nothing she manually turns me over and starts to massage my back. OK me thinks lets see what you’re going to do. Moderately high on the inner thigh not enough attention to my bum – like is there ever. I’d
already decided I didn’t like her as I’d quite liked the older woman. The massage was easily as good as any I’ve had in the UK or USA from therapists with masses of letters after their names.

This girl who I’m guessing was about 30 turned me over and placed the little towel over himself. Now up until now I not had any indication there was going to be any extras and having already decided I didn’t like her I sure
wasn’t going to ask.

After 30 or so minutes of this girl pulling me about I wasn’t too surprised when she was kneeling on the top of my thighs and pushing back on my shoulders. She then pushed my shoulders down, sliding her hands down my arms she then
pulled my elbows down. Sliding her hands down my forearms she then grabs my wrists and pulls my arms down placing my hands on her knees. Two full breaths between each of these smooth movements. Then still holding my wrists she then slides my hands
an inch or so up her thighs which gives my back a really good stretch. Then another inch, then another, I open my eyes, she’s wearing a skirt. I can see her white panties, I move my hands higher she let go of my wrists and slides her knees
off my hips. I swear through the towel and her panties I still went in an inch.

“You have money for me”? YES was my first thought but knowing how much cash I’d brought “I have a thousand OK”? mmmmm she smiled. She slipped off me and was about to leave “I have condom” I
blurted out. Going straight to the right pocket and having it on before she could take her top and bra off. My hand dived between her legs and pushing her panties down I was ecstatic to find she was sopping wet. The sex was very good this was
a sensual woman and she even did a sitting up kind a stretching thing afterwards which was great.

That has to be the best “seduction” I’ve ever had by a masseuse. By a mile.

After masses of sightseeing, trips, shopping, eating, my son asked if I’ve ever been to a country as good as Thailand. I smiled knowing he was almost enjoying it as much as I was. We’re going again this week, he gets two weeks
at half term so he won’t miss any school. We’re heading back to Cha Am near Hua Hin. LOS really is a great place for families too.

My problem now is I’m pretty sure I want to move there well guess I’ll have to wait.

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