Stickman Readers' Submissions September 9th, 2005

Check The Card

Check the card, I got lucky…you might not.

So here I am in my late 20's in Pattaya, where I had at that time lived for about 2 years. I was chillin at a lil café in Royal Garden BS'ing with a couple of my friends and watching people go by. That's when I saw her,
just moments before she interrupted us, and spoke to me as her shy friends stood back. "Why you not call me?" she said looking kind of pouty and sad. She looked like she had stepped out of some deviant anime porn. Small, slim build with
pert full breasts, smooth flawless cinnamon completed skin, short hair that danced around her sultry bedroom eyes, and smell that wafted about her that reminded me of grape bubble bath. My friends both stopped and looked at me as if to say "You
turned THIS down?!?!?" I never saw this girl before in my life and if I did I sure as hell didn't talk to her. But I figured what the hell, and I let the pimp in me flow. "Oh I'm sorry baby, I didn't save your number,
here give it to me again", I said smoothly as I whipped out the Nokia. She gave me her name and number and asked me to call her later. And all the while her cute, kinda young looking, friends were giggling in the background.

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It's been a good year and a half now and I can't remember the girl's name so I'll just call her "Lek". So needless to say I called Lek up and we went out to eat once or twice. Her English was not very good and
our conversations where limited. She dressed cute but not whorish and wore little if any make up. She told me she was 19. She told me that she worked with her mother at some foot massage place. Lek was odd. She would only come around to see me
after 2 AM as if she worked in a bar or something. I never really pressed it because I didn't care if she would come to my room and give me some of the best sex I had ever had there. Her skin was smooth like worked silk and she had no inhabitations.
We made long sultry gentle love and she gave me orgasms that Peter North would be proud of.

Lek never asked for money, in fact she didn't want it when I offered, she simply wai'ed me said mai pen rai and would leave around 5 AM, usually after a phone call on her mobile from some farang who spoke perfect Thai. This went
on for about 2 weeks until one day she was wearing these tight little pants without pockets and she was holding her little wallet. After some very nice love making (Raw, yeah I know, fucked up but she was just too sweet and innocent not to money
shot…she actually seemed to enjoy it simply turning over to cuddle with me not even bothering to clean up) I pried her sleeping body out of my chest, got some money out of my wallet and stuffed it into hers so that she would not have to feel
embarrassed to take it. I kinda liked Lek and she had been good to me. I didn't care if she was fucking some old goofy farang because she wasn't asking anything from me other than a deep stroke. So after I gave her a lil money I looked
through her wallet and came across her ID.

I almost S*** myself it was 2546 at the time and her ID said 2531!….2531!!!! she was 15! I looked back over at her smooth naked flesh sleeping peacefully on my bed drooling a little bit on my pillow, and I was mortified.

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Strangely enough I wasn't upset because I was 28 and I was spooning a 15 year old. I was actually more horrified of what she could do to me if she so desired. They would throw my black ass UNDER the jail if she so much as said hello
to the police. I didn't sleep that night and when she woke up I was very calm and gentle with her. However later on that day I called her up and asked her not to come see me again. I told her that I cared for her very deeply, that I wanted
her, but that she was so young only 15, and I could not be with her again. I told her that if she needed money I would give her 5,000 baht to have until she found someone else. She cried, told me that she was sip cow jing jing (19) and
that she doesn't need my money.

She left and I felt strange. Bad in that I was doing a kid, good in that she left and didn't blackmail me or worse, bad that I wouldn't have that great free sex anymore, good that I had the strength to tell her to go, bad because
she may be pregnant and I worried about all these things for about a month until I met my new girlfriend. One day I was walking with her along beach road when I saw Lek there with all the other hoes working the street! She saw me and looked down
and away, shrugging as if to say "well what can I do now?"

Stickman's thoughts:

A very nasty situation and you probably handled it as well as it could be handled. As much as I hate to say it, this is one good reason to poke your nose around into her wallet and / or affairs.

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