Stickman Readers' Submissions August 18th, 2005

How To Have Your Heart Broken By A Thai

First trip to LOS.

It all started Xmas 2004. My first visit to LOS, 28 and 2 grand sterling to kill in a month. By what I have heard I'm gonna have a good time. I stepped off the plane with my rucksack and rough guide and headed to the taxi stand outside. Two seven
hour flights from good old blighty and I'm absolutely knackered, wish my mates were with me but they wasn’t gonna leave England at Xmas. Why? All I knew was Khao Sarn Road because of the movie the beach so a 350 baht taxi ride later
there I was with my bag and book and nowhere to stay.

He Clinic Bangkok

It's 7.30am and not many people about. I see an ozzie and his missus eating breakfast at a café and ask them if they know any where half descent to stay. They point me in the direction of the Sawasdee Inn behind the wat, just
off Khao Sarn. Not brilliant but really good people who work there.

A few hours sleep and a bit of food and shower and it's time for my first mission, time to go out and about. I first came to a bar called GULLIVERS, this is what I'm talking about, fit Asian birds. My god LOVE ME LONG TIME. I am not saying white
and black girls are ugly but they don’t float my boat like Asians do. After a few nights I got in with the Thai and farang regulars. I was having the time of my life, 1000 baht long times, the stuff my dreams are made of. I know there was
more, PATPONG, NANA and SOI COWBOY but I never made it out of GULLIVERS. I love the place, always will.

I went home and planned a trip for Songkhran, another month of pure bliss. (It helps being self-employed). Having stumbled across the Stickman site I was armed with more information I felt I would not fall foul to a bargirls lies. I'm known at home
for being a “treat em mean keep em keen” kind of a guy. How very wrong I was.

CBD bangkok

My second trip to LOS

Off the plane straight to Sawasdee Inn. Get a great reception from the hotel staff who all seem to genuinely like me. Even with a hangover it costs nothing to smile.

Straight to GULLIVERS to meet everyone andit was like I had never been away. Then I meet -her she is absolutely stunning. I fell for her straight away, I was never a believer in love at first sight but this was it. Let’s call her Boo. It then came
apparent she wasn’t a bargirl, or so I thought, so no boom boom.

I met her the next day and I was transfixed by her beauty and her grace. She told me she came from Petchabun but knows lived in Kanchanaburi and was in Bangkok for a three day holiday and would I like to go back with her. I was off like a flash. A glorious
month of the Thai girlfriend experience.

wonderland clinic


Time to leave LOS, no asking for money, just email and addresses. I was devastated when I came home and rang and emailed everyday. So I proposed to her. I know this was stupid and my friends went crazy at home when I told them but I loved her more than
any girl before, farang or Thai. She said yes straight away.

I am not a millionaire by any standards but I am not on the breadline either. I have a small but successful bar in my city and even at my age my mortgage is nearly paid off. We discussed me selling my bar and house and me moving to LOS for good. This
is how much I love her. Up to now I have sent her 100,000 baht until I came back. I honestly believed this girl. We were going to marry so why wouldn’t I? The last phone call was two days ago. This is strange because we speak everyday,
no exceptions. I call her friend because I think something bad has happened. She has gone to meet boyfriend no 2 of 3. Another Brit. She calls me no 1 because she was gonna marry me. I truly love this girl and would have given her anything within
reason, marry, have a family and live happily ever after. I had already made enquiries about selling my home and bar, thank god I found out now.

So please all you farang reading this when you fall in love with a Thai girl, do you’re homework. For many months now I have been reading Stickman and the readers submissions and should have known better. But like I said I thought I was too sharp
for that. I’m obviously not coming back to be married but I will still come back at Xmas but just bring my dick and wallet and leave my heart.

I hear Pattaya is good at that time of year!

Keep up the good work Stickman, you and you’re readers are my bible.

I am happy to receive any feedback.

Stickman's thoughts:

You're better off without a girl like that.

nana plaza