Stickman Readers' Submissions July 2nd, 2005

My Second Trip To Bangkok

After having tasted Amazing Thailand, I am sure there are few people in the world who are not attracted to that charming life back. I guess I also fall in the majority. My first visit was done in the months of March and April. But I was hooked. After
going back to my country, I spent the next months trying to plan for my vacation back into the land of smiles. During the latter half of April the stars turned very favorable for me. Our company was in a business transaction with a firm in Bangkok.
To complete some business transaction I had to go to Bangkok – exact words of my boss.

To give you a picture about me, I am a 30 year old married man married for 6 years, not exactly Tom Cruise but I keep myself in shape, not as tall as Americans, Africans or Europeans (kind of gives you an idea where I am from), have a great job, and two
kids I completely adore. Now before folks start the screaming at a hypocritical self of me, let me digress a bit. When we got married, my wife was a petite 48 kg nice woman. After 2 kids she is a mountain at 65 kg. Her life revolves around the
kids. Since we stay in a joint family, for her its always family, followed by kids and if she then has a time she has it for me. From having sex at 10 times a week we have dwindled down to once a month if I was lucky. And no variety. Just the
same old 15 minute routine. My first visit to Bangkok not only cured me of it but also got me hooked on the land of smiles.

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Anyway back to the topic. I caught my late flight out of my country at 10:30 PM June 11th and landed in LOS June 12th 0430 hours. Quickly collected my baggage and out to the car arranged to pick me up and take me to a hotel. The hotel booked is on Soi
11 of Sukhumvit and part of the chain of hotels in Bangkok. Walk in to the reception and “Solly sir, room not free now, you wait for 1 hour?” Well here was the first taste of Bangkok for me.

Anyway I had not choice and just had breakfast to kill away the time. The sad part is I fell asleep in my room and woke up only at 1600 hours. Damn a whole day wasted. Went out; had a quick bite to eat and did some shopping for my kids. To kickstart my
holidays in Bangkok I walked into Eden Club and met with Marc. I should say that this is really a great club and all appreciation for the club. Anyway, took one lady for the night and had a rocking night.

On 13th I decided that it was time to experience my first soapy massage. And as suggested in many places I visited Poseidon. I picked up girl 183 from the fishbowl as the behest of the papasan. Since it was might first time, I went ahead and it was such
a great experience. We had the basic soapy massage and then onto the antics on the bed. At the end of the massage we had a soapy again and she asked if I wanted to go to the bed again. But by this time I was out and tired from my antics of the
previous night (Eden girls can do just that). So I asked if there was some time left and she said yes. So I suggested that we just sit for sometime and talk. She agreed and whatever the reason, we just lay on the bed and she fell asleep on my
arm. I mean that was surprising. This is an experience that I do not get even back at home. I had to literally shake her awake. She got dressed and said she was sorry and I said mai ben rai. I tipped her and walked out. But sure
as hell a lot of people on Rathcha road and on the subway must have been amused at the huge smile I had all the way back.

Back in the evening I met up with a woman from the yahoo chat room who claimed to be a receptionist at a hotel. We did the usual movie and dinner thing like a proper date and then back to the bedroom. The sex was not bad but I guess I have set my Bangkok
standard to the Eden club and I needed to breathe some air. Around midnight she gets a call from some guy in USA and off she is yakking with him on the phone. She said she was working the night shift (oh yeah), and that she loved him and would
he be kind enough to send her some money to cover the second half of her month as her rent was way overdue and so was some other bank loan. After about an hour, she said she wanted to go and asked for some taxi money. I paid her some money. She
said goodbye and I went back to sleep.

On 14th I woke up late in the afternoon had some lunch and was supposed to meet another girl from the internet. I had been chatting with her since 6 months including cam chat. I waited for 30 minutes in front of Times Square for her to come. Eventually
I gave her a call and she said that her brother was in the hospital and she could not make it to meet me. I said mai ben rai and left it to that. Funnily though; I saw her in the evening on Sukhumvit with a “falang”
near Soi 3. I guess her brother must have made a fast recovery. I just chalked it up as another experience in LOS. Meanwhile I got to meet another chat friend who was running an internet café herself. Lets call her Nun. I had been speaking
with her for 6-7 months and I knew she had a BF in Europe. We met at Starbucks near Soi 5. When I told her of my experiences, guess what, she actually told me to go back to my wife, as all Thai women are bad (and she is a Thai lady). This was
kind of surprising. Her boyfriend would be coming to Bangkok during the month of July and she has full plans of making a “baby” when he is here. Kind of surprising though.

On the 15th I woke up late. This was the day I was supposed to meet “R” from my previous visit. We met up at the World trade center and went to see Batman Begins. We had dinner at the MK restaurant at the WTC and I would recommend this to
any person who wants to try something different. We went back to the hotel and was surprised when the security desk asked for an identification. Since I have never experienced this in this hotel I was a bit surprised, but ‘R’ handled
it very well by informing them that she was not Thai and that she was from Philippines. This being true, they did not pursue the matter and let it drop. Once in the room I gave her some stuff that I had brought for her and she was pretty excited.
Then came the good news from her side. It was that time of the month for her. So after everything I was all set to spend the second night in Bangkok without any “sanuk”.

16th was my last day and I caught the first plane back to my country from Bangkok. In summary my expenses were $1400 for this trip of 5 days. About the same money I have spent on my wife in the past 1 year.

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So where does this place me. As I write this on my flight back to my country, I cannot imagine how shallow I have been. Is this a reflection of guilt? Or is this a reflection of the depression I feel when I leave Bangkok? I have spent more money in the
last week than I have spent on my family in one year. All this just for a good GFE? I am not sure. I am just 30 and have a long life ahead of me. It might be hindsight, but at this point in my life, I feel I probably need to try and give life
with my wife another shot. If anything, the Bangkok experience has only made me feel more love towards my family and my wife. Does this mean I will not visit Bangkok again? I do not think so. The city has all its charms. But will I visit it again
as a sex tourist? Well if I do not post another article on this site in the next 1 year to 2, I feel I have succeeded.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sending your wife off to weight watchers would be a step in the right direction.

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