Stickman Readers' Submissions July 26th, 2005

A Bargirl Freebie, Possible?

By Beanflicker

You may remember the last time I wrote, it was about the room swap on the first night with Thai1 and Thai2. Like I said in that submission, we did end up seeing them again. My friend was a bit put off by Thai2, plus the fact he saw her with another CUSTOMER
the next night, as Thai1 liked to call us all.

Well as you might have guessed I phoned her two days later, because we had a really boring day after they left, and due to it being the His Majesty The King's birthday most bars were shut.

He Clinic Bangkok

So we’re standing outside the Central World Plaza. I came up with the idea of ringing Thai1 for some interesting places to go, I must admit that we did go for the women, but that seemed to change when we got there due to there being so much to
do. There’s so much more out there when you’ve been stuck on prison island as we like to call the UK. Oh yeah, I've been to Spain, Italy, France and Amsterdam (I wasn’t in to travel in the early part of my life, if only
I could turn the clock back knowing what I know now) but anyone who has been to those places knows it all starts to look the same after a while. Apart from Thailand, I can say the only real interesting place to go is the isle of man TT races!
(Now that IS good) but for me, and like so many subscribers to this site, you do get addicted and there's nothing we can do about it, because there was nothing I really wanted to talk about until the day I got back from Bangkok, and now it's
all we talk about. So as I said, I rang her, and you get the musical tone with many Thai phones, she answered. She said that she would meet us in the hotel bar in an hour so, we went to freshen up and she was there waiting in the bar, she said
that she had lined up a friend of hers for my friend, and would meet us later in the Hillary Bar, Soi 4.

So when we got there we didn’t know who it was, but one thing I did notice was the fact that everyone was hitting on my friend but they wouldn’t even give me the time of day, well not wanting to be rude I left it alone. But when I started
looking at the women, Thai1 would walk up to a girl I might have been looking at, and don’t ask me why, but they would either walk away or completely disappear. Do the Thais get jealous or are they just protecting their investment?

The idea was to stay out late then go down to Pattaya in the morning. When we left the bar Thai1 suggested I stay at her place for the evening so we could have some privacy, and also avoid the hotel fine. (More money for her I suppose!!!!)

CBD bangkok

This I agreed too and would hook up with my friend the next morning. We got the cab and went back to hers. It was on the small side but comfortable, we had a good time then went to sleep, she woke me in the morning and said “It's all booked.“

I said “what’s booked?”

“Our cab, we go Pattaya in hour”. Her bag was packed including the kitchen sink, the new Thai2 was to come round to hers along with my friend, and then we would depart. She had arranged the whole thing, even my friend packing some of my
clothes, and bringing them round. I was a bit shocked, but I got the impression that she liked to be in charge. It also felt like that in the bar with everyone doing what she said though I don’t think she was a mamasan. This is when I brought
up the money side of things, and she said “You pay me 2000 baht a day, we agree last night.”

My chin hit the floor when she said that, “Now wait a second, I didn’t agree to shit last night.“ she started to shout at me.

wonderland clinic

“Yes you did, you remember when we play pool, you told me how much.”

“No I didn’t.“ Now not wanting to upset the flow of things, and me having the patience of a saint, I just said “What ever”, trying to keep a smile on my face.

Then there’s a knock at the door. My friend turned up with Thai2 on cue. My friend and myself had come up with a plan that when things got a bit dodgy we would talk gobledeegook or really quick, so we're standing there. “So how much
is she stinging you for then?”

“2000 baht a day”, he said. The thing is it really didn’t bother us, as we were there for a good time. We are trying to learn Thai with an online website but only the basics of course, I really don’t think I'm interested
in learning Thai, because I would hear things that would just upset me. 'What you don’t hear doesn’t hurt you.'

You know when they're talking about you, I find it amusing as I played a game with a couple of girls one night, pretending to understand them. “You know Thai” one of them asked.

“I'm not telling you that” and they started talking behind there hands. We have a local bar in our area at home where we go sometimes. We find them to be very friendly, they are all married but just to hear them talk Thai is enough
for us, it's like a quick fix like I'm on some sort of hard drug.

The reader’s submission -12/03/2004-Thailand: "My Drug" by JT, just about said it all really. Before then, my life was going down the same old path boring and dull, then Thailand hit me like a ton of bricks, like he says you can’t
quite put your finger on it, “maybe it's something in the water”, (although its not advisable to drink the water!!).

Now I can’t really explain what happened next, but we have noticed that communication is on a higher level with the Thai people. Every time we went to go somewhere, a cab would turn up out of the blue, like when we walked out of her apartment complex
to the end of the alley way, we had just got to the end of the road and cab pulls up, the boot opens she puts her bag in “We go now Pattaya, ok.” I looked at my friend “now that's creepy mate”.

I can’t say it was the best journey in the world but compared to the UK, the same journey would have cost approximately £80-£90. I think it's 130 miles to Pattaya. <150 km, actuallyStick>

When it comes to saving money when you want to go to an island, hook up with a Thai. They can save you a small fortune, 800 baht is what it cost . We were going to Ko Samet via a stop over in Pattaya for one night. If like me you are going for the ladies
of the night, and you do take a bargirl with you, it's then that the male instinct takes over, you see all these girls and you just want them all. Because when my friend and myself hit the bars of Pattaya, I thought “oh shit what have
we done”. I didn’t want to hurt this girls feelings. She had brought us all this way and now I wanted to run off with the bargirl that was shaking her arse at me on the table, she was an absolute stunner, the music was right, the
drinks were flowing, and I was in a good place for the first time in my life.

I think I may have figured out a part of what JT and myself can’t put our fingers on as to why there is an addiction to Thailand.“It's one big party but without the trouble and fights that you get in the UK”. Don’t get
me wrong there are some pretty awful things to see like beggars and such, but it is a good place and as you say ‘Stick’ the Thais smile all the time.

We had previously met up with a tourist called Paul from the north in the UK. I have asked his permission to feature him. He had been 6 or 7 times previous to us, and was to be a good friend who we have since visited back in the UK. He had also brought
a girl with him and she seemed she very pleasant.

Is it me or are all these girls either related or connected in some way, because you know how it is everywhere else in the World, everyone seems to go around in there own little personal boxes ignoring everyone else, but these girls just communicate with
each other like brother and sister.

Maybe if the rest of the world had what the Thai people had, it wouldn’t be in the state it is in now. I know Thailand has its problems but it all seems so relaxed. But that’s enough about bollotics.

So the evening draws to a close and we all agree to meet for breakfast in the morning, Paul agreeing to come with us to the island. We booked the tickets for the boat trip, we had to sit and chill for half an hour or so, but unlike British rail everything seems to run on time. (One example the skytrain, what a service.)

My friend has got a serious fear of water so it was amusing to see his face turn a shade of colour that I've never seen before. We got to the island, got off the boat and were with at least another 70 or so tourists all fighting for the open back

In typical white man fashion, and for a second, thought I was at some amusement park back in the UK, with everyone fighting and jostling for the best seats, but Thai1 sorted us out a seat pretty quickly and off we went. We came to what looked like a border
post, that looked like something out of a WWII movie. It turned out to be security for the resort that we were staying in, we handed over the customary 100 baht (tourist price) <National park entrance feeStick>.
We checked in to the hotel and went out for a beer, and the evening meal, I know this has been repeated a lot but ISN’T the food nice (a famous burger chain has a lot to answer for).

We were sitting in a nice restaurant on the sea front, and that’s when I came up with the idea of phoning my friend in England. Now Thai1 had quite a sense of humour, so I thought it would be funny to give her the phone and say hello to him, but
didn’t think she would say what she did, “hello” in her usual up tone manner “me so horny me love you long time” she said. “Me make your friend boom boom all night long.” “When you come see
me?” Just like a scene out of ‘Good Morning Vietnam’. I looked at her paused, looked at my friend, and laughed our heads off. (I did however get some serious grief when I got home. Sorry AJ.)

Over the next couple of days I found myself getting more and more attached to her. It was horrible because I knew at some point I was going to have to come home, and like I said in my first submission, I can see how people can get so easily involved.

We came back from the island four days later because I had only taken enough money to last a few days, because I had left my credit card in Bangkok. It was a shame, because here we were on a tropical island, blue sea, palm trees and BEAUTIFUL women and
the daily beach massage. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO LEAVE? My friend stayed in Pattaya to see his Dad and Thai1 and myself went back to Bangkok.

This is when I noticed that the cab driver that had brought us there, who by his own admission had in fact waited for us, probably got some cabbing done there! But nevertheless he had. I couldn’t believe it, so back to the hotel in Bangkok.

Now I must admit, and thought to myself, “I have to switch off now and get my feelings away from her.” It's gonna hurt when I get on that plane, so I went and got my card to get some money out, but for some unknown reason the ATM wouldn’t pay out. I've got Thai1 standing practically over my shoulder, no money and no one to turn to, I remembered that I had about 4000 baht in the hotel safe and 3000 baht in my pocket. I just couldn’t concentrate, my mind was just not working because as cruel as it sounds all I wanted to do was offload her and have a shower. I've got three days of the holiday left, and just wanted to have some fun, and not be in a relationship. I said to her, “Do you mind if we go back to the hotel, and get out of this heat for a while”.

Back at the hotel bar, we sat down, I pulled out what I had, and laid my story down to her “I'm sorry but I've got other things I would like to do, and I don’t wish to see you anymore.” A look of pure disgust fills every
part of her face she picked up what baht I had, stood up and walked out of the hotel.

I went back to the ATM and what do you know, it paid out, what a surprise! And who should be standing no more that 10 feet away from me, Thai1, WHOOPS!!!

She gave me the look of “if I had a knife and we weren’t in a public place, I would cut your nuts off.” Mind you, some of the stories I've read about Thailand they probably would do it, and no one would say any thing.

So what is the best way to dump them politely? I haven’t got a clue but in the UK I am known for my bluntness but it would be interesting to hear reader comments, I'm not a nasty person, and I can tell you I didn’t enjoy offloading
a Thai girl, but it would have hurt if she had of tagged along right to the end of the holiday and the airport thing. I keep thinking of the ‘10 commandments’ on another web site I read the other day. If all them rules were actually
true, while they are intended to take the preverbal piss so to speak, what next the ‘10 farang commandments’. <The 10 Commandments were originally written by me and run in an early column (at the end of the column from 30/9/2001) and then accidentally published by Trink (who later apologised when he realised what had happened) before being used elsewhere in slightly modified formStick>

I don’t care what rules they come up with, I love the place, Its not going to make a blind bit of difference to me, I will keep going back. “ITS ALL ABOUT THE BAHT”

Stickman's thoughts:

Good story. You raise a VERY interesting point when you ask about how one can best get rid of a Thai woman. I would be VERY interested to hear thoughts i.e. submissions, on this subject. So, who is going to be first? Just how do you jettison a Thai lass?

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