Stickman Readers' Submissions May 30th, 2005

Response To Educated Women

Response To "Educated Thai Woman"

By Mr. Alan

Re: You Farangs Who Fall For Bargirls Disgust Me, by Educated Thai Woman, dated 4/3/2005

I read with interest the reader comment by the above person. Since this person cannot be contacted directly, I feel compelled to respond to her comments in this section.

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This woman sounds like someone with a big stick up her ass (no pun intended and apologies to the webmaster) and her snotty attitude epitomizes everything that is wrong with the Thai social structure.

Let’s examine a few of her complaints:

"I had to work harder [in the USA] than others to prove myself since I’m a woman and a minority."

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That is a bunch of baloney. Women and minorities have it much easier that white men in large American corporations where she worked, since they get the benefit of "affirmative action" programs. Every time they fail to measure up,
they seek refuge in their gender and ethnic background. The chances of anyone in the USA discriminating against a halfway attractive woman from Thailand are slim and zero.

Then she goes on to talk about how great her English is, but comes up with this unintelligible statement (one example of many):

"I had to start from the bottom, even with my master degree from the university better any in the whole state of Texas."

Maybe she meant to say "better than any in the whole state of Texas." The University of Michigan is a very fine school, but so are Rice University in Houston and the University of Texas at Austin. Anyone familiar with American higher
education would rate these schools roughly equal in quality overall, depending on the field of specialization. Her rantings about her educational superiority (including that she was accepted to Oxford and U of London) is just one more arrogant
statement from someone with a big dose of social consciousness (and someone who is also seriously misinformed).

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But I guess she does not understand that in the USA, everyone starts out in an entry-level job when they get out of college, unlike what it would be like for her back home in Thailand with her privileged background that would likely afford
her opportunities that a person from the lower Thai classes (even with a college degree) would never have. But of course, the lower classes in Thailand are rarely even admitted to the same colleges as the upper classes. This is how the upper classes
oppress the common people that she so despises in her own country.

I suppose it is no wonder that even when farangs meet a woman from Thailand that is not in sex business and they want to take them back to the USA for a visit, it is impossible for a Thai woman to get a USA Visa if they are Issan (or for
that matter if they are not from the upper classes of Thai society). Ironically, it is always the Thai citizens who work at the US Embassy who make these racist and class determinations that the ordinary women of Thailand are unworthy to be allowed
to visit the USA.

The discrimination against Issan women in Thailand goes well beyond the Thai employees in the US Embassy. Every depiction of an attractive woman in Thailand on advertising billboards is always a light skinned female. This prejudice is pervasive
and runs deep in Thai society and culture. So it is no wonder that bargirls from Issan and the poor from Bangkok have such a low self image that they engage in prostitution.

Maybe the Thai upper classes should quit despising the ordinary people of Thailand who have to survive on a daily basis, and start actually helping them. The Thai lady likes to volunteer her time at three different art museums frequented
by the privileged of Dallas, but if she is so concerned about bargirls, then maybe she do something alleviate their plight and give them even half the opportunities that she was given to succeed.

Men go to Thailand to meet women, not just because of the sex business there, but because Thai women are a lot nicer than Western women. There is a big sex business everywhere in Western nations, and the cost of international airfare, hotels,
etc, is very expensive when traveling half-way around the world to Thailand. Prostitution is legal in the Netherlands and in most parts of Nevada in the USA (not to mention the huge and very discreet Internet “escort” business in
every Western city), so it would be significantly cheaper for a farang to just engage a prostitute much closer to home.

The reason that farangs go to Thailand is that the women are different than Western women. But I suppose I suppose that the Thai woman’s comments proves that the difference being East and West is not biological, and once a Thai women
becomes Westernized she is just as nasty as the rest of them.

The fundamental problem is that this Thai woman is ashamed of her country and blames it on farangs who go there. But she doesn’t need to be ashamed of the bar girls that she so despises, rather she should be ashamed of the racism,
rigid social structure, and discrimination that the upper class Thais inflict upon the poor and disadvantaged in their own country. She should be ashamed of corruption by both public and private officials. She should be ashamed of the enormous
disparity between rich and poor in Thailand.

The Thai lady should not be ashamed of girls who work in bars, because it may be the only real chance they have for themselves and their family to survive, and who dream the impossible dream (since they can’t afford to attend the University
of Michigan) of meeting a nice farang man just like the Thai lady did. Truth be told, most farangs who visit Thailand would like to meet and marry a nice Thai women also, but they don’t often admit it.

Stickman's thoughts:

VERY well put indeed.

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