Stickman Readers' Submissions May 23rd, 2005

My Thai Experience

By Dicko

The title is funny to start with because I have not actually got from the UK to Thailand yet, although in the last two years, a good few of my mates have, some with their wives and girlfriends, and had a fantastic time. Although most of them like a good
drink they would not be guilty of yobbish behaviour and got on very well with the Thai people who they found very hospitable. Anyway I thought I would be clever and would talk to a few Thai ladies via messenger and webcam before I came.

Well I could not believe the response and before long I was talking to up to 6 women a day, ages ranging from 22-39.The trouble was when talking to so many you forget their names, nick names and previous conversations, and believe it or not several ended
up in the same internet cafes at the same time discussing me and who had the franchise first (LOL) and I soon get labelled a butterfly before I even get there. So I decided I could not cope with this level of response and started narrowing the
criteria, like single, no kids, age 28-35, being 50 something I thought if I found anybody good enough. Well now I have been talking seriously to one lady (and not so seriously to several others), she is single, age 32, no kids, good job, own
car and own 2 bed apartment in BKK (figure this was better for my western tastes than staying on the farm).

He Clinic Bangkok

I am going to see her in the next month and will let you know I get on. I have to say I have learned so much from Stick's site I feel I have already been to Thailand and now give advice to mates that have been or are going. One pal who has been encouraging
me to go to Thailand has been visiting frequently for the last 2 years and can not keep away. He now has a serious GF there albeit he met her in a bar and she no longer works as BG (I hope so for his sake), but they appear to be getting on really
well. I think they will get married and he does seem quite happy, he wants to bring her to the UK for a holiday and to meet his children before he does, but he tells me it is a nightmare trying to get her a visa with a 3 month wait for an interview,
so please bear this in mind guys. He has helped build a bungalow for her at the family farm and is very happy looking after the family which is what he says is what Thailand is all about. His GF's brother has HIV and gets short of breath
and occasionally hospitalised so he got an oxygen cylinder and mask for him to keep at home for under £100 and found some inexpensive drugs to help him on the internet (inexpensive to us that is).

From what my pal tells me he is really appreciated, not just by the family but by the whole village and he says nobody has taken the piss and she treats and looks after him like a god. He wants to buy a property in Pattaya, his investment (shallow word
really) at present in Thailand is just over £10,000 so far to build her bungalow in the North, but like he says if he lost the lot the difference is if he met a money grabbing scheming Farang woman in the UK it could cost him £200,000
/ 300,000 and he has still had a wonderful time with some nice experiences.

Now my other friend, just a working guy like myself, with own house in UK went on first trip to Thailand for 3 weeks at Christmas, he met a BG aged 40 going on 30 and spent the last week of his holiday with her and ended up getting all loved up and engaged
to her. I don’t think I have ever decided in a week that I wanted to marry any woman, but then again I have not been to Thailand yet. He went back to see her recently, she is still working at the bar and we all know the rest (I wonder if
he had to pay bar fine-we will never know). I think he sends her some money as well for the aging mother and the sick donkey. I have tried to tell him so many times to read some Stick submissions. This is why I thought I would find a lady before
I come to Thailand because at 50 odd years of age I could not trust my feelings or my dick meeting all those beautiful Thai women. I have got it bad enough over here looking at Asian girls, many at local language schools near where I live.

CBD bangkok

Finally the real reason for coming on this site before I even get to Thailand was because I was appalled at the attitude of The Educated Thai Lady, Educated she must be having a laugh. Perhaps she should spend some time studying the structure of wealth
in her country, plus the attitude of some Thai men when it comes to families and children, and be doing something to help these girls, most of whom are trying to help their own families and children, instead of slagging us off. She has a privileged
education but appears to be using it to further her own means and slagging Thai BG s and ageing Farangs to make herself feel better. I have already mentioned 2 mates, who for sure did the rounds in BKK and Pattaya, but one of them and maybe the
other later, has done more for her people than she has dreamt about. Stickman, tell her to get a life.

Stickman's thoughts:

Let us know how the first trip goes.

nana plaza