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Internet Girl, Vacation Nightmare

  • Written by Anonymous
  • May 31st, 2005
  • 14 min read

by ex CEO

Once again, names changed, though if she reads this she’s going to know it’s me! Where to begin….. Wow. I managed to turn my vacation in Thailand into anything but a vacation. I had met this girl on the internet and began to chat with
her. Never did I lead her on, or tell her that I loved her, or wanted to marry her, or anything like that. Actually, we’d spoken for about 2 weeks before I entered Thailand. I arrived, checked into my hotel and without an invitation, this
girl showed up at my hotel at noon the next day. A call to my room from the front desk saying: “There’s someone here to see you” surprised the hell out of me, as I was still jet lagged and had not invited anyone over. Sure
enough it was her. I went down to meet her. A sweet girl, a smart girl, an educated girl the same age as myself.

She took me out to buy everything I needed, she helped me greatly. Eventually we ended up in bed together. Actually, she invited herself to spend the night. This is not a case of the evil farang tricking the innocent Thai girl into bed, no
sir. Woke up in the morning with her hand down my pants. We both wanted it, it was mutual. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I was now her property. She was officially moving in to my place now. Oh man, things were going way
too fast. I am too young for this, too young to have a woman living with me and babysitting me 24 hours a day. I had known this girl for a grand total of 3 days before she complained about me not loving her. Fast forward to recent times.

billboard bangkok

We decided to head to Pattaya, as I had never been there before. It is my first time in Thailand. We decided to take an air-conditioned bus from Bangkok to Pattaya. We made a HUGE mistake when picking the bus. First of all, we didn’t
buy our ticket from the terminal; we just bought it on the bus. Of course, being the farang, I paid double for my ticket. There were initially 4 people on the bus when we left. There were 4 employees on the bus. They were all scum sucking, piece
of shit males from the absolute lowest class of Thai society. There was the driver, who was stuffing his face with mangos and chips, drinking, and talking on his cell phone all while driving our bus at excruciatingly low speeds as cars flew past
us. He also laid on the horn every time a car got in front of our bus. He proceeded to lay on the horn about every 30 seconds for the entire 4 hour journey (yes, 4 hours!!!).

He would stop every time he saw a crowd of people standing by the side of the road. It didn’t even have to be a bus stop. So needless to say, we made about 45-50 stops on the way to Pattaya. Each time he would see a crowd of people
on the side of a road, he would slow down and rapidly honk the horn, then employee # 2 would hang out of the open bus door and yell out something like “leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey PATTAYA
leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey leduey!!!” or some stupid Thai bullshit like that, as people stared at him hanging out of the moving bus. The bus would then slow down, and employee #2 would get out of the bus and
try to push people into the bus! He would run around yelling at people trying to drag them into the bus, fill the seats and collect more baht.

He would run into shopping centers and malls, he would cross the street, hang out on the corner and light up a cigarette as he tried to find people to drag into the bus, all while we sat there and waited for the bus to get moving again. The fat ass driver
would have him run into food places and malls to get food for him, which he would eat while he drove the bus and glared at me in the rear view mirror. They did this several times on the way to Pattaya. After employee # 2 dragged people into the
bus, employee #3 would push them to the back of the bus and collect their money, half of what I paid of course. Then he would close the curtains on the rear windows because people were now standing in the back of the bus and they did not want
the highway police to see the people crammed into the back of the bus, because then they would have to shell out some precious baht for a bribe. So now the bus was packed, but they were still stopping and trying to drag more people inside.

butterflies bangkok

I had someone practically sitting on my lap because the bus was so crowded. Employee #3 would run up and down the center isle collecting money and shouting the names of the stops. Each time he passed me he would intentionally hit me with
his elbow or knee. There was plenty of room to get by, but he would hit me hard each time. I grew tired of this. I wanted to slit all three of their throats. I reached into my backpack looking for something sharp, smiling at that thought of sticking
a knife into employee # 3’s rib cage, then jamming it into the back of the driver’s skull. But no luck, nothing sharp, it was just a fantasy after all. The next time he did it, I simply said; “Watch where you are going, you
stupid piece of shit.” I don’t really care if he understood. I don’t care if I was being rude. The other farangs on the bus understood why I had said it. After that he simply sat in the front of the bus and stopped passing
by me. During the ride, the girl wanted to hold my hand, but I didn’t want to as I felt that this would be leading her on to thinking that I could possibly stay with her forever in Thailand or that we could have a relationship right now.

I had told her previously that I did not have / want a girlfriend because I traveled so much. I kept my hands in my lap, feeling like an asshole. But a bus full of Thais is not the place to be having the “I can’t have a relationship
with you because I am just a tourist” conversation. After that, she was visibly angry at me, but did not say anything. She got on her phone and began talking loudly to her friends. As she did, the Thais on the bus all turned around and
stared at me giving me that pleasant 3rd world glare, that even if you stare right back into their soul-less eyes, they do not break. Very pleasant. I shut my eyes. The bus smelled like hell. The guy two seats in front of me smelled like he had
crapped his pants, and then not showered for a month. The driver and employees smelled like pigs. I’ve ridden many buses / skytrains / subways and never had this problem. I had to pee so badly, that I considered getting off the bus. I of
course realized that they would leave me in the dust the second I got off the bus, so I held it for 3 hours. So basically, it was just another day in Thailand.

We finally arrived, got out of the hell bus and got a truck to the main strip. The girl and I headed to the restroom. We came back out and sat down to eat when she realized that she had left her wallet in the bathroom. Great, she darted back
in and sure enough, being Thailand, that sucker was long gone not 3 minutes after she had left it there. Great, she had 6,000 baht cash in there along with ATM cards, licenses, insurance paperwork etc. All gone. Some lower life form had snatched
the wallet right away and made off with it. We checked Lost and Found, what a joke haha! This is Thailand, so we decided to check the trashcans and dumpsters near the bathroom. No luck. It was gone. Now this girl was crying. We walked, she cried,
people stared at me like I must have abused her. I got dirty stares all up and down the street. The stare you get when you are walking with a girl who is bawling her eyes out. Great, now I felt like a piece of shit once more, thanks! Great way
to kick off the vacation. Did I mention that it was her birthday too? Yup! We get to a restaurant. I haven’t eaten all day. I order food. She eats nothing, she cries. The restaurant workers look at me like I am the biggest asshole piece
of shit on earth, as I must have made this sweet Thai girl cry. Great.

I finished eating. We went to the police station to get her the paperwork for a new ID. Because as we all know, if you get stopped by the Thai police and you have no ID, you are going to Jail <not necessarily trueStick>.
She was rather serious about getting this done. We went to the police station off the beach road in Pattaya, where they proceeded to tell her to piss off. They weren’t going to file the report. They were too busy watching TV and chatting
on their cell phones to help anyone. We walked outside again, down the street, she continued to cry, people glared at me with evil eyes. It got dark outside. She called her father, who then called the police station and raised hell (he must be
someone important) as we walked back in, she was treated like a princess, taken to the front of the line, her statement taken and a piece of paper given to her for a temporary ID card. Two other girls who had been sitting for 2 hours asked how
she had managed to get a report made up about the crime. Sorry girls, you have to BE somebody to get anything done!


We walked outside triumphant. She had no cash, I had very little cash. I still had seen NONE of Pattaya. The only places I had been were the bathroom, the police station and the restaurant. I told her that I would give her 1,000 baht if she
wanted to take a bus / taxi home. She got upset because I mentioned her going home alone. I explained to her that I just didn’t want her to feel trapped, as she had just lost all of her cash. I didn't want her relying on me, or feeling
like she had to ask me for money. I agreed to go back to the bus terminal with her to see if she could still catch a bus back at this hour. We took a taxi truck to the terminal, it broke down on the way. This is the second time in one week, that
his has happened to me! She started crying again just thinking about her shitty birthday and honestly I can’t blame her. She told me that she felt that I did not love her. At this point I had to say it; I explained to her that I had known
her for a grand total of 3 days, and that it was impossible for me to love her yet. I also explained that I was just a tourist, I couldn’t work or live in Thailand, nor did I really want to. I have graduate work to finish back home, I can’t
throw my life away and just teach English in Thailand, not at this age.

She cried, told me that I was not a good person, that no one had ever treated her this poorly etc. Basically she made me feel even worse. I didn’t want to hurt this poor girl, but she had unreal expectations that she had made for herself.
I never told her that I loved her, I explained that I didn’t want a girlfriend etc. This fell upon deaf ears. She had her mind made up, I was a total piece of shit, mistreating a proper Siam Lady. This girl is smart, educated, pretty and
very fluent in English. I know she has trouble meeting decent guys here in Thailand, and that is really a shame. But she just couldn’t expect to move in with me after 3 days of knowing each other! That is unreasonable. I tried to explain
it in a nice way, making it seem like I had the problem, not her. She got on the phone again, crying. We got to the bus station, I didn’t want to just bail out on her so I bought a bus ticket for myself too. Guess I can see Pattaya in another
life time. I got on the bus with her, she sat next to me, I tried to apologize for her shitty birthday, and anything that I might have done to make her upset. She took her bus ticket and sat at the other end of the bus, chatting away loudly on
her cell phone. Once again all of the Thai people staring at me like I was the devil. This time we caught a legitimate bus home. It only took 2 hours, and practically no stops. She got off the bus and didn’t even look back at me. I caught
a cab home.

At this point I feel slightly worried about my safety as she had mentioned before that she would get her mother’s friends to beat up / kill any guy that mistreated her. Seeing as how her parents rattled the police officers at the Pattaya
station, I can see how they might have some influence here, which kind of scares me. I sent her a long email telling her how I felt about her and what a great person she was, none of it lies. She really is a great person and a rare girl in Thailand
for sure. Back to my apartment alone. Spent 6 hours on the bus, spent about 3 hours in Pattaya. What a waste of time and money. Received 13 mosquito bites. At the same time, that poor girl’s birthday was ruined. She felt frustrated that
another Thai woman would snatch her wallet so quickly, and that the police would do absolutely nothing about her temporary ID card or filing a report. I can imagine how frustrating it might be, being an educated law abiding person, living in a
third world country and having your fellow countrymen just shit on you every chance they get. Imagine this happening in your home country, going to the police, and having them tell you to piss off right after someone has just stolen all of your
important possessions.

So anyway, the moral is; if you are chatting with a girl on the internet, make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that you are not in a relationship with them. Copy and paste these conversations into a Word document, so you can show her later one if you
have to. Don’t lead them on in any way. If they start saying “I love you” or anything like that, correct them RIGHT AWAY, tell them that you have never met and it is impossible to love each other yet. When you meet, tell her
in person, up front, that you are not currently in a relationship with her and that you want to see how things work out as friends first. In many cases, they seem to just assume that you are their property after a few chats online. Don’t
let this happen to you, it can ruin your entire vacation! Also, DO NOT sleep with any girl unless you are absolutely prepared to dedicate 100% of your time to them. I’ve noticed that Thai girls seem to see you as their property as soon
as you have slept with them. Even if you explain before hand that you do not want a relationship, it does not matter! BE VERY VERY CAREFUL, don’t play with fire!


Stickman's thoughts:

In terms of the bus journey, it sounds like you took a "regular bus". These buses stop and pick up people along the way. They also have a graduated fare structure so someone going the entire route will pay more than someone just going part of the route. Your "girlfriend" should have known this…

When it comes to women, any woman who is VERY easy to meet should be looked at carefully.