Stickman Readers' Submissions April 1st, 2005

I Got The Good One

Well, here’s a story that ain’t about a bar girl relationship:- I met my missus in 1998 after having lived and worked for a Thai company in the defence supply sector since 1993. All the staff were Thai and I lived in Thai communities and
thus learned to speak, read and write Thai and, I thought, gained a fair understanding of the mentality – from taxi drivers to Admirals to Businessmen. And of course bar girls.

One day I got talking at the bus stop with a Uni graduate who had recently returned from studying English in Oz. We hit it off and within 2 months had set up an apartment in Pratunam. I met her parents, (A Doctor and her Mother a Teacher
with her older sister doing a PHD in Education.) They were kind to me and considerate though her Mother wasn’t too keen about her traditional Ayuthya daughter taking up with a Farang.

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I returned to the U.K. in 2002 to try and develop our company links with a U.K. supplier and with the idea of my fiancée joining me here. To this end I did the business and took on another job as well in order to prove the finances to
the Brit Embassy when visa application time came around. I worked like a dog and although she was working in a perfectly good job in BKK the salary wasn’t so good, so I would periodically transfer money to her.

Several ‘business‘ (ha-ha), trips to Thailand later we managed to secure her a marriage visa for the U.K. in 2003. Of course the visa condition is that she could not work for six months until being granted leave to stay for
two years. One day she bumped into a Thai hag who’d been living here illegally for 4 years and who persuaded my by then wife, that it was o.k. to work in a Thai restaurant illegally. I hit the roof – I hadn’t worked my guts
out for a year and half to have her deported for this ; We had quite enough money. I confronted the Thai manager of this restaurant (Anyone want the name? – it’s in Oxford), as all his staff were working illegally and liable for
deportation. His reply?. “Next time you are in Bangkok you will have a problem”. Really, I ask you…

After getting leave to stay she duly got work in a city centre store. Within six months she was conducting an affair with her Section Manager. Her dress sense changed, she had always been rather conservative, and was now buying min-skirts, high heeled
shoes and sexy underwear and not for my benefit may I add. She started going out at night, (unheard of previously), and it appeared that the store she worked for had about 9 Christmas parties over a two week period to which I was not invited.
It’s not that big a place! She began to drink.

My Mother began to receive phone calls at all times of the day even when I was at work complaining that I had just beat her or slapped her; Bloody difficult when I’m on business in Egypt and she’s in Oxford!

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The two nights before she left, January ’05, she was all over me in bed which was a pleasant surprise.

Then came the fateful night – she brought some food home but refused to eat it which was unusual as we always ate together. (You know where this is going don’t you?). Five minutes later I am flat out on my bed and woke about seven hours
later feeling like shit and knew that I’d been drugged. It happened to me once on a train near Hat Yai in ’94.
Then I noticed all the bedroom cupboards and wardrobes emptied, pictures removed from the walls- all the usual.

She had ben bumping and banging suitcases around the room – it’s not that big, and I never knew a thing. Now, this would be the 13th of a month. On the 17th the Cops come pounding through my door accusing me of Domestic Violence. She made
the complaint on the 10th of that month. But screws me silly on the 11th and 12th.

She also took the opportunity to empty our joint bank account and within days had managed to develop the maximum agreed overdraft.

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Lawyers and police are involved now as she has to find a reason to stay the two years in order to get residence status. The normal criteria being that you have a happy and stable marriage.

So don’t be fooled by the “Good ones”, it just seems to me that when given a bit of freedom and spending power and without the innate class system within Thailand they go nuts. Mine certainly did. And from being a well educated and
pleasant woman from a good family turned into some kind of person who is prepared to lie, cheat and steal.

Stickman's thoughts:

Nasty shit!

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