Stickman Readers' Submissions February 24th, 2005

Good Girl And Nice Guy 3/3 Finally, The End

“Good Girl” & Nice Guy 3/3 – Finally The End

“Good Girl” & Nice Guy 3/3 – Finally The End

I went to Sydney and Auckland and Hawaii with some friends on my way home and made sure to call a lot and send gifts, I am not sure why, but I sent stuff thinking I could buy her back. I remembered our first New Year's we talked on the phone for
2 hours, so I called on New Years and when she said hallo, I said Wat Dee!!! Phone hung up. I was feeling really upset and started calling all hours of the day, until her mobile phone was disconnected. Supposedly it was stolen
and she was waiting to afford or get her Dad to buy a new one. I was mad because she never told me any of this, I was left to stew and draw it out of her.

Well I returned to the mainland USA in early January this year, and things seemed to get better, she was happy to call my parents' house and talk with them and me. I figured that was because whomever she was seeing was not around, later I find out
I am right! It made me proud though she would talk to my mom, and my mom opened up for the first time to my supposed g/f, maybe things could get better. I moved back to school in late Jan, and she was always happy to talk to me about graduation,
I offered again to visit, not sure why, but she said it was too expensive, maybe this summer. I suggested spring break, and was told let me check the dates. You can see where this is going, (let me check with my bf and see if he is in BKK still).
Well I asked for some pictures and got some of her from New Years and those trips for work, where she was wearing a sexy bikini, wow lots of accounting work there, it is odd though because they had been forwarded from a person called Lean, when
I asked if this was a girl or a guy, at first she pretended to not understand, then it was changed to I think it is a girl that emailed my boss not sure why the name is in my email. Ok Julie, sure.

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She started asking for expensive things like Abercrombie, Coach, and Victoria Secret. I said I would buy it all for you but you can only have it when you come to visit. She quickly forgot all about the underwear and purse, she did get me to send some
AF shirts and phone cards, because I felt bad that she doesn’t make much money, “Did I want her to work as a bargirl? If not, send money”. When my gifts arrived, she didn’t thank me till “I” called her.
She started to yell at me for not buying everything under the sun, and had I felt she still loved me I may have bought it, but I was getting annoyed. She told me her girlfriend (actually a guy) in the US would send it if I didn’t, like
that was a major punishment. I asked for a red bull shirt and wooden frog and necklace, all easy things to buy at the weekend market for less than 500 baht, never got the package.

I called her mobile phone last week, and it answered, guess she got someone to buy her one, she didn’t care to tell me about it. Well her graduation was the day before Valentines, and I had hoped she could have called or SMSed pictures and I told
her this, I didn’t hear from her at all for 3 days. I was up all night feeling very sick, knowing what was happening. On Valentines I sent flowers and went unthanked. I called her new job at Y&R in Siam Tower and was told she was sick
on Valentines Day, and her house and mobile phone hung up on me at least 10 times. I finally got an SMS Wednesday saying she would call that night. After no call I had had enough.

In desperation, I did something to my everlasting shame, I went on hotmail, and said reset password, enter your favourite pet's name it said, Well jokingly I put in Pad Thai, the dog I bought her so long ago. It logged me in, I was in shock and fear,
what had I just done? Well I am glad I did this, even if it was unethical. After 10 minutes of reading I was ready to puke, after an hour I was ready to either shoot myself or hire an assassin. Emails dating back to April, show she was seeing
a Thai guy, Pao immediately after I left, and that the dog I bought her was being used as a toy in her other relationship. This boyfriend must have been convinced the dog came from family or friends, and had nothing to do with lovesick Andrew

It was funny because emails I remember reading, like Hello Teeruk, do you like my haircut? had been bcc’d to Pao as well. She was proud to email people in July about me with pictures after my visit, but quickly my name disappeared from comment.
Beginning in October, when she had told me about the boyfriend, I found loads of pictures from TuM aka Lean the girl she didn’t know on their trips to Samet, and Pattaya, with pictures that she sent to me too. The funny thing is the guy
just returned from grad school in Arizona, where her ex-boyfriend was off studying, I wonder how ex a boyfriend he was. TuM went to Japan in early January, the time she talked to my mom. GOD!!! Lots of emails had been deleted, but I uncovered
more in 1 hour than Stickman could have in a week. <Don't be so sure about that!Stick> I had been duped, Pao had been duped, and I imagine she doesn’t share her relationship with Pao with

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There are so many more details to this treachery, but I think you get the point. I was mad, but I can’t be anymore, I am just relieved it is over. I learned that if you want to get walked on all you have to do is lie down. It is such a shame, because
we both promised things we couldn’t keep, like waiting for each other, how stupid. This being my first relationship at this level, I guess it was bound to happen. I really thought if I tried as hard as I could, it could work. For a while
I figured it was falling apart because she was in Thailand, but it really fell apart a month after I left USA, I just had no idea. I learned so much about myself and a different culture here. Like I said, I am not bitter, I just want to know why?
I am a nice guy, I was dedicated to her, if she didn’t think so all she had to do was say so and move on, I would have been hurt for sure, but at least I would have the last 5-10 months of my life back. I know I would never get a reply
from her, in her mind she did nothing wrong.

In the end I spent a lot of money on her, gave her my heart, lost a lot of sleep, and I now think I walk away the better person. I emailed her other boyfriends, but they are Thai and probably don’t care, because they see this each day. I don’t
think she is capable of juggling more than three b/f’s but, who knows, if you think this might be your Julie, feel free to email me

I was bitten by the LOS bug, I held on so long, because of my fascination with their beauty and an interest in learning more about Thailand, even though I could never master their language without living there for a life time. I want to go back, but I
had always hoped it would be to ride in on my Chariot. I guess a 777 will do. I wonder if I could ever try a relationship with a “good girl” again, only time will tell. Kop Khun Krab for reading, any comments are
welcome. There is a follow up at

(An attractive emotional educated Thai) + (An affection craving naïve farang) * (Long Distance Relationship) = Manipulation and broken heart

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And the story doesn't end nor do the lies and deception. Who knows what to believe? BUT today, she finally contacted me, essentially wanting the password to hotmail, and telling me she could get me in trouble, well considering after this I will never
return to Thailand, I doubt I will be prosecuted for logging into a hotmail account. I didn't give it out until I asked the questions I wanted and was satisfied. Well here is how it goes: she is no longer seeing Tum, because she now loves
her current 32 year old boyfriend Rux, who is Tum's best friend. Tum left for two weeks and she got back together with Rux, an old boyfriend. However it is perceived, she is now pregnant with Rux's baby because she slept with him when
Tum was not around. She is 1 month pregnant and was puking during our hour conversation, and never gave me any reason why (Other than she is a psycho). Her comment was, "I am a bad girl, but now I am going to be a mother and start a new life
and be good." Her fiance is going to take her to grad school in England where he is employed. I guess England just adopted a Thai baby.

After this is all said and done, I realized I had been lied to from the beginning. When I first started talking to her she told me she had one previous partner and had been tested for STDs and we could have carefree sex. My naive ass believed this and
slept with her two times unprotected, during her time of the month no less. So today I said to her, "how many partners have you really had?", and her response is 10-20, sorry I know I am bad. I asked if she had HIV/AIDS jokingly, but
nervously as well, and she said maybe. I was really deceived. I said JULIE YOU'LL F'ING DIE OF AIDS, and her reply is I know, but everyone dies. Well that is the end, I said a few more things, but I gave her the password to hotmail,
and I am done with it. Tomorrow I will go get a full STD/STI workup, I guess 7 months is a while, to not know if you have HIV. If her OBGYN notices she has HIV he would tell her and hopefully she would notify me as well. If I dodge this bullet
then I am lucky and I can move on with my life and find a real girlfriend, but not for a long time, I know she is just one girl, but I am done with the female race for awhile, she really knew how to work me.

All the best in your own journies mates. Condoms save lives, remember that, I sure will. 😛


Stickman's thoughts:

Sad story really. But hey, you're still young and you're better off without a witch like Julie.

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