Stickman Readers' Submissions February 7th, 2005

Another Trip Report


“If you are a long time reader and have never written

up a story, it is time to start writing – and send it in!”

OK Ok, I can’t stand the guilt anymore. I hate writing, but I’ve gotten so much from the stories here, it’s time to contribute mine. Here’s my story then, such as it is.

He Clinic Bangkok

I’ve wanted to go to Thailand for a few years ever since my friend Mark came back after living there for a year. The lucky bastard knew a lot about cell phone networks, and helped Thailand set up their cellular system a few years ago.
He was paid high American wages in Thailand. He was in heaven and became very hedonistic. I was, of course, envious and was anxious to experience it for myself. He’s been back in the States for a few years now.

Finally, in November 2004 (hard to believe it was just 2 months ago) I managed to convince him to go with me. I bought some CD Thai language tapes, and started reading everything I could on the internet. By the time we left, I knew more about Thailand
than Mark.

18 hours in a 747 and we are in Bangkok. No problems. I’ve done the research. Except I’m tired, so I figure what’s 600 Baht to the Dynasty Inn (next to Nana) especially since it includes the tolls! Well, once underway
I found out the driver wasn’t informed of this little tit bit. My Thai language starts to come in handy. I get to tell the taxi driver that the lady tout at Bangkok is a kamoi (thief) and that kao gohok (she lied). We
decide to split the difference after a small argument.

CBD bangkok

We are taking our suitcases out of the taxi in front of Dynasty Inn, when I hear these lovely female voices from across the street calling out “hewo wecome” and I know I have arrived in paradise. We haven’t even entered our hotel
yet. 10 minutes later I’ve checked in, dropped off my luggage, and I’m back on the street looking for the welcomers, but can’t find them. No problem. I intuitively know there are probably others willing to welcome me.

It’s now 1:30 in the morning, but there are tons of girls in the Nana parking lot. I caught the eye of a little Thai beauty we shall call Noi. After some minor negotiations, she joined me in my room at the Dynasty. This was my first time paying
for sex and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve heard it said that we don’t pay them for the sex; we pay them to leave afterwards. Back at home I always felt I was entering into a long time contract every time I slept with new women.

Being an avid photographer, I set out to get as many photos of her as I could, and she enjoyed it as much as me. I brought along a portable printer, and we spent hours printing up different pictures of her, much to her delight. I also brought a tripod
so we got some pictures together as well.

My buddy Mark did even better. He ended up with two girls in his room next door, and didn’t leave the room for a day and a half. That wasn’t what I had in mind. I needed to get some cultural photos of Thailand, so I took a taxi to the Royal
Palace and in 20 minutes managed to shoot 50 pictures. They were a big hit with Mom and other female friends back home. What can I say? I’m a male dog.

wonderland clinic

The next day we flew to Phuket, and Mark decides to bring both girls with us. Fine with me, but I couldn’t imagine myself doing the same thing. I wanted to be free to butterfly.

I didn’t see much of Mark in Phuket because I was out every night on Bangla Road and wasn’t getting to sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning sometimes (thank goodness for vitamin V). My camera never left my shoulder the whole time
I was in Thailand. I have a fancy digital SLR and it seemed to be a big hit in the bars especially when I would bring prints from the previous night’s party. After an exhausting, but thrilling week in Phuket, we flew back to California.
In spite of my best intentions, I never did get to see much of Phuket, so I was forced to plan another trip there. I’ll get to that in a bit later.

Mark was falling for one of the girls, and kept in contact with her back in the States.

A few weeks after we got back he informed me he was going to marry the girl and move to Thailand. I couldn’t stop laughing having read all the stories on Stick. I tried to talk some sense into him, but he wasn’t hearing any
of it. Fortunately, he ended up falling in love with his Mexican maid and called off the wedding, but not before he had sent her a large some of money for a down payment on a house. He let her keep the money because he felt so guilty for backing
out of the marriage.

On the flight back home, like so many others, I was planning my next trip. I talked my brother into going at the end of February, but while I was eagerly anticipating that trip, I realized a couple of days before Christmas that I had a week
to kill. You guessed it. I found a flight on Thai airways and three days later I was at the Marriot on soi 2. More money than I wanted to spend, but Dynasty was booked and I ended up really liking it there. I’ll save my exploits there for
another post, but like I expected I hated going back home when the week was over. It’s ironic that I have traveled a lot, and have always been ready to go back home at the end of the vacation until I discovered Thailand.

I had intended to go to Phuket on Saturday Dec 25th, but I was enjoying this one girl so much, I changed my flight to Sunday Dec 26th. I said goodbye to my temporary girlfriend and took a taxi to Bangkok airport. I got my ticket and was waiting
to board when they announced the flight to Phuket was cancelled due to flooding. It didn’t sound right to me, but I had no choice but to hope I could get a flight in the morning. I was able to get my room back at the Marriot, and news of
the disaster was just filtering in to the hotel. I wish I had been in Phuket for the tsunami. I’m sure I would have been OK, and maybe I could have been some help.

Anyway, I’m back in California counting the days until I head back to my new found paradise. I can’t wait to see the look in my brother’s eye when I take him into Nana Plaza for the first time.

As Stick says “another addict is born”.

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