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In Reply To Angry Perth

  • Written by Anonymous
  • January 26th, 2005
  • 4 min read

I first set foot on Thai soil in 1986 at the tender age of 23. I actually landed in Korat and not BKK. I was one of many on a military exercise, and was instantly hooked on the whole Thailand “thing”, the food, pleasant disposition of the
locals, the charms of the local PhuYing population etc. I still find Korat and the surrounding area my favourite part of the country and have a home some 70km south of the city. It’s close enough for me to drive in and
buy any Farang items I want from Lotus, Makro or Big C, but far enough to be truly in the countryside. I return from UK 3-4 times a year and due to working shifts can spend a month at a time at “home”. I rarely get bored as I am
surrounded by Khmer sites; Phanom Rung is 1 hour away, as is Phimai but in the opposite direction. My house is decorated with items from Dan Kwian (ceramic village). I also go fishing and have a choice of many lakes and a new(ish) reservoir only
20km away. Another activity is the servicing / repair of my Thai relatives' motorcycles. Anyone who knows Thais will agree with me that “preventative maintenance” involves a blessing from a monk when the vehicle is new followed
by fuelling when required. Bald tyres and chains looser than an NEP go-go girl’s knicker elastic seem compulsory!!

This is one region that is so under-visited, and yet has more points of interest than Chiang Mai in my opinion; it just takes a little more effort.

billboard bangkok

Back to the original point of my posting. Since my first holiday visit, I have over the years noticed the slow but increasing trickle of the “soccerus hooliganus” element making their way to Thailand, or to be more accurate, Pattaya. The
price of an air fare has not really changed, and in a lot of circumstances has reduced in the last 15-16 years, the rise of the WWW helping here. (Not that I imagine these individuals have the first clue what it is!) In 19 years of both working
and visiting Thailand I have never actually been to Pattaya! I may be wrong but it appears to have nothing to appeal to me that I cannot find in BKK, Phuket or Isaan! I have often had to put up with “Pattaya men” on the 12 hours
from LHR to BKK, and quite frankly found a few of them very unsavoury characters indeed. The obvious paedos are sickening, but the yobs are almost as annoying. They often board the flight pissed out of their tiny minds only after the final call
for boarding. One I was sat next to opened a conversation with “who do you support then? Oh great 12 hours with a drunken primate in an England football shirt. This individual, who could not hide his racist thoughts, proceeded to give me
the run down on LOS, or more accurately a few bars in Pattaya. Get a life moron. How does such an extreme racist justify bedding Asian girls?

As Angry mentioned there is a bar run by the extreme violent and racist element of Chelsea supporters (?) somewhere in Pattaya. I like a beer or 10, but not in a bar full of lobotomised Shreks in Chelsea shirts. This bunch was the subject of a large Police
enquiry in UK a couple of years ago and were proved to have ties to a Protestant terrorist organisation in Northern Ireland. Yes a pleasant bunch to have a beer or 2 with! Most of the subjects of the enquiries are now in jail in the UK.

Fortunately I hope and believe that this is not the start of a flood of dickheads in football shirts into LOS. I mentioned an increasing trickle, I hope it eventually decreases. Spain and its islands still being the favourite place to beat up foreigners!
The UK authorities keep tabs on these assholes, and the absolute worst are prevented from travelling. I personally believe the only reason we haven’t seen these cretins fighting each other is the threat of a stretch in Bang Kwang, or a
good filling in from the boys in brown. I have wanted to step in a few times in BKK when I see and hear (hear first) these sewer mouthed cretins yelling at Thais and other tourists / residents. But reasoning with a mob of brain donors is impossible.
Maybe it’s because they are usually mob-handed that the Thais don’t hand out the hiding they obviously need for their personal development!

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I am equally worried about the damage to a pleasant tourist industry and the opinion of Thais to UK tourists, be the families or sex tourists. The majority of sex and other tourists I have met are simply going for a fun time, no real harm intended. Their
hard currency being welcome. Unfortunately as Angry says it begs belief that these assholes are given passports. Maybe the UK Gov’t hopes that these Untermenschen will never return to darken the UK’s shores!!

Wankers like that should be sent to Iraq etc to vent their racism—unarmed! I am 100% ashamed that these assholes hold the same nationality as I do.

Stickman's thoughts:

I reckon the trickle will turn into a flood, that is if it isn't a flood already. Thailand has so much to offer that Westerners will continue to flood here in ever increasing numbers – or at least that is my prediction.