Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2004

Changes In Bangkok Part 8

Finally I married the younger sister of my former girlfriend. Everything was ok for the next two years and I was reasonably happy. She came to Australia and we had a very nice apartment. She got her own car and started to visit other Thai people in the city. She liked to go to parties and to the casino. One day I noticed that her jewelry was missing; it happened that she lost all her money gambling and sold the baubles to continue with her gambling habit. The problem was, I believe, that the Thai ladies she mixed with were former bargirls and most of them like to gamble.

Finally the unexpected happened, I came back from Bangkok and found a note, “I am sorry, I am no good for you and please do not come looking for me”. I was at first angry and told myself to forget the lady as soon as possible. After two weeks I started to worry, as she did not take any money and also left her credit card and car behind. I called in some favors from certain security people and asked them to find out where she went. Two days later I found a parcel in my mail box which contained a video tape, a dozen or so photographs, her address and phone number.

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She went to a small town in the north of Australia about 2000 kilometers away. The video showed her and her boyfriend. The photographs showed her with the boy in intimate situations. There also was a bio of the guy, he was ten years younger than the lady, and unemployed, very poor schooling and never worked in his life. In other words a typical bludger and no hoper. Well I phoned her up and she got the shock of her live, she could not believe that I found her address and phone number. Ok she said she was lonely as I never was at home, I could understand this and was not really angry anymore, only disappointed. After all she did not take my money or use our joint visa card. Fair enough, a man can not hold a woman against her wishes and a woman is not the property of the husband. Even if some try to believe this.

Just the same, the next day on a Friday, I had to go back to Bangkok, as I arrived too late for any work I went to the Grace Hotel coffee shop and was sitting there feeling sorry for myself. Three of the girls I know for a long time came and sat down on my table, they noticed that I was not my usual happy self and asked what was wrong with me. I told them the story and their only comment was “what a nasty bitch”.

The three ladies brought me to my hotel and stayed with me until Monday morning. Actually we had a very good time together and I recovered nicely from my original misery. One of the girls asked for my wife’s phone number and they promptly called her up, I do not know what the girls said but I believe it was nothing nice at all. They only said that she tried to play the high and mighty well educated woman and tried to put them down. What little I could understand was that they said; yes we are bargirls but we would never do this to a friend. As the case might be, Monday came and I had to start doing my work. As the girls left I wanted to give them some money to pay for their lost time, after all they were with me for almost three days. They become very angry and said “we did not come here for your money; you are a good friend and needed somebody to help you, that’s what friends are for”.

Believe it or not that actually restored my trust in Thai ladies. In the evening I saw her father and mother. They were completely disgusted with the affair. Her father “very high in the military” actually ordered the immigration to hold her in detention if she ever came back to Thailand. As far as the family was concerned they lost face and wanted her to pay for it. Fortunately I did not give her father her new address or phone number, an older brother of her told me later, if father finds her he would send some people to fix her up, whatever that means. Her family are still very good friends of mine and I visit them whenever I go to Bangkok, after all I have known them for over 28 years.

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It was actually quite funny, a few weeks later in Perth they showed her father on Australian television, they did not give any name of course but he was shown walking out of the Crown Casino, he was the biggest loser ever, or so they said. He managed to lose 580 million dollars in only four days. I repeat dollars not baht. Maybe it is in the family? Older people might remember the news clip. Well I phoned him up and said “what did you do in the casino”, he just said do not tell my family about it or my wife will kill me.

Will be continued.

Stickman's thoughts:

I think someone went a bit overboard with the zeroes!.

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