Stickman Readers' Submissions September 13th, 2004

Thai Clinic

What a pleasure and escape from the boredom of working life that I have stumbled upon your web site. Having gained a job of a life time which allows me to spend 2 weeks in every 6 in Pattaya I'm starting to acclimatise to the LOS life style. Of course I am doing the shagathon thing at the moment which I find increasingly fascinating, every bar has woman to die for insuring that falling in love is just part of the evenings entertainment.

A word of warning though, going from a quiet, reserved, under sexed Brit to a sex monster has some interesting medical results. Be warned if you use it too much it can become rather sore and peeing what feels like glass for 3 days was a worry that needed to be sorted.

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Luckily I was guided by my work colleagues (all have lived in Thailand for a number of years) through many situations that could of turned nasty. I was duly packed of to the clinic on Second Road.

As it turned out it wasn't too bad at first, the Thai receptionist was pleasant and attractive, however the pictures of various growths and diseases had me feeling rather sick. Fortunately the waiting room bench was empty so embarrassment was not really major hurdle.

I was duly called into the cubicle by the doctor to explain the problem, then told to drop the trousers and pants so they could take a sample. This involved shoving a wooden stick with a cotton bud drenched in what felt like acid up the old fellow about 1 inch. I felt like screaming. Then the swab was wiped and placed under the microscope, it appeared to the technician and then to me as he decided to show me (obviously look like a know about sexual diseases!) that there was a small infection. The doctor however was taking no chances and prescribed 3 different antibiotics (all amazingly bright colours) and an injection everyday for 3 days! Injection done back on the horse as they say, well that night the peeing was getting even more painful, but I thought it would get worse before the pills and injection worked.

The next day back again for another injection, same routine, same stick. The only thing being that it was even more painful when inserted! But I was triumphant as the test proved that the infection was gone, not bad after one day, so I quickly informed the receptionist just in case she might like to have a drink later. Again that night it felt like I was peeing razor blades and the only way to go was by biting the towel and taking it real slow.

The 3rd trip was even worse and the only upside was that the infection was still gone. By drinking loads of water the pain would go down but it was still agony, the trip was finally over so back to work I went.

I decided to check the internet out to find what they had to say about the problem. It turned out that the stick procedure should only be insert 2 – 4 mm and they did more harm than good and that drinking more fluids and abstaining from sex for 2 days would have cured the problem. A nightmare but if I was going to get anything that was by far the best thing. So just remember that when it comes to your more delicate parts Thais may have a lot of practise but it doesn't mean they know what there doing.

Stickman’s thoughts:

In a country that has some really good, inexpensive hospitals, why do people end up in these backstreet VD clinics?!

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