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Surely It’s Better Than Living Like A Dog?

I often notice the odd post from some right-minded individual wishing to remind us about the so called dangers of AIDS. I use the term 'right minded' for as I see it, many minds have been completely bound up over the last 20-odd years by the
constant hype and hysteria put out by pharmaceutical companies, government departments and charities either connected to or created because of the AIDS issue. Are these contributors high flying eagles . . or merely acting like caged parrots? That's
the question I'd like to put to you.

No-one can have escaped the relentless propaganda put out by governments apparently concerned to protect public heath. In the UK 20-odd years ago 'the forthcoming AIDS epidemic' TV ads featured icebergs, suggesting a fatal disease of massive
proportions already lurking unseen in our midst. We were told that half the world's population would perish by the end of the century and millions of ordinary people (who, as it turned out were under no risk at all) were frightened out of
their wits. The 'pack of three' formerly purchased at the barber's with a discreet 'nod and a wink' suddenly appeared in every shop in the high street right up there next to the cash register. Sales jumped 10,000 fold,
the London Rubber Company (makers of Durex) had a field day, while the TV stations broadcast a constant stream of 'public information' programmes and open discussions about sex and anal intercourse.

billboard bangkok

AIDS tests became mandatory in certain situations. I recall my family doctor (who, like all doctors, had been put through special training / counseling programmes) sitting me down in his surgery to prepare me for what he said might be a death sentence.
My reply was: What on earth are you talking about? I'm only here because I applied for life insurance to cover an investment property purchase! Looking back, it was a crazy era. Many famous people 'reportedly' died of AIDS, including,
it was claimed, Freddy Mercury from Queen. Then during the next 10 years it quietly dropped off the radar. The advertised product hadn't materialised.

But now it's back. We are now told that we have become complacent. The AIDS jamboree – sorry, roadshow – is touring the world, recently in Bangkok. Millions of innocent new (minds, at least) are once again being infected with news about this killer

The propaganda war is being waged so thoroughly that no-one seems to be able to stop and think for themselves. Mind you, nothing new there! How many people do actually think about and analyse the news we are all exposed to? How many of us actually take
the time to assimilate and compare information from different sources? And how about using our own God given intelligence and personal experience to interpret the things reported on TV and in newspapers? Oh, too tired . . too busy! Just like our
food, we like it to come prepared and packaged; all we have to do is swallow.

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Have you ever noticed just how much 'news reporting' in the media actually comes from studies funded by pressure groups, charities and big business? If you have then you are already with me on this one: if not then perhaps you'd better
wake up! Surprise, surprise! you are being told what they want you to hear – but then everyone knows that, right?

Just how much of our news is the result of honest, objective and truthful reporting nowadays . . . and on the other hand, how many things that we ought to or have a right to know about are covered up? Sort of makes you think, doesn't it? Fact is;
more than ever what we see, read and hear is like supermarket convenience food; prepared, assembled and attractively packaged ready for us to consume. And the analogy doesn't quite stop there – don't forget all the additives, flavourings,
colouring and preservatives, too! Kind of brings to mind a chicken farm (or Matrix?) doesn't it?

However for those wishing to shop around for a healthier diet of information AND as you're already on the internet, why not use it? If you're interested in an alternative to the BBC, CNN or your favourite newspaper (God help you if you're
not) then check out Google 'aids propaganda' to get you started. It might take a little EFFORT, perhaps even tax the old grey matter a little, but the rewards are there. Just as a market is a much more interesting and fascinating place
to shop than your local supermarket's freezer section, you'll find all kinds of interesting stuff in there if you'd only look . . .

I've just deleted a couple of paragraphs. It is not my job to do your shopping, and anyway you didn't ask! Might I just politely suggest: come off the diet of hamburger and fries and start getting a little more imaginative, creative and original.
You've swallowed so much pre-packaged junk, spin and fodder that your minds have gone the same way as your waist-lines and turned into lard. You are boring me and merely placating the other animals in the pen with your recycled junk. If you
can, open the window to let in some light and fresh air. Get out and take a walk. There really is so much more out there if you want to take a look.


Surely it's better than living like a dog?

Stickman’s thoughts:

Sometimes its wise to err on the conservative side. Even if AIDS is a big have, there are plenty of other diseases that I am sure are not.