Stickman Readers' Submissions September 1st, 2004

Rod Stewart Syndrome

Anonymous Submission

When watching the streams of over-age, over-weight, unattractive, and balding men in the dream world of Thailand, this part of Rod's tune keeps rolling thru my brain. "If you like my body and you think I'm sexy com on baby let me know"

Wake up and smell the Thai coffee. No, she does not like your body and she does not think you’re sexy. OK. Wake up !!!

He Clinic Bangkok

You are a Guest Host. Someone who is in Thailand as a Guest and your responsibility is to be a financial Host to her and her family. This is reality. That is the truth.

Most farang who visit Thailand are transported back in time. Who said there is no such thing as a time machine. Yes transported back in time by the wonderful, big smiling, bronze skinned, dark deep eyes of the extremely attractive and tight
bodied Thai young women. Yes, even nicer than we can remember in our high school and college days. Ahh. that must be it. I am not really in my 50's, bald, unattractive, and fat.

I feel like I am back in college at the all day college buffet full of young beautiful women with big smiles and tight bodies. Guess what? You are not. You are in Thailand and being waved into the Venus fly trap of emotional bliss. There
are hundreds of reasons for the Big smiles, some good some not so good. The smile you get is directly proportional to the places you hang out. Ah Yes, the age old law of the Universe. "The law of Cause and Effect"

CBD bangkok

Farangs from all over the world come to Thailand for the opportunity of being treated like they were still in high school or college age. You will see this all over Thailand. Women all over Thailand will look you straight in the eye (unlike
many other Asian cultures) and give you a huge smile. Thailand is the "Land of Smiles"

However, this does not mean she thinks you are Rod Stewart or can sing like him. If you are in Pattaya and locked in your dream world, you do not see that she really sees you for exactly what you are an old, fat, overweight Guest Host.

Here is a simple question that you can ask yourself.

When you were in high school or college and of that age range with a tight body and as handsome as you will ever be. Did you date ageing old and overweight women in their 40's to 60's ?

wonderland clinic

You are a Guest Host. And it is "Just Economics". So, when you get abused boo- hoo, boo-hoo, remember she probably has a young handsome Thai boyfriend or husband that is benefiting from your Guest Host position. So, look at it as you are a benefactor
of prosperity and try not to take it personally. Can you find a nice, beautiful, kind Thai lady younger and sometimes much younger than you to care for you and treat you like a King? Yes, you can but it probably will never happen in Pattaya or
any other place that is a Red Light District. Does this mean that all Thai women outside of these infamous districts are good. LOL No. Not really. Just means your chances are better. Here is a better idea. Know your limitations and wake up to
the world of reality.

Get a grip on who you really are and where you are at.

You are not 21 anymore and this ain't Kansas. The wonderful thing about this reality check is that most Thai women in their 30's are still very (muk muk) beautiful and have bodies better than most teenage and 20 something women
in America.

So, can you have that beautiful smile, bronze skin, and tight body laying next to you in the morning ? ——- YES. You can.

Just be smart and move your brains back North of your oversize waistline. Thailand can be the land of Paradise. It is all " Up to You " LOL.

By the way, I do think it is also interesting that Rod Stewart made this song when he was into his late 40's. LOL I think he was going thru the same self doubts.

Stickman's thoughts:

I used to love that song!

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