Stickman Readers' Submissions September 1st, 2004

Help A Youth

I went to Thailand for the second time on July 31st of this year, I had been once before last year. Anyway, I was in Pattaya for 1 week, then off to Hong Kong, then back to Thailand for 5 more days. When I was in Bangkok I went down to Nana Plaza…let
me just say I am only 18 years old and I haven't had a lot of experience with girls, as I'm pretty shy. Well, I was walking around looking at the various bars when I was walking past one bar and a Thai girl jumped on me…I was pretty
happy about this, as she was very good looking, so I went in the bar and had a few drinks. So, we were in the bar doing what you do, and she wanted to exchange email and phone numbers..Great, I though, so she gave me her details and I gave her
mine. I really liked her even though we had only talked a little, although I suspect she was probably playing me after reading all the stories on your site.

I liked her as I said, so I decided to bar fine her and we went upstairs. We were doing the business, but I had a problem, I couldn't 'finish'. Anyway, she seemed disappointed because she couldn't 'make me cum'
and started explaining how she did it a lot, and '1, 2 minutes and that’s it'. Needless to say I felt like an idiot, so I just paid her and we then went to the Nana hotel bar for another drink. We talking for a while more then
I had to go because it was 2am and I came here with my family… I arranged to meet her the next day at 12pm, she seemed to understand. She phoned me that morning at 6am, I was a little off as I was fast asleep and don’t usually wake until
10am, and that's if someone hounds me. Anyway, I talked to her for a bit, and then went back to sleep.

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The next day, I get a taxi to the meeting place, and she isn't there..I was surprised, but if I had found this site before I wouldn't have been. Anyway, I waited 45 minutes. 45 minutes past and she still hadn't come. Of course
my mobile phone wouldn't work, so I went to payphone and called her. She said she would be there in 20 minutes. So I waited, again. Another 45 minutes later, she still hadn't turned up, so I got in a taxi and off I went back to my hotel.
Half way back to the hotel my phone rings (it takes incoming for some reason). It's her, saying where am I?. I got the taxi driver to turn round and went to meet her.

I got to the meeting place, and there she was. I was happy. She asked me what I wanted to do, and I said she could decide. So we went to a bar she liked, and she seemed to know a few of the people there. We had a game of pool, and all the
other girls were smiling at me and saying I was 'so young', but hey, I didn't mind the attention. After we had a game, she said she wanted something to eat, so we went to another place, it was pretty nice, the sort of place you
would find a lot of westerners in. I had been having trouble with my stomach so I didn't eat, but she had a breakfast thing, I just had a coke. I paid for it when she was finished and wanted to leave and she asked if I wanted to go back to
her apartment. I said yes, so off we went.

So we got the apartment and went up to her room. It was nice, she had a good TV, DVD player etc and it was clean and all that stuff. There was no messing about, I was pretty sure why we'd come here so I got ready, and we started to have sex again.
Well, to my utter embarrassment, I couldn't finish, AGAIN. I had no problems keeping it up, but it wasn't happening at the end… I was pissed off, I never had any problem at home with this kind of thing, maybe I was nervous, I don't
know. She was ok about it, she actually wore herself out trying. This was my last day in Bangkok, August 16th 2004. My flight was at 11pm, and it was 5pm, so I had to go. I said to her I had to go, paid her and she told me to phone her when I
got 'home'. I assumed she meant back to the UK. She walked me to the main road (she walked with me quite a lot and didn't complain, I've seen it said quite a few times on the site that these girls don't like to walk anywhere)
and I got in a taxi, we kissed and said goodbye and off I went.

CBD bangkok

When I got back to the hotel, she phoned me and asked why I hadn't phoned her..oops. So I explained how I thought she meant when I got back to the UK. She was fine about it, and we talked a bit more and I said I would call her when I
got back, and that I had to go now as we were leaving for the airport.

To this day I can't stop thinking about her. This will sound sad as hell <yep! – Stick> but she was only the second girl I've been with and maybe I'm just blowing it up because I'm not used to it. Anyway,
I got back to the UK, and I phoned her 2 days after I got back, as the Jet Lag was killing me and I wanted to sleep. I called her, and she seemed happy, but she was asking why I hadn't phoned. I said I was sorry, one of her friends was there
and they were laughing and talking, I felt relieved that she wasn't out at that moment 'working'. I had only known her for a few days and I am already thinking like that, I felt pathetic. I emailed her too, and she emailed me back

"Thank you so much for your email.. Yes I got it already. I hope you are fine and everything will be okay for you. I still think of you and miss you. Thank you very much for calling me yesterday. I love to talk and hear your voice. I
hope to hear from you again soon. Take care of yourself. Miss you"

I emailed her back a few hours afterwards saying that I really liked her etc etc and that I would call her soon. That was 5 days ago… I emailed her again today.

wonderland clinic

The advice I need is hard to describe. I'm totally inexperienced with girls, let alone this kind of thing. I have read a lot of the submissions to your site and I really don't know what to think. Does she like me? She says she does.
Do you think she thinks I'm pathetic because of the bedroom problems? Also, do you think she is still interested, and she just hasn't been able to check her emails as she is 'otherwise occupied' or she is trying to give me
a hint that she isn't interested, or trying not to hurt me since I'm so young (I don’t even know, do bargirls care about that kind of thing)? Maybe she has worked out that I'm just a student and that I have very little cash
and so is distancing herself? I know you can't give me definitive answers to all these questions, but I would appreciate the outlook of someone who knows more about this kind of thing than I do. I really like this girl, she seems really nice…but
I can't tell if she wants to stay in contact or if I should just let it go. Sorry if this seems blown up out of all proportion, I have thought that myself, but I need to know, as I'm getting pretty depressed about it…pathetic, eh?
I am going to call her in a few days, anyway.. hopefully that will help

I appreciate any advice you can give me

Stickman's thoughts:

Enjoy the world and come back to Thailand in 10 years! Forget this girl!

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