Stickman Readers' Submissions August 30th, 2004

The Eden Club (Or How Marc Has Lived Up To His Reputation)

What does Thailand mean to you? What kind of memories does this lovely land trigger in your mind?

The palace? The islands? Bangkok traffic and smog? Or perhaps the zillion bars and go-go joints scattered around the land?

He Clinic Bangkok

To me "amazing Thailand” has two distinct landmarks: the first, yes indeed, is this Stickman website, which – over the years – has been so instrumental in helping to formulate all my plans, in choosing hotels, in
selecting clubs and bars, not to mention the caution learnt from its pages (“buffalo sick, brother needs hospital…”). Indeed, following some outstanding articles covering Cambodia, Vietnam and even Brazil, I once forwarded an email
to Stick, noting: "You’re no longer a Thai landscape – you have become an international monument”.

Then there is my second landmark: The Eden Club.

My love affair with this unique establishment began several years ago, when I joined its website with a meaningful user code: "TG Lover” (TG, for you newbie, stands for Thai Girl).

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Hell, did we ever have fun. The members were mostly past or aspiring Eden customers exchanging experiences (or plans) with the various (remarkable and special) ladies. Some of the ladies were discussed with the kind of respect and awe reserved
for Hollywood stars. Indeed, some were just as beautiful and glamorous, such as Gina, Ton and Yum-Yum, to mention only a few. In time the forum adopted the features currently enjoyed by Stickman – a panel for discussing any aspect of the
nightlife in Bangkok, Pattaya and the islands. Last year, in light of the pressure exerted by the authorities on the entire night scene, Eden opted for a wise move: it shut the site down hence not giving the "guys in brown” the pleasure
of displaying” importance.

Being new to the forum I instantly noticed a unique phenomenon so well manifested by all participants: the ever-existent presence of the club’s manager, Marc. He would reply to every single query and always – in a clearly demonstrated
attempt to render customer satisfaction – ensured that every single one left the club with a smile on his face.

At this point I should add a personal note: I’ve been quite fortunate to live in several countries, speak several languages and professionally having observed many business organizations around the globe. I was always annoyed when
witnessing inefficient and clumsy operations, surprisingly watching attempts to cover up, while never admitting, wrongdoings. Although more evident in government entities, this phenomena still widely persists in the private sector as well. Yeah,
sure, they will all tell you that "the customer is always right” but when asked to prove it, you suddenly see sour faces that make a lemon look sweet.

In light of my disappointment with the way business is conducted in many places I was truly astonished to come across that Marc: here was a guy taking his business so seriously, treating his customers with so much respect and always present
to resolve any problem that has come up in an effort to ensure full and unquestionable customer satisfaction. Every email was, without exception promptly and expediently answered – always in a polite and business-like manner. I personally even
enjoyed the chance for practicing my second language with that French-speaking Marc).

wonderland clinic

The Eden Club has always maintained a policy unique to the Thai naughty nightlife: "If unhappy with the service – you don’t have to pay”.

‘Sure, sure’, you’re now thinking, ‘I want to see them practice it; they’re saying it because nobody had the guts to put them to the test’.

Several months ago I came across an interesting tale, which – had I not so well known the club – would have shattered my trust in it. I therefore wish to share it with the Stickman readers.

Following my recent publication of a Stickman article in which I positively referred to Eden experience, I received an email from a reader telling me I was totally wrong. "I went to Eden three times” wrote that guy "and although
they claim that you get 90 minutes with the girls, I only got an hour. I will never go back”.

To folks unfamiliar with the joint, please let me explain: Eden (located at Sukhumvit 7/1) offers two kinds of services: s 90-minute session with two girls on location where you can fulfil any sexual fantasy and I mean a-n-y, and a take-away
(of two ladies) to your hotel.

Now, although it did not make sense, hearing this accusation was quite disappointing, to say the least. Nevertheless, I reflected, why does a customer go back two more times to a place that had cheated him? The whole allegation was far-fetched
and so illogical so I forwarded an email, Marc: "I know it doesn’t make sense but the guy is hurt”.

In a detailed response Marc outlined Eden’s operating procedures, explaining how control is maintained by precise time-keeping maintained by the cashier. "It simply could not happen” he reiterated. He further illuminated
that this fellow had been writing numerous postings to various Bangkok websites, repeating these allegations.

I wrote to this young man and quite politely told him the following: "I do not for a second doubt that you’re telling the truth yet I’m more inclined to believe that you’re experiencing problems with a bad watch.
I assure you that I’m not on Marc’s payroll and wish to point out to you that never, never have I heard any negative comment about the place, except for the notation that Marc does not like folks to have several drinks (‘this
is not a bar’)”.

The man replied: "Sure, sure, they give you the money-back guarantee but I want to see you try it”.

The man was evidently hurt but how could I prove him wrong, except, perhaps, by going out and buying him a new watch.

Now I’m getting to the punch line of this story.

A friend of mine, Jimmie, is visiting LOS right now and soon upon arrival went over to Eden. He had fun with two girls who were as lovely as ever yet he returned slightly disappointed: "There was one thing I asked the girls to do but
both refused to do it (although included in the ‘menu’)”.

Impossible, I thought, Marc most definitely is unaware that this is going on.

I wrote to Marc about it and his reply, as usual, arrived at once:

“Tell your friend Jimmie that he just got to prove this story (the names of the ladies) and he will get a free one
Thanks for your help Marc"
I asked Jimmie to provide the details, which he did, to be followed by Marc’s
response: "Hi Jimmie
Free one on the house when you are in town
Just call me at 01-XXXXXXX
Thank you for your help
Take care and enjoy Pattaya

Now, Stickman readers worldwide, has anyone of you come across such a warranty? Let’s not forget that Jimmie did spend 90 memorable minutes with two young and willing Thai girls who "made him happy” twice during that’s
session. Can you imagine a car dealer letting you keep the car and refunding you the money because you had found a scratch on the hood?

I subsequently suggested to Marc that all three of us meet for dinner to "smoke the Peace Pipe” and he immediately consented. So, the way things stand now, I will be arriving in Bangkok on September 16th, go to dinner with Marc and Jimmie
and then – after dinner – take to the hotel four Eden ladies (two each, that is). Jimmie, of course, will get it all free, just as promised.

Now, folks, does a guy like Marc exist anywhere? (Frankly, I’ve not yet checked on Mars…).

Stickman's thoughts:

I have no doubt that Marc would honour the guarantee. He is good to his word!

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