Stickman Readers' Submissions August 2nd, 2004

Sad Sad Sad

Parameters: White, straight, male from advanced capitalist country.

Assuming you are disenchanted with white women particularly British women, with their "it's cool to hate men" attitude, then take yourself off to Bangkok and you'll think you've gone to heaven. The first step towards homosexuality
is British women, which is why so many young Brit. men are going gay. Face it, when it comes to sex, there's a serious supply and demand imbalance. These White "sitting on a fortune" chicks are pretty cheeseparing with their favors,
but then have the cheek to chastise men for going whoring in Third-World Asia. "Ma'am, if women of the First World were a little more generous with their favors, then men like me wouldn't feel the need to go whoring in the Third".
Suppose you were say to Number One Wife: "No housekeeping, but £50.00 every time you initiate sex." You'd be labelled the biggest male chauvinist since Henry VIII. So how come a wife thinks three time a week is too much to
ask, while a Bangkok bargirl can handle up to three men a night? All about to remuneration I venture to suggest.

He Clinic Bangkok

When "boom boom" is cheaper than a date, then Western ladies, you will be marginalized. Because if sex is on tap as it is in Bangkok, then we boys don't need to spend so much time thinking about women. Meeting, asking for the date, where
to take her, what to talk about, pretending interest in her dull, shallow, boring life, getting booze in the broad, making your move, etc., etc. All unnecessary. You are working at home, it gets late, you need something to unwind. Go out and pick
yourself up a bargirl. Pay the barfine (never barfine a girl with wet hair), taxi back, short time or all night: Total outlay, 30-50 pounds. Hell, you'd spend that on a date not counting the flowers and chocolates. If you lived in Bangkok
you would have a range of useful contact to call for a remunerated date. Thus short-cutting the barfine, etc. You could actually take her out (although I don't recommend this). Then foreplay would be a little more than: "I prefer you
on the bed, ma'am. Face down, in your underwear." Hell, keep this up and we could re-write society.

And what about holding that AIDS conference in Bangkok. Was someone taking the piss, or what. All it did was soak up all the hotel rooms. Because their idea of safe sex was sticking to the same hooker.

So wake up and smell the coffee, White chicks. Your time is rapidly passing. In Tokyo or Bangkok, us White guys don't give you chicks a second glance. Of course Japanese men who see themselves as sophisticated are fascinated by blonde hair, but they'll
figure it out eventually. Namely, that a White woman will make your life seriously miserable.

CBD bangkok

A marriage where there are children; now that's a different matter. It's a whole lot bigger can of worms. When marriage was instituted society was very different, there was no birth control, life expectancy was less and organised religion (as
opposed to belief in God) laid one massive guilt trip on the mug punter. So say to yourselves guys: Marriage, who needs it!", and "Kids, who needs them!" and as for religion, I mean seriously what a scam. Deception writ large. And
don't buy that you'll get lonely" BS. Get yourself a Filipina maid if you want a few home comforts. Unlike a wife you can always fire her.

Stickman’s thoughts:

Is it really that bad in the west?

nana plaza