Stickman Readers' Submissions July 20th, 2004

The Adventures Of Sir John The Generous Part 2

Gullible's Travels!

We felt sorry for Sir John and decided to help him with some travel advice and assistance. “When you get to Terminal 2, hang a right and exit via Terminal 1 that way you won’t run into Ear.” “Here is the phone
number of my friend, Jay. We have called her and she will show you around, help you with translation, take you to some good entertainment venues, and make sure you keep out of trouble”. “Don’t, whatever you do, fall in love
again!” With a deal of trepidation, Sir John the Generous set off on the next leg of his emotional adventures.

He Clinic Bangkok

Jay, 26, had worked for our company on and off over the years. She was the ex “long term” girlfriend of Ravi the Bangkok Tailor. She was a good girl and my friend; Jay worked in a restaurant as cashier and manageress, had a
good relationship with her boss and would usually take the week off to accompany me to the factories and wholesalers we did business with. I would pay her 2 week's salary for one week's work. She was capable and reliable and worth every
satang paid. I called her and said I had a friend coming to Bangkok who could use some help and guidance, “would you be interested in working for him, like you do for me for a week?” I gave her some background on his previous troubles
and was pleased that she agreed to help him. “Please take him to Witches Tavern, Saxophone, and Brown Sugar. You know the places we like to go…..”

Sir John arrived and made his escape from Don Muang as planned, never saw Ear. Maybe she didn’t even turn up. Sir John was smart, he left his cell phone with a relative at home and had pre recorded some SMS messages to be sent in his
absence so as to give the impression he was still at home and had no intention of rekindling the relationship. SJ caught a taxi to the Ambassador, where they were up to there old tricks of quoting one price but charging another on arrival. He
placed his belongings in the room and using my Thai cell phone (lent to him to keep his costs down and in the absence of his own), called Jay and arranged to meet, even though it was after midnight.

We were worried about SJ, not 3 days before hand he was an emotional wreck having lost the love of his life, his future bride. With a four hour time difference we eagerly awaited midday to call him at a respectable Thai time, to check that
his arrival went without a hitch. I called on the stroke of 12 and he answered after some delay. “Just a minute” he said “Jay is still asleep”. What the fuck, had SJ already porked my old employee, the “good
girl?” He did and what’s more he had already convinced her to accompany him to Chiang Mai for the next 2 weeks. So much for his broken heart!

CBD bangkok

We received the odd SMS message informing us of the wonderful time they were having. It was obvious Sir John the Generous was falling in love again. He was a happy boy again. Little is known about the rest of their time on this trip, but
life plans were made and an agreement to build a house near Hua Hin reached. A business was to be established with the retirement funds of SJ in two years time. Here we go again…………!

About this time, while MSN chatting to a friend; I was invited into a conversation by Sir John’s son in law. It started out with questions as to where SJ was and what he was doing. I explained that he was a grown man and while curious
I certainly did not keep tabs on him. It finished up being an abuse session, with me being held responsible for his actions, statements to the effect that Sir John was a disgusting old pervert and at least now SJ’s daughters know what kind
of father they have. I terminated the conversation and forwarded a transcript to SJ. Apparently it was my fault for organising a guide to help SJ recover from his broken heart. It is amazing how some people so readily choose scapegoats in this
finger pointing world.

Sir John (no longer generous) returned home and was full of thanks for the introduction. He was planning his next trip to Bangkok in April. Hellfire Pass for Anzac Day. Life seemed good; he seemed at ease with the situation. Who are we to
judge? It could have been love at first sight! She did not have a track record of bonking anybody else we knew, other than Ravi.

The reports started to arrive from friends in Bangkok. Sir John the Cash Strapped was getting a reputation. Like a pendulum swing reaction in Government legislation, John was being extremely cautious with his money. Jay had a big argument with her boss
(1 week off was probably pushing the friendship, 2 weeks was a big problem), she was asked to leave. Jay moved to Hua Hin to be with family. SJ the Cash Strapped maintained a furious rate of SMS and phone calls to his new love. I know I told him
she wasn’t a bargirl; he knew she lost her job, she would never ask for money, that much I knew from experience. Her meagre savings dwindled rapidly on phone recharges until there was nothing left. Out of the blue I get a phone call from
SJ. “Where’s Jay?” “How would I know?” I said. “I sent her an SMS 2 hour ago and she won’t answer my calls” John said, adding “I have been reading the Bangkok Post and lots of people
have been killed on the roads!” “I am sure there is a simple explanation” I replied. Not satisfied, he began to call people he knew in Bangkok. “Where’s Jay?” “Maybe she has been in an accident”,
“Maybe….. maybe she doesn’t love me anymore.”

wonderland clinic

I managed to track her down through some contacts and established her destitute status. I called Sir John and suggested we have a meeting where I would discuss some facts of life with him. “SJ, if you had a girlfriend in this country,
wouldn’t you spend $50 per week on her”, “She will not ask you for money, she knows it was a problem with Ear”, “you have to take responsibility and help her out, even if only a little!” Western Union
to the rescue. 6000 baht transferred and communication was re-established. The world was at peace again.

Not for long. Sir John called to inform us that he was going to be a father! “Impossible!” we said. “No body would be stupid enough to screw someone solid for two weeks without protection…… would they?”
“She said she was infertile, never fallen pregnant in the past.” What SJ didn’t know was, Ravi the old boyfriend was a heavy drinker (bottle of scotch a day!) and probably had lowered his own fertility all the time blaming
the infertility on her. “Well Sir John, you are in deep shit now, what are you going to do?”

Jay had lived the last 5 years in the mistaken belief that she was never going to have children. Ignorance in the “Eastern” education system had her doubting herself and believing there could be nothing wrong with the male of
the species. Any suggestion of termination would have consequences.

Sir John’s initial reaction was “she must get rid of it”. An email and SMS flurry began. “He loved her deeply and would stand by her”. They would have a future together and children if she wanted but not
now. Jay would have none of that and the sulking began. In fact she insisted it was the baby and a wedding! Or she would never see Sir John again. Emergency plans were made to fly to BKK. Her family was informed that a marriage was indeed a possibility
and auspicious dates were sought from the monks. Sir John the Cash Strapped sold assets, borrowed money, booked his flight and made his emergency return to Bangkok. By the time SJ arrived in BKK and insisted on medical checks he was informed he
was too late. She had already lost the baby. Wedding plans were made anyway (in SJ’s absence) and the date was set in February. The costs were to be met by SJ the CS. What Jay did not tell him was that arrangements were made to marry a
few different family members at the same time and SJ could pay for those as well. With some careful sidestepping, but much to the horror of the family, the wedding was postponed.

Against all the advice of impartial (farang) onlookers and his close friends SJ insisted on continuing with this relationship. He took the opportunity to get to know the family better and made plans for the placement of the house on the family's
plot of land. About this time I started receiving reports of phone calls between Jay and Ravi. It would seem that some of the flames were still flickering in that firebox in addition to the raging international inferno. Jay’s calls to Ravi
were along the lines that if he was to take a new girlfriend she would come around and cut his dick off. (What happened to the cool, calm, collected, part time employee I used to know?) Less than subtle hints were offered to SJ regarding the suitability
of his bride to be, all of which fell on deaf ears.

I called my friend the Thai female police officer who helped me in the past. She is also an acquaintance of Jay. I asked her if she had any knowledge of the situation. Indeed she had a conversation with Jay regarding SJ the CS and Jay had
told her that she thought he was “Ugly, old, too short, and a tight arse with his money”. Jay had a history of physical violence with Ravi. Jay was being coached by a girl with a rich Australian boyfriend called Nit (or some other
parasitic derivative). Oh fuck, here we go again!…………..

Yes there is a part three and its being lived out now. I will report (just the facts) as they come to hand!

Stickman's thoughts:

It gets worse….

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