Stickman Readers' Submissions July 29th, 2004

Finding Out The Hard Way – Follow Up


Greetings, well, finally an update on the Thai girlfriend situation.-:

We left the last rave with me having been told that the big day of arrival in Oz, would be in 3 weeks or so. This had gone on from May till July, when I finally put my foot down and emailed that I’d had enough of these broken promises and that this was her last chance. Then, nothing, not a word, as the set date came to within a few days of my deadline.

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In the interests of my sanity and general well being, I sent a message, to the effect that if I didn’t see her here in Australia before August 3rd, as she’d earlier promised, then I’d consider the relationship to be finished.

After speaking with our immigration solicitor I established that I could have her visa cancelled. All I have to do is simply write to the immigration department that the relationship had broken down.

So I sent an email to Li pointing out that I was going to have her fiancée visa revoked after our agreed arrival date had passed. This would at least give me a “clear deck”, so that I could begin to take another direction in my life. It also means that the five year wait for a second chance to marry a foreign national, would begin from the date of cancellation.

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Yesterday night at 4 am in the morning, a few days before my deadline, the phone rang. Yes, you guessed correctly; on the other end of the line is the Thai fiancée, weeping uncontrollably and begging forgiveness! The story goes –“ I need to complete my 15 years service with the Government, which will entitle me to a further 135,000 baht”. She then went on to tell me that she’d wanted to surprise me, by using this and other entitlements she’d have. She announced that she intends to surprise me by purchasing her currently rented Bangkok apartment, so we’d have somewhere to stay when visiting Thailand in the future, or we could rent it out for a small income! Bit of a surprise.

Knowing how very careful the lass is with her purse and knowing how expensive it is to phone Australia from Bangkok it was the most surprising experience in quite a while. I also realise that it was well after 1 a.m. in the morning for a Bangkok girl who has to be out of bed and off to work around 5am every day! She’s begged me to believe her this time and asked me to phone her sister in the Krabi area to confirm her story! A half hour conversation must have cost her a good 2 days wages I’d guess. It’s a wonderful story and I hope to hell it’s true.

So here I am, back on hold again till November, when I guess I’ll find out for sure if this story is true. It’s certainly a good one and heaven only knows why I couldn’t have been informed before!? She went on about my not understanding Thai culture. Well she’d be right about THAT!

Stay tuned for the next episode of this little saga, that will only be revealed come November I guess.

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Stickman’s thoughts:

Mmmm…..suspicious, but I am ever the cynic with this lot.

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