Stickman Readers' Submissions May 3rd, 2004

The Gospel According To Moses

I was sitting with a fellow 50ish punter at Big Dog's early Friday evening a while back. I have a reputation there as being the nom soda guy since I don’t drink alcohol. No particular reason behind abstaining. I just don’t like the taste of it or the after affects. My running mate likes his Carlsberg, however, and he indulges liberally. No worries. The girls on duty were busying themselves fetching drinks for customers or chatting with them while my friend and I watched the developing street scene as another night fell on the Nana Entertainment Plaza. The bar girls and lady-boys were arriving by taxis and motorbike taxies. The hamburger man whose always at the entrance of Nana arrived early and was setting up. The watch sellers were there as usual showing off the latest mock designer watches. Some of the freelance hookers were already stationed across the street at the entrance of the Nana Hotel parking lot chatting up the punters who showed some interest. One girl was quite striking and I fancied a romp with her when she smiled at me. I laughed it off and returned to my nom soda. It was too early for that nonsense; but, what a great smile.

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At around 9PM an older gent who must have been as old as Moses walked up the stairs to Big Dog's with a Thai girl who couldn’t have been 19. He was dressed well but casual; silver hair but he had all of his hair and he had a brisk step to him. He was fit. We figured he was in his late 70's. And, his companion was an absolute stunner. My buddy and I did our best but we couldn’t find a flaw in her. Face, smile, teeth, body, dress, demeanor, everything was so perfect that she almost brought Soi 4 to a standstill. My heart skipped a beat. Fortunately, they sat on the rail near us and to our surprise she spoke excellent English to boot. She smelled terrific too. As the fantasies of what I would do to a girl like her in my room whirled around my head, we could hear a few of the younger punters sitting in groups commenting on the girl and essentially murmuring as to why she was with such an old geezer. The only thought I had was how fortunate that guy was. Whether he could get it up or not would be irrelevant as long as he could touch, feel and taste that morsel of Thai beauty. What a lucky fellow he was I thought.

When the old gent went to the loo, a few of the younger guys made their move on her. To my delight, she just sat there and didn’t even respond to them. When a waitress brought her a drink that one of the younger punters bought her, she thanked the girl in Thai and the drink was given to the buyer. The girl acted in complete commitment to the old gent. When he returned, they ordered another round. The gent didn’t give any notice to the looks and stares of other customers at all. He was in complete control and had total confidence. They left shortly thereafter, got into a taxi and disappeared into the Bangkok night.

I told my friend that the guy was probably filthy rich and that the young girl was not about to lose her sugar daddy to some young or old punter in heat. One of the waitresses we know told us that he comes there every now and then and brings that lovely girl with him. Who was he, we asked? She said that he lived in Phuket and comes to Bangkok on business every now and then. At least that’s what she thought. She also thought that he was from America or Europe but she wasn’t sure. Well, for what it’s worth, I ordered a white wine (I don’t drink) and toasted that guy that night. Why he would bring a girl like that to Big Dog's was a mystery but maybe it was just for the street scene. I’ll never know. But, I do believe he’s living a great life and probably a much longer life because of his young companion. I for one would truly enjoy parting the legs of that girl much the same way Moses parted the Red Sea, but with a great deal more enthusiasm. Praise the Lord.

Stickman's thoughts:

All of the retirees of the world will be on the next plane to Thailand with stories like this.

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