Stickman Readers' Submissions May 31st, 2004

Thai Party Part 3

It is 9:30pm when I arrive at the bus terminal. I was lucky, guessed correctly and ended up at the new terminal. Even though the hour is late, the terminal is a hive of activity. I only have one piece of hand luggage so I exit the bus immediately heading for the bank of telephones. I have Lek's number but do you think I can make these freak'en phones work….no way!

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I finally get some help from a young woman and even she has a problem at first. I feel much better that it is not just me who is telephone challenged. She finally gets a connection on the third phone after 5 minutes, smiles and hands me the phone. I am always impressed with the willingness of Thai people to help a stranger.

Lek is surprised to hear from me. I explain that I am at the bus terminal and apologize for not being able to phone her as I said I would.

"No problem", she says. "I meet you main building…near food….15 minutes". With that she hangs up.

Hmmmmm…main building, near food. Well I have 15 minutes to find this place. The bus is parked at a small island. There is a ticket and small food area but it doesn't seem to be the main one. I leisurely walk around. I am the only farang around but unlike Bangkok there is not the constant barrage of "Where you go?"…a nice change. I am basically ignored and that is fine by me.

I cross to the other side of the island and there is what looks like the main building. I cross the lane and sure enough there is a small cafeteria inside. I look around for a few minutes then park myself at a table facing the main doors where I am sure she will enter. I hope she recognizes me because I am going to have trouble recognizing her after only one brief visit a month ago…but then I smile to myself. Hell! I kind of stick out in this crowd, don't I!

She sneaks up behind me…"Hi Neil!"

Startled I turn around and there she is, just as I remember her. She isn't the classic, wasp-waisted, young Thai woman. She is about five foot two, mid forties and a full figure kinda girl with a cherubic smile framed by long hair. I love her eyes…they are alive.

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We chat on the way to the parking lot. Yes, I had a nice trip….sorry I wasn't able to phone you…hope that wasn't a problem for you. Just like meeting an old friend, I am comfortable already. There is a small truck in the lot with a young girl about twenty years old behind the wheel. I am introduced to her in Thai. Her name is Fa….I nod and she smiles and nods back but speaks no English.

"You hungry?" she asks. "You like Thai food?"

Yeah…I love Thai food and I am starved…What kind?…all kinds, especially seafood.

With that we zip off into the street and after five minutes end up at an interesting outdoor restaurant that seems to specialize in seafood dishes. Barbecues are tended by men with several whole fish in various stages of blackened doneness. We find a parking spot and wander to the entrance. It is huge with an eating area the size of a western strip mall parking lot. Taxis constantly pulling up, dropping off and picking up patrons…a very popular place.

We are seated and handed menus. Lek orders…consults with Fa, orders some more…giggles, another dish is ordered. I have no idea what is coming and frankly I am out of the conversation. Lek and Fa laugh and giggle with shy glances my way every now and then. No problem, I just survey the restaurant and watch the goings-on around me.

Then the food arrives…and arrives…and arrives…. what the f' !!! There is enough food here for twelve people, not just three? But it is great food! I dive in. "Arawy!" I smile at Lek…it is truly wonderful food. Wish I could remember the name of the place though. Haha. I am eating well….Lek and Fa? They hardly touch the stuff!!!! What the hell!!! I don't mind paying for this food but please eat something otherwise why did she order so much??? I am a little pissed off at this…the food is great but a lot of it is now going to be wasted. I know that it is not polite to clean everything off your plate in Thai company but to leave half of what you order behind seems like a hell of a waste of food and money in my opinion. So I eat and pay the 600 odd baht bill, vowing to do the ordering next time!

It is late now and we are among the last to leave. The barbecue guys are cleaning the grill, smiles from the waitresses and taxis / tuktuks are only picking up clients now. The gutters are wet with soapy water and whatever. I dance around this crap as I get into the truck and we leave for the Khorat hotel where I will be staying. Lek comes in with me and helps with the check-in, leaving Fa in the truck.

She follows me to the small room and comes in immediately when I unlock the door. I am a little surprised….pleasantly but surprised as this is the total opposite of what I experienced with my Udon friend.

Yes…in that case I was at her home but there was no real sexual tension there as I felt when I turned around here. There it was a pleasant conversation with her daughter, a shower then sleep in the spare room…you know like visiting a relative.

In this case Lek goes straight to the bed, sits on the edge, looks at me and asks.

"You like Fa?"

"Huh!….well…yeah she seems like a nice girl" I stammer back.

"I can ask if she like sleep with you."

"Really!…sorry Lek…I didn't come here to buy sex."

"Maybe she not want money…you no like Fa? I know other Thai girls…."

I move to a chair across from her and look at her…."Lek, what do you do for a living?"…I have a pretty good idea now but I want to hear it from her.

"I sell property to clients."

Hmmm…I don't think so, darling, I smile to myself. Are you some kind of mama-san?

"I didn't come here to buy sex, Lek….if I wanted that I could buy it in Bangkok…I came here to visit you."

Actually, I was interested in Lek..not the young girl. For many reasons really…first Fa didn't speak English….second she was too young for me. I like maturity in my women. Finally I am not really attracted to wasp-waisted women. I mean…I like meat on the bones and busty women….curves worth exploring…I don't mean fat lumps by any means but an "earthy woman" of which Lek was a classic example. Fa held no attraction for me at all.

"Do you sell property to clients? Is it a good business?"

"Not so good now I divorce", she looked sad. Well maybe she did at one time. A picture she sent me did showed her dressed well…like a real estate agent.

"I ask Fa if she wants sleep with you?"

Leaning forward, pushing her back onto the bed, pressing against her, I whisper, "No Lek, I don't want Fa….I want you!".

"Really!" She stiffens under me in disbelief. "You want Lek? Not young girl?"

"Yes…I think you are beautiful"

She squirms out from under me. "I go home but come back on tuktuk…30 minutes! Don't answer door if there is knock…many prostitute around….30 minutes, ok!"

With that she rushes for the door. "Sure!", I smile as she leaves. I am sure there are many working girls around here. I take a shower and relax on the bed.

"Hope I can stay awake for 30 minutes…"

(to be continued.)

Stickman's thoughts:

I guess the real estate market must be really bad at the moment.

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