Stickman Readers' Submissions May 24th, 2004

Finding The Right Girl

Finding The Right Thai Girl

His Story:

He Clinic Bangkok

Almost all Thai women want out of there and their families want them to marry rich men. Their culture requires you to pay the family 7 – $10,000 when you marry them and most want to keep sending money back home.

I have a friend from the US who lives there, he fell in love with a hot little Thai whose family was very poor. To make a long story short, he had 20 years with Global Company and his retirement account was around $900,000. She broke him in two years, he used the corporate card to keep her happy and when he was $5,000.00 short of paying it off he got fired.

Now that he is broke, she has left him and drives her new Honda Civic he bought for her around Bangkok with her new Farangs. His wife has taken her share and re-married. His world is upside down in Bangkok. He is out of money and can't find a good job there. He would have been ok but he was not street smart with women. He had been married too long and was like a young dumb kid giving her what she wants instead of telling her what she can have.

CBD bangkok

Now my story:

I chat with a lot of nice Thai girls on MSN and Yahoo. Most I have met on or (None are bar girls) I had met one in a BKK chat room and we became good friends, that's what got me interested in etc.

I found 10 girls who were interested and ready to meet me and I decided on 6. Now I had a plan, the one from BKK chat didn't know I was looking at Thai personals so I kept it a secret. I told the other 5 that I wanted to meet many girls when I come over becuase I was looking for marriage and wanted to find the right one. Much to my surprise they all agreed to my terms and on 1 or 2 hour social lunch meetings. Next I would spend the rest of my time with the girl I like best.

I arranged for the BKK chat girl who I named Wendy to check into my room at the Airport, I had pictures with phone numbers of the other 5 printed out. Wendy was in my room when I got there and we had a great night together. I liked her because she has a degree, her own apartment and a decent job. Her family has money and her father was a politician. The next day I find out she has taken the whole week off work to be with me. I also froze my ass off on the flights over and had the flu, coughing and fever the whole 10 days I was there.

wonderland clinic

Wendy was really good to me and seemed very honest and never asked for anything. I did get out a bit for nice dinners and some sightseeing. I am home now and we have decided to marry, I did all of the online forms and sent them to her for signatures.

I got my receipt today from the US CIS, the forms are being processed and I will hear from them again in 5 to 6 months. Since I have been back she has been requesting money, a lot, and I have sent about $400.00 so far plus flowers to her work. When I told her I had bills and couldn't send money she would get upset and say I undervalue her. Now I'm getting a little pissed!!! The other girls were hotter and some seem so much better. I told her no more money and don't ask, we almost ended it.

As of now we are still together and I think she gets the point. She 25 and I'm 42 so she does need to grow up a bit. I really wanted a girl around 35. I have dated American women for the past 7 years, so many that I can't count. I will never look at another American woman, or deal with their kids, or their fat asses, or any of there paranoid hang-ups.

I had a lot fun but the ones I wanted had money and were afraid to take a chance, just like American men with money. (No trust in this country) The ones who wanted me I didn't want. I can find Thai girls 30 to 1 American who I would love to be with and most of them would be a good sincere wife.

Without, kids, young and hot, willing to work and take care of the home, and not fat or stuck up like most of these American bitches.

Stickman's thoughts:

Money is a big motivator for Thai woman.

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