Stickman Readers' Submissions May 21st, 2004

Betrayal, Deception And Love Online Reprise

I would like to include here the truth of what happened to my original story posted quite some time ago. I have since discovered the truth of the matter as to what happened since that time, thanks to correspondence from May’s father.

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From the time May had left me, she later had gone to Australia to attend University there and to finish her MBA at a University in southern Australia in the city of Adelaide. While she was there, she met a man attending the same university. She met him while attending there and has married this man. Much to her parent’s surprise as they were never informed that she was going to get married to this man or that she was indeed married until after the marriage had already taken place. Her parents requested proof from May once she had let them know she was indeed married. She provided the pictures of the wedding to her parents and proof she had married. I think her parents were quite dismayed / upset and for a time closed communication with her. It is my understanding she also has a kid now. She has chosen her path but in so doing, she has also caused some issues in regards to respect towards her parents. Her parents are not so much in contact with her, only occasionally. If they send mail she does not respond. She indeed has chosen her path and road in life.

As for me, well since the time I knew her in my life, I had struggled greatly with what had happened. I believe it was the compounding affect that she did leave me during a family crisis. It was a time when I suffered the loss of my mother and the fact that she had no sense of the suffering I was already going through, that she chose to leave me 2 hours before my mother’s funeral. Indeed I have suffered extensively for what took place. I continued to suffer for quite some time, a deep sorrow I am sure many people have experienced especially when you know you have truly loved someone so much and had already plans in place to marry for which her parents were already in agreement. I had suffered the deepest sorrow ever in my lifetime, pain that runs so deep and to the very core of one’s soul.

The experience has had a life altering, life changing affect on me. In some ways I am now very grateful that I never did marry her. Her parents have indicated the same to me. That perhaps if I married her my life would be currently far worse and far harder to deal with. She is a very difficult person to deal with to say the least. I am sure that who ever she is with by now is starting to realize this. As for me, my life goes on and I am quite happy being in the present moment and enjoying my life and making myself happy. Having said this though some of the suffering has caused me to be untrusting. I am a different person now; I have changed extensively. I still have issues regarding trust about people. All it means is that I am more discriminating, more careful with my life. Certainly, I will never throw my life away again believing so easily. I have gained a very acute sense of deceptive people and as the old Who song goes “Won’t get fooled again”. I have gained a sense of pride and will never again allow anyone to take advantage of my life again. Perhaps I have gained a more discriminating and careful exterior. I am not that easy, I am more hardened and a lot less stupid in the sense I will not allow anyone to my life very easily. Definitely I have become toughened and have changed. The affect to my life aside from the pain and suffering she has caused my life, comes down to trust. All I can say is never again will I allow anyone to take advantage of my life or use me and I will feel damn sorry for any who ever try.

As for May, well she will have her karma to deal with. I can pretty much guarantee that she will not last in Australia and also that her marriage will one day come apart at the seams. People like her do not understand that there are usually Karmic consequences for what we do in our lives. She took a pretty good stab at my life and caused my life an incredible amount of pain and suffering the likes of which I cannot describe to readers. Not to mention I am not the same person and never will be as a result of the damage she has caused. However, I am grateful to her father for having informed me of what took place. It has brought about a sense of closure to that past. I am now living a decent life and enjoy my career and the many things I do have in my life. I am grateful now for what has happened. I think I am far better off than ever having married her. I have a great career, I enjoy my work and life and I have many interests, which I can pursue and make my life happy. As for May, well, she will have consequences to face in her future. She has even deceived her own parents. Not only in regards to this marriage and the fact that she never even let her mom know or her dad. That was a really big blow to her parents as May is the only child they have. She has also deceived her parents another time. Her dad explained to me that one time she even took money (basically stole it) from his bank account. She had taken at that time I believe it was 150,000 baht without his consent. Makes me laugh how she thinks she can do things and never face any consequences for her actions. Sooner or later, one day, her karma and consequences of her past actions will catch up to her, there is no doubt about it. There are always consequences in life and especially when you purposefully do things to people who have loved and cared about you. When a person does bad things it usually also results in bad karma. We are all responsible for what we do in life and also responsible for our own karma. Doing bad things in the long run never does any good. She has not learned that yet but I am sure she will in her future. It is already starting. Her dad was telling me her and her Australian husband are fighting constantly. That’s only the beginning for her karma coming back to her life. Her dad also has questioned whether she will last in Australia. However, the way her parents look at it is like this. Their priority was to make sure that she got the education she needed for her life. As parents they feel that they have done their duty, they have done their part. The rest of life is up to her self. I can say one thing for certain, she will also face her own karma in her own lifetime and as a result she will suffer the pain and suffering of her past actions in her own life. A time will come when she will also face life altering / changing circumstances. Hopefully when that time comes she does not ask herself “why is this happening”. Hopefully when her time comes she will have grown up enough to realize that life is fragile and that playing with people’s lives was not the right thing to do. Hopefully she will also realize the pain and suffering she has caused to people she has known including to her own parents. Maybe she will one day even realize what she lost. Perhaps that will be her greatest pain.

Now, my life continues on and I am happy to be myself once again. I am now happy being myself and living my life freely and enjoying things in my life, which bring me happiness. My career and accomplishments I have made and pursuits of interests and also further career goals; bring about some of the satisfaction. I also have a great network of friends who I can trust and do trust and who care. My friend’s are people who were there throughout my suffering and who offered support for all I was going through. They are the greatest people in this planet who have a genuine human concern for others. They are people who would never stab someone in the back and definitely of a higher calibre then May. Good luck to all and for all who are suffering difficulties I wish the best. Thanks for your time.

Stickman's thoughts:

As you say, you’re lucky you didn’t marry her.

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