Stickman Readers' Submissions March 29th, 2004

Thai vs Farang – Some Balance

I have been reading posts on Stickman's web site for about 2 years now. Some stories make me feel I am back in LOS and some stories make me think either the poster has never been to Thailand or they should really find some other country to explore their hedonistic activities. The latest posts "Farang vs Thai Again" and "Complaining Farangs" made me feel I should add my contribution.

Since this is my first time to post …… If I really piss anyone off …. sorry on the first one… and I am happy I got your attention on the second one. This post should be read by those that have actually been to LOS and have read the past posts. I want to ask one question from the posters and I will answer my own question. I would like to know how old are you and what country are you from and what you do for a living? I am 43.. OKlahoma (yes it is in the USA but I am an OKIE .. do not confuse me with someone from California or New York or any other "YANKEE" state in the States. I spent all my summers on my grandfather's farm, driving tractor, working cattle, harvesting wheat, cutting hay… butchering livestock… Today I am working on my B.S. degree to be a school teacher and I have been married for 2 years to a Thai National .. still in Thailand and working on the damn visa.. (no she was not a bar girl)

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My wife's family farms rice paddies and one brother runs a rubber tree farm just north of Rayong.

Now to my comments about some of the posts that go on here about Farangs and Thai People…. First you are A Farang …. that is obvious.. You will always be Farang.. but will you be Thai-jai-dee-farang or will you be Foreigner-black-heart-Thai?

I was kind of treated the way some of the posts talk about…. the bad things and how Thais treat farangs…. when I first met my wife….. Then I ventured away from the tourist B.S. … And then we went upcountry to meet some of her family that farm the rice.. Well being raised in Oklahoma I know how to crap in a hole in the ground (actually I can crap by a Tractor and wipe my ass with a bunch of hay that we sell)…. and I could eat whatever was for lunch..(DAMN OKLAHOMA FARM KIDS CAN EAT ANYTHING)….. SO … My wife and all the old women hated the idea I wanted to go with the guys to help harvest the rice.. (We have $100,000+$…. Combines to cut our wheat in the USA ).. THIS is old combines you actually have to ride on the side of them and bag the rice and stack them on the side or throw them on the ground) .. and I went out with the men.. By the way I can not speak Thai more then hello and thank you and I LOVE YOU….But I went .. was I nervous .. damn straight .. but we needed to get the job done and I worked my ass off just like I have done it at my granddad's farm… sometimes Thai do things that are ..mmmmmmm different but I keep an open mind.. The thing is I gained their respect because I could get down in the ditches with them and work my ass off right along with them.. I know this will confuse a lot of you soft guys that never had to work a real job in your life..

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But I gained respect… It really PISSES me off when the posters here refer to WESTERN values and ASIAN values .. that's because you are a bunch of soft asses that grew up on computers or had an easy means of support.. Hard work is universally understood.. My brother-in-law took me to town Don Chadi (a few miles(kilo) from Suphanburi .. to the market to buy produce for supper and he wanted me to come and drink a few Chang beers with his friends.. Hell yes .. we deserve it.. just busted our asses all day.. REMEMBER I can not speak but a few words of Thai… and My Brother-in-Law speaks about as much English as I do Thai…. So we pull up to an open air cafe.. In Oklahoma we call it a "Watering Hole" and we sit down….. Yes the first thing I hear is Farang.. but I can read my brother's face and I don't understand what he said but it is basically .. I am his brother .. I am not "FARANG" .. and the guys settle down to play snooker.. excuse me.. Thai snooker .. we call it pool in the USA …. now that is a game to debate the rules about… Mai Pen Rai … TIT>>> anyway so one dumb ass Thai gets drunk and wants to start a fight with me .. he is about 23 years old … (((we just finished a hard day's work .. I could have rolled his ass in a ball)) .. he started at me and my brother got between us .. (((I was going to make him loose face big time)) .. he pouted off and we finished playing our game…. I am rice farmer now and one of the guys patted me on the back and and talked Thai to me and gave me the Chok dee… ANYWAY

OK this is the fun part about Thailand.. when you get a good buzz going ….and you are used to driving on the right side of the road .. damn the left side feels so …….. NATURAL … with one Eye closed …. Sorry I am straying.. So I will make a brief point..

From the past posts you complain that Thai people treat Farangs different then Thai? Well bring your Farang ass to Oklahoma and treat us small town folk the same way ….and we can …and will do the same damn thing.. I figure if I made a trip to see you REAL YANKee'S in England.. Or the Ozzies or the Nor's or the Yarrow man (german) .. or any of you .. when I am in your country you would treat me like I am your friend but you would be talkin shit about me in your native language and alienate me and make me feel uncomfortable or down right stupid.. if you say no you wouldn't, YOU My FRIEND are a damn liar.. so think about it.. Stickman I am not going to apologize to you .. I love your website and I hope you do not censor .. input

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