Stickman Readers' Submissions March 2nd, 2004

Expressway Cops

Today, as I was heading back to Korat, I was able to snap a picture of the cop that I told you about. Well, I knew I was going to get stopped so I prepared for the worse. Not only did I get a picture of the cop standing on the median strip in the center of the tollway, but I also snapped a picture of my speedometer and how fast I was going at the time.

Here is the cop standing in the spot that I told you about. Notice that he isn't even looking at me.

He Clinic Bangkok

When I got to the toll booth, there was a cop there and he immediately pulled me over. I rolled down my window and proceeded to tell me that I was going 190 km/h. I explained to him politely that he must have mistaken me for someone else as I always drive slow on the toll-way. He then tells me that he has a video of me going that fast, so I ask him if I could see it. He doesn’t reply. I then tell him that I have a picture of the cop who claims I was going that fast and that he wasn’t even looking at my car at the time. I slowly pull out my digital camera and show him the picture. At this point he has lost face somewhat but at the same time is amazed and asks him how much the camera cost me. I told him 16,900 baht. I then flip through the camera to the picture of my speedometer clearly showing me only doing 85 km/h (well under the speed limit). I also point out the time stamp and date of the pictures so he knows that they were taken one after the other.

CBD bangkok

Well, at this point he knows he has fucked up, so he radios another cop, probably the one on the median strip and discusses the matter over with him. He comes back to me, hands me my driver's license back and wishes me good luck on my journey back to Korat.

There is no way in hell that I’m going to pay this guy's mia noi fund. My advice is that if you have a digital camera, use it to your advantage. I forgot that my camera can also do video with sound (45 seconds). Next time I pass through Rangsit, I’ll be in video mode!

Oh, the cops were on BOTH sides of the highway today. That is probably why the cop stands in the middle of the medial strip. That way he can get the best of both worlds.

Stickman says:

wonderland clinic

I joked to a colleague that with all of the accusations that are made of farang in Thailand today, it is as if we have to walk around with a camera to prove that we are actually innocent. This submission certainly lends argument to that.

Sure, it might be dangerous to take photos while driving but that stretch of road is perfect roading and light traffic. Good on you for using the technology to your advantage!

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