Stickman Readers' Submissions March 31st, 2004

10 Reasons To Date A Real Thai Girl

By Pantha

1) Not only do they meet you at the airport they know how to avoid paying the airport taxi surcharge. You do not have to go look for them at their job (bar) after you arrive.

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2) They write their own e-mail and are capable of instant messaging with you. This is much more personal than having a fat sweaty 300 pound lady boy writing you e-mail and signing your teerak's name or for that matter, better than me writing you e-mail while your teerak pays me in beer.

3) Not only do they not ask you for money they actually will buy you presents for special occasions or just because they missed you or were thinking about you.

4) Not only do they know a lot of fun and different places to eat and drink, they know how to use public transportation to get there. Yes, all those buses, taxis and that skytrain have purpose. Believe it or not there is life 100 yards beyond where you live and work. (There are also other streets besides Sukhumvit.)

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5) Not only will she be capable of talking about things other than how handsome you are or what will you be buying her at the mall. Chances are her friends will also be interesting and fun making for a good overall night out.

6) She wouldn't be able to imagine why you would want her to quit her job so you can send her money. She will actually be happy that she has a job. Granted this isn't as much fun as telling your friends, co-workers and especially your family that your new girlfriend works in a gogo bar. The embassies are also really big on this one. Heaven forbid if things actually become serious and your girlfriend moves to your country, a real Thai girl will probably have some job skills and experience that she can use in Farangland. Last time I checked, not to much demand for gogo girls. Okay won't go there but I think you get it.

7) Not only will she be able to live in the village (provinces) on 20,000 baht a month she could probable support a family of 6. If she is lucky to make that much working 6 days a week in Bkk (She obviously has a college degree) she will have her own air conditioned room, money in the bank, will be sending money to her parents and will be having a very nice life overall. On the other hand if she is the other kind of Thai girl….Good luck (Sorry I couldn't resist!!!)

8) She will take you shopping at interesting places like Jatujak (weekend market) or Chinatown or best of all, Chiang Mai. She will not take you to the Emporium or World Trade Center because she will understand that is a farang shopping mall and if you wanted that experience you would have shopped at home. Yes, let's not buy this in our own country as it is much more fun to lug it around 90 degree Asia and then bring it home. She will also understand that you are shopping for others, not her.

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9) She will speak English or you will speak Thai because otherwise you wouldn't have met. Hmm a relationship with comunication. Wait it gets even healthier. She will probably be within 10 years of your age, give or take a few years because just like everywhere else, Thai girls prefer someone with similar interests. Yes I know it actually sounds somewhat healthy.

10) If your girlfriend is a regular Thai girl you worked to get her and establish a relationship. You appreciate the things that you work for. If you paid for her you don't get much satisfaction because you didn't work for it (earn it). For that matter, it's a lot more exiting to take a chance and go for it because you may lose and not get it. Not much game or excitement in "here is one thousand baht let's go". Bottom line you got outta bed in the morning – your gonna get it. Kinda like showing up for the championship game and getting the title with out actually playing the game. This can be seen from her point of view also, she either took a chance and played the game or she showed up and stood on the corner/pole etc. If you got the trophy with out playing the game what happens if someday you actually have to play the game?? Hope your sitting down for this one but all relationships have waves and if you haven't practised riding them your gonna drown.

Stickman says:

Funny, my personal list would be quite different to this.

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