Stickman Readers' Submissions February 19th, 2004

My Thai Girls

I suppose I belong to that group of farrangs that begins to reflect on the next LOS trip while the aircraft is taxing for takeoff. Call it addiction if you like (probably true) or call it anything else ­ the fact remains that those lovely Thai ladies have left an irreversible impact on my soul.

Let’s face it, guy/lad/fellows (depending if you’re Yankees – like me – or Brits or Aussies, respectively), our head does spin soon upon arrival in LOS. The girls are truly beautiful and different than those “pale faces” (as our Indian ancestors would say) but what initially made my head spin was not so much the beauty as much as product abundance.

He Clinic Bangkok

As soon as evening falls on Sukhumvit Road you wonder whether this area caters to anyone else but sex-hungry farrangs. The entire area is then covered with nothing but bars, lights, beer and BGs ­ all mingling in laughter and giggles of folks having a good time.

I walk out of my Nana Hotel and walk towards The Eden Club (at Sukhumvit 7/1). I heard so much about the place and visited its website extensively (before it was, sadly, closed a while back during a certain international conference that led to a crackdown). The place, dimly lit in red, instantly turns me on. I look around and feel as if I had been ignited by some magical blaze. I suddenly feel intensely happy just from watching the girls sitting on both sides of that famous yellow line. To those Stickman readers who are still ignorant of that famous piece of history let me explain at once (or else those poor souls may be doomed to live with that lack of knowledge for ages to come): well, most “services” are equally provided by all girls but there is one which is extended strictly by the girls on the left side of the line.

That particular evening I enjoyed tremendously to watch the manager, Marc, standing in front of the line that divides the two groups, lifting his arms and, in an effort to explain things, stood right in front of the line, declaring to the aspiring clients: “I’m the yellow line”.

CBD bangkok

This guy Marc deserves a few more words.

I don’t know with how many business entities have I been engaged over the years as an employee, associate, customer or supplier thus must state right from the outset: never, simply never have I come across such a phenomena of a businessman so keen on customer service, so dedicated to ensure they receive full and uncompromising satisfaction.

Example? Get a hold of that: where have you come across a manager of an establishment (anywhere on Earth) who allows you to walk away without paying if you state that you were unhappy with the service?

Anyway, I preferred the “take away” so had to wait till 10pm. I made a short tour of Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy and Darling and, sure enough, was back at 10pm sharp. One girl (on the left side) caught my attention and I decided instantly that she would be the one for the night. Her name was Gina and she had the sweetest face I’ve seen for a long time, not to mention lovely breasts (rare in LOS). As we walked out the door she took my hand in a gesture last experienced during my teenage years. Incredible, I thought, how these girls transmit warmth no farrang lady can.

wonderland clinic

Back in the hotel room we spent memorable hours. Just to be with a lady who does not know to utter the words “no” and “this I don’t do” is an experience by itself. You simply do anything you like with the fullest cooperation you may possibly envision.

In the morning we had breakfast together and since it was raining I offered to pay for a cab. Again I was stunned: she refused. Somehow I had the notion it was that fantastic Eden style, so well cultivated by that Marc.

I stayed in BKK five nights and had another Eden girl, Ton, booked for the last night. In between I indulged in Nana girls, so easily available on the parking lot after 02:00 am. I must say that the fun of observing these ladies pour at that hour from the various bars in the area (due to the legal closing time) is pure fun in itself. You stay out there with a pal having a beer on the street corner bar, while immensely enjoying the scene.

I truly felt like a boy in a candy store.

Ton came over the last evening. To those of you who never visited Eden I should tell that Ton used to be the star of the place, not so much because of looks or an outstanding body but simply because of her total and unequivocal lack of inhibition.

In preparation for my upcoming trip to LOS I’ve recently inquired about Gina and Ton, only to sadly find out they were snatched by Eden customers (a common practice, by the way). But don’t you think for a moment that I am going to skip Eden because of that: my confidence in Marc’s ability to find adequate replacement remains as solid as a rock.

Next stop ­ Pattaya.

Now, this is a place to dream about. For a farrang like me who’s been chasing chicks since the age of 16, Pattaya cannot be described as anything by a true Disneyland, with the supply by far exceeding demand hence making any wish in that direction plausible and easily accessible.

My hotel was quite centrally located so I found myself walking among those zillion bars soon upon arrival, with my head spinning (triggering the fear that when settling down it may not face the front again).

The girls stand all over the place, literally grabbing you with their smiles and inviting gestures to walk in and have a beer. Well, beer is only a pretax, as all parties concerned fully understand, but can you think of a better prelude?

I walk nonstop, enjoying the view as well as the thought of being able to choose from so many maiden. At one point I decide to relax my (tired) eyes and go to the promenade along the beach. Well, how na?ve can I get believing I would find some respite: I had apparently only changed scenery but the gals are present along there just as much as they previously were in the bars. They sit on public benches, on raised stones, on the floor, looking at you, signaling both with eyes and smiles that they are available. I smile back gently in an effort not to offend those lovely yet poor girls but am not inclined to indulge, perhaps due to my cautious nature (somehow I fear that HIV would be more prevalent with such freelancers).

I return to the main action and stop at a bar along Beach Road. A lady of about 35 catches my eye. She is not a bar girl (at this age demand drops dramatically, I suppose) and merely serves drinks.

I drink slowly and observe her dignified face. Strange, I reflect, how many Thai ladies working for peanuts in these bars would have been so much better off socially and financially were they born in the West. After all, it is quite evident even to a fleeting tourist like me that this is a proud nation, with folks fully recognizing their value as human beings despite their economic station in life.

Suddenly she brings me a wet towel just like those air stewardess. I look at her and smile warmly. She smiles back and brings the second drink. I strike a conversation and learn that Dweng is 40 and divorced. I look around at the young chicks in their 20s packing the place but don’t seem too interested. I like Dweng much more. Her face seems so tranquil and I sit there wondering where do those poor folks derive that peace of mind, a product in such shortage in Farangland. Her beautiful black hair has not been too closely attended for some time and I presume it’s because of the lack of male attention she has come accustomed to.

“Why you no make hair nice?” I question her tactlessly “You young lady!”.

She smiles at me surprised yet enchanted by my unexpected attention.

“I no young lady” she whispers.

“Oh, yes you are” I insisted and touched her hand. I felt her shiver. When was she touched for the last time? I wondered curiously. I suddenly decided to barfine her but wanted to clear a few things first.

“If I take you hotel you do anything I like?”

She looks at me with eager yet cautious black eyes. “What you mean?” That being my third visit to LOS I realized it would be futile to explain in English so I pulled a napkin and drew a woman’s body.

“You see” I pointed with my pen to a certain military target “I like everything, this too”.

She pulled back defiantly: “Oh, no…no do this even married”

“Never mind” I insisted “this time you will”

A few minutes and drinks later she submits. I pay a barfine and we leave for my hotel.

What followed was one of the most beautiful nights of my life. Dweng behaved neither like a bargirl nor even like a girlfriend. She clinked to me like a loving fianc?e, literally making me forget I was spending time in bed with a paid lady. When we finally got around to doing the thing she had never experienced she was truly accommodating although repeatedly requesting: “Slowly…slowly…”

Then came my shocker: in the midst of that activity, when I was having the time of my life, she turned to me with a red-hot face, bubbling eyes and a trembling voice:

“You happy?”

“Yeah, sure” I uttered breathlessly “You no see I happy?”

Dweng really touched me there and then. Here she is engaged in an activity never experienced before and despite a possible psychological as well as physical discomfort she is concerned if made me happy.

No, dear Stickman reader, if you’ve never visited Thailand you will never understand no matter how hard I try to explain.

Stickman says:

There is more to life than women and the fascination of Thai women does wear off…

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