Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2003

Thai Addiction

I find this whole thing really amazing: you keep on visiting countries around the globe, get excited by mountains, rivers, nightclubs and girls but nothing leaves a lasting mark until you hit good-old-Thailand. Why is that? Why does this place have such an incredibly stunning impact on folks from the West?

I visited the Land of Smiles three times but will concentrate here on my last trip, taking place during September – October 2003.

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Now, folks reading Stickman are not (so I believe) very much interested in an outline of the Thai landscape or museums so I shall focus on what may interest them most: the ladies.

I shall get right to the point: there are two main places in Thailand for making (sexual) dreams come true: Bangkok and Pattaya and I visited them both on my last trip.

First, let me tell you a little about that sinful city and state at the outset that there is no place like Bangkok on earth and there is no place like the Eden Club in Bangkok. If you want to try things never experienced before, if you wish to fulfill fantasies, if you desire to feel young again (and this applies especially to folks like me who have already forgotten their 50th birthday) – then Eden is the place for you.

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No, the girls at Eden do not possess any different equipment nor are they more attractive than the average Thai lady. What puts them apart is their outstanding attitude, something cultivated by good management, nothing else.

Eden (located at Sukhumvit 7/1) offers two kinds of services: a 90-minute session with two girls on location (where you can try anything, and I mean a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g) and the usual “take away” for the night. I used the second service on two occasions (wanted actually every night over my five-day stay but got food poisoning in between and had to cut short).

I don’t know how to describe the two nights except for saying that ever since they are remembered by me as some of the most beautiful I have ever had in my life. These girls are so willing, so co-operative and simply don’t know the meaning of “no” or “this I don’t do”. You literally don’t feel you are spending time with paid girls.

I shall later address the issue of “Thai tenderness and devotion” (that “drug” that gets us all) but, for now, will only say this: there are indeed zillion of clubs around Bangkok and if (sorry… when) you get to Sukhumvit Road you will spot them scattered around. All will present to you with lovely and willing young ladies but no place will provide you with that Eden guaranteed satisfaction that makes you recall your trip for years to come.

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I will be returning to Bangkok this coming September and you may well guess what is going to be my first destination (in fact, I do not intend to lose any time cruising and will book an Eden girl every night). Now, the (all-inclusive) 2,500 baht may seem a touch high but once you add the barfine paid in all other places (about 300 baht) and the lady drinks you pay for her – you will end up with an identical total sum.

Moreover, I have learnt an important lesson in my life: you get exactly what you are paying for. I may be a bit too cautious but somehow it puts my mind at ease to know that at Eden the girls undergo mandatory medical examinations to ensure the absence of AIDS and the other crap…

Now, many folks who have not yet visited Thailand and reading these lines probably wonder: why this excitement? What do these girls have that our farang ladies don’t? Do they use their equipment differently?

Well, no descriptions will illuminate this phenomenon better than a real-life story encountered by me in Pattaya, a tale which will, I hope, perhaps make folks understand.

After having spent five nights in Bangkok (two of which included, as portrayed above, the most beautiful nights with Eden girls) I arrived at Pattaya for a two-week stay satisfied and certainly not “hungry”. I decided to “rest” for a few days. As I was having a drink in one of the Beach Road bars I was warmly attended by an older girl who was only bar-tendering and not working as a bar girl. She looked about 35 (although discovered later she was 40). We began a casual conversation (in very simple English) and I suddenly felt I was no longer craving for that “rest” yet faced a small problem: how do I know if she would be willing to do everything I like? After all, here I don’t have the Eden guarantee.

After some small talk and sensing the field I decided to barfine her. I paid the 200 baht and we left the place.

Now, here comes the punch line. In the middle of passionate lovemaking, as (at least to me) it was clearly evident that I was having the time of my life, she (breathlessly) turned to me and asked with a trembling voice full of concern:

“You happy?”

Do you get it, folks? That, in a nutshell, constitutes the essence of the land’s sexual attraction: there is something (yet unexplained to me) that makes the girls so eager to please and so truly see you happy. Yeah, sure, you do pay them and it is understood by both parties that this is strictly a commercial transaction yet once you take that little, dark-eyed Thai girl in your arms these financial facts instantly become irrelevant. Indeed, many farangs like you and me simply fall for this warmth, ultimately even becoming totally addicted to it (and if one guy on this Stickman forum equated this addiction to drugs, I wholeheartedly agree with him). You have no idea, folks, how much thought I have devoted to this Thai “addiction” that inflicts so many of us yet still unable to fully comprehend and understand it.

And to the cynics writing the whole thing off as good acting, please let me assure you that (a) the inflicted thousands of farangs are certainly not that stupid and (b) these girls could not possibly be such good actresses (or else let us inform the Hollywood producers who most certainly would love to know they can get such actresses without having to dish out millions to Julia Roberts).

Where does this warmth come from? Why is it so unique (and hence so dangerously addictive)?

I think it has (partly) to do with some sort of inherited Thai traits, entailing devotion, affection, sexual desire and faithfulness. Now, can traits be “globally” attributed to a nation, to a group of people? I think the answer is yes and I want to support it with an example.

In my country we have foreign workers from several countries, including Thailand and the Philippines. Interestingly, the Thai workers (100% males) are strictly engaged in agriculture while those from the Philippines (mostly females but not a negligible number of males as well) assist old, sick people in their daily chores.

My question is: why this allocation? Why don’t Thai men do work performed by Philippine men? Does it have to do with certain (unexplained) national traits?

The following must, then, be the ultimate question: is the risk worth it all?

I suppose the answer really depends on every one’s specific situation. If you are married and coming to LOS strictly for sexual fun then you might, at worst (like me) be captivated by some lovely girls while having the fun of your life.

However, one word of advice: if your marriage is shaky then I can assure you that the associated risks are heavy indeed because this addiction will almost certainly break it completely (not a bad outcome, really, if that’s what it takes – as any beginning dentist will tell you…)

To the single guy the issue may be more complex. Should he take a Thai bride, a bar girl or simply any other local girl so starving to meet a farang. I strongly recommend to you to read Stickman’s long outline on this issue. As a local guy he can certainly be of assistance to many of you.

But, no matter who you are, pal, and no matter under what circumstances you arrive in LOS, you must keep in mind that this “Thai addiction” is as real as the Bangkok smog and while having a ball, just don’t forget to ensure from time to time that your head is still in place and your heart under full control.

Stickman says:

Very good advice indeed.

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