Stickman Readers' Submissions December 18th, 2003

Sukhumvit Soi 3

It was one of those nights, we wanna to do something different, than a go go-going around. My Turkish friend Mehmet, our maid from the house, Lek, Toon (my girl) and myself decided to take a look at Silom Soi 4. We've got a hint that at the Club Speed they should play "good" music. Located just next to Patpong, it was easy to find. We entered the Soi, just to be stopped by a bunch of security guards, who stood in a front of a barricade. The "Guardleader" asked Toon for his ID and let us pass. We looked around, as the guards controlled Leks ID. We just started to walk inside the Soi, as Mehmet called:

"Hey Meeda, they don't let me in, they wanna see my passport!"

I have to say that Mehmet is light browned skinned and his face is more the Arabian type than European. Maybe they thought he is a little Taliban or kinda. "Hey Sir, he's 25, let him pass, ey! What's the problem", then I looked at the guy and discovered a small plate who hung around his neck – Bangkok Police Department (or something similar). A voice inside told me: "Meeda, shut the fuck up and move your ass". Who likes to have trouble in Thailand with the boys in brown? I said to the cop, who looked with his blond died hair like a Japanese manga character who went lost in Miami Vice: "Its ok", gave him a smile and we moved to the taxis. The first driver tried to play the "kaput taximeter"-scam, same with the next. Finally we found one with a "functional" meter and drove to Sukhumvit. He kicked us out at Soi 3. Mehmet spotted an Egyptian restaurant, where you can smoke oriental Waterpipes, Shishas. I am not a big smoker and don't like to inhale cigarette dust, so I refused. He ordered a mixedfruit-shisha and started to smoke, we nipped at our peppermint teas (no alcohol there!) and watched the people. After 10 min I became curious about the pipe, as I saw Mehmet with a big smile puffin the flute. I gave me a try and was astonished about the cold, nice smoke, it was like inhaling a fruit salad. I ordered another one and at the end, all 4 were hitting the pipes (since then, with every girl we go there, the same story happens). It took us about 45 min to finish the pipe. Little bit woozy from the nicotine-blast, we walked towards Sukhumvit main. By one of the side roads we stopped at a kebab food stall and I had the 2nd best chicken kebab of my life, it was so stuffed, it couldn't finish it, but it was delicious like hell. As I looked around, a sign caught me eye "DA BEAT – the best r'n'b and hip hop-club in town. Wow, as U love that kind of music to the fullest, I was more than happy to find an equal club like the "Speed". The entry fee was 100 baht including one free drink plus at 2.00 am your ticket number was automatically moved to a lottery pot where you can win free tickets, beers and champagne. Fair deal.

mens clinic bangkok

Ufffffff! As we entered a lot of heads were turning around…. I was the only white bread in the whole club. It was packed with Africans and Thai freelancers. With a strange feeling we walked in, ordered the drinks and started to shakin that asses. They played all that good stuff we also listen at home. DMX, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, Beatnuts, Ludacris, 50 Cent….. There was not hate against us in the club, au contraire. Some guys came up, chatted, shook hands etc. Wicked! I never expected to find a such great place in Bangers.

The DJ was a huge, very sympathetic guy, who looked like a big version of Ghost face Killa from the Wu (only for insiders). I requested a song from Jay Z (Girls Girls Girls) but he never played it. At 2.00 a.m. he stepped to me, as we was to leave the club, and said: "Sorry man, I don't had that song, but next time you can bring the CD and I would play it." Nice move. We shook hands and left. Another great night in BKK…and to the anti-Soi 3 guys (like Stick), Soi 3 has more to offer than y'all think (and thought).

Stickman says:

You need to do better than that to convince me.

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