Stickman Readers' Submissions September 8th, 2003

All In The Family

Just when this bar girl scene was getting incredibly boring, I had a change of luck. I saw a very pretty young woman displaying some very fine legs in a nice, short dress. She beckoned to me and I spun 180 degrees on my heels and sat down at her bar. The gal behind the counter looked dynamite too. We talked a while and they told me they were sisters. I didn't see much resemblance and expressed disbelief. Out with the IDs! Sure enough, same family name (I can read Thai somewhat). This doesn't quite prove they're sisters- for example, they could be cousins if their fathers are brothers. Whatever. The point is, they're closely related. I'll take their word for it that they're sisters. The IDs also told me that Big Sis is 24 and Little Sis is 22. I took out Little Sis. Best piece of ass I've had in months. And before leaving the bar with her, I made a date with Big Sis for the following night! Oh, and by the way, Little Sis sings like a bird. I put some Thai music (morlahm) on my boombox. She knew all the lyrics and sang beautifully! Perfect pitch, timing and voice control- every subtle little variance of the singer's voice on CD, she matched perfectly. This girl has talent(s)!!!

Big Sis was great too! A bit heavier than the younger one, but still well within acceptable parameters. With a twirling, darting little tongue and good sound effects. They're both real live wires. Good lovers! When Big Sis said she'd like for me to marry her, I said I'd have to marry Little Sis too. Two wives, why not? Marry and provide for them both. Wouldn't that be big of me? It wouldn't work, though. When I went to pick up Big Sis at the bar last night, Little Sis hung all over me. Every time I'd look at Big Sis, she'd glower and pout. Jealous. I KNEW that would happen. But, I am THE MAN, damn it! I can choose! And choose I did. But not before promising Little Sis I'd be back for her again tomorrow. I just hope she's going to be pleasant. I may have fucked everything up by taking out her sister. We'll see. By the way, last night I also noticed a very fine-looking, VERY nicely-dressed older woman at the bar. I asked who she was, and the sisters said she's their mother's younger sister. Their aunt! I said, I want to take her out too! Auntie's 27 and dresses to kill. Looks like an over-sexed secretary on her way to the office. Not wearing jeans and a t-shirt like most bar girls; she's got a short, tight, yet rather formal-looking dress on. Nice high heels (not platform sneakers), a real necklace (not a baht chain with a talisman), earrings, bracelet, a ring or two. Just the right amount of make-up, lipstick, eyeliner. SEXY!!! I love that shit! I just want to hike that dress up, push her back, pull those panties aside and GO, BABY GO!!! It probably won't happen quite like that. She'll want to shower first. Undress with a towel wrapped around to hide the whole show. That's how they all are. Oh, well. So, tonight, it's Little Sis again. Then tomorrow, I want AUNTIE!!!

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When I went to pick up Little Sis, she "had a headache" (they're the same all over the world), so I got a crack at the aunt a day sooner than expected. She's petite! 45 kilos, she says, but doesn't look a gram over 40 kg. to me. I know I'm right. I have a good eye and she probably just doesn't realize she's lost weight since she last weighed herself. Very pretty face. Eyes look a little demonic, however. And the way she seems to be clenching her teeth all the time, the muscles in her jaw flexing and rippling visibly, is a little unsettling at first. I talked to her all night, though, and decided she's alright. Not on drugs, I don't think. No more insane than women usually are. I think it's just nervous tension. She says she's "unsure of herself, lacks confidence, etc." I offered her a drink, but she wouldn't take it. She doesn't smoke either- thank God! No tattoos. Very classy lady, as bar girls go. Used to dance in a Patpong A-Go-Go. I put some music on my stereo. She stripped to her undies and started dancing for me in front of the mirror. After watching a few minutes, I decided to join her. I pulled those panties right down and off! The bra could stay, though. This teeny ballerina doesn't have any breasts to speak of. (Fine with me. Large, pendulous udders turn me off). We danced like this a good half hour or so. Fun! Fun! Fun! Rubbing up next to her cute little tushie. Whooeee! Beautiful ass, legs and that sweet little thing in the center of it all. Lying on the flat plane of my mattress, she's kinda two-dimensional. Tiny stick woman without much depth. I could feel myself hitting bottom, and in my case, that ain't saying much. For such an under-nourished looking thing, she's terribly sexy. Overall, I'd say the curvier, softer sisters are a better ride, but Auntie's definitely worth a second go. I made a date with her for this Wednesday. Tonight, Little Sis is back on the program. Tomorrow, it's Big Sis again. Then, Wed., the aunt. Three gals in rotation. Hey, they all share a room and are used to sleeping together; maybe I'll get them all to stay with me one night! Wouldn't that be wild! Hmmm…..

Little Sis told me all about my date with her aunt the night before. Apparently they don't keep any secrets between them, these three. Not to be outdone, she insisted on giving me a little dancing show too. Awesome! I joined her a while, then had a seat on the edge of my bed, looking UP, glass of whiskey in hand. Oh, boy! The Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, The Parthenon, the Louvre,…. Who gives a shit!!! She's got them all beat. The most beautiful of God's creations is a young woman's body, hands down. Ever since Eve, with her tight pussy, Man's been doomed.

Incidentally, in case you're wondering how these girls put up with my promiscuity, dating all three of them more or less simultaneously- Little Sis told me last night that her mom is her dad's fourth wife. Fourth of NINE!!! I'm not kidding. That's what she said. With a straight face. I couldn't believe it. She repeated: "nine wives." And sixteen kids distributed among them. She says he has a good job and can afford to be a playboy. By the way, to my knowledge there are three gradations on the Thai scale of promiscuity: "Butterfly," "Helicopter," and "Skylab!" Guess which designation I've been honoured with?

Stickman says:

You slut you…hehehe. Sounds like you are having a last!

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