Stickman Readers' Submissions July 29th, 2003

Sex Workers – Wrong Prescription

Sex workers are so unfulfilling (with rare exceptions). I mean because of the excellent chance of their carrying something they can give you that will stick with you forever, for example herpes and venereal warts, how can you enjoy them? Because of what there is an excellent chance of their carrying, you can't: (i) fuck them without a condom; (ii) perform oral sex on them; (iii) French kiss them (although, ugh, these examples of filth are more than willing); and (iv) receive oral sex from them. (Even doctors disagree on the latter, but I'll err on the side of safety. Dr Magsaysay of Olongapo, Philippines responds that the sex worker definitely can give one a case of venereal disease through oral sex. On the contrary, a Western doctor over here in the SE Asia area responds that it is very doubtful one could be infected through receiving oral sex. Olongapo, incidentally, had such a tremendous reservoir of VD that the famed international disease study center in Atlanta US chose it for their definitive study on VD. It is adjacent to the US Navy's former Subic base.)

Some of these guys in Thailand and thereabouts think they are fucking a nice young 18 year old, but considering she's fucked quite possibly 730 guys over the past two years (a guy a day), with that kind of exposure, she has the pussy of more like a 40 year old's and has had the VD exposure that a typical woman would have to live say 50 lifetimes to possess. And with the tremendous number of chances a sex worker has of picking VD up, it's inevitable, and if you are normal, you don't want to take a chance on infecting the woman you love the most. She's much more important than the whole bunch of sex worker filth.

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Condoms don't reach down to the base of your penis; hence, I'd think one's still exposed to venereal warts and herpes, both permanent conditions. A friend was telling me that during his trip to Bangkok, his condom had come off, lodged deeply into the sex worker, and he had to take her to a doctor to have it removed. I responded that he should get himself and his wife in for a test for HIV and Hepatitis B.

It's much better to learn some social skills, forgo the sex workers, and go for the good girls. The 30 year old good girl's the one with the pussy of an 18 year old whereas the 18 year old sex worker has the pussy of one well beyond that. With the good girl, you can indeed have sex without a condom, pleasure her with oral, French kiss…, and there's no chance of her ever giving you a case of anything. Nice.

What's interesting is when you are in a cafe or club where there are also sex workers, and they know your "policy" – you save it for your partner, then you have become the forbidden fruit, and they want you badly; for example, they'll lunge at your penis with their mouths open.

Stickman says:

I remember the first time someone told we that they bang Thai working girls without condoms with a clear conscience. To me, it was conclusive proof that there are some seriously marginal farangs in Thailand.

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