Stickman Readers' Submissions April 25th, 2003

A Dream Come True

My story is about how I meet my Thai wife.

I am a 32 year old Dutch guy who always had a fascination for the Orient. My father has been to numerous countries in Asia and came back with a lot of video material. After spending hours of watching his excellent video shootings I decided to be bold and make a trip to Thailand on my own. But there was one problem. I did not have a real goal to go to Thailand. Sure… the flora and fauna are marvellous and the people are very friendly, but I needed a bigger goal in life. I needed someone to visit. So I decided to place an ad in the Phuket Gazette Online. Just a simple ad stating that I was a blonde 30 year old Dutch guy with normal features, a good education and a good job looking for some Thai friends.

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Within a week I had 30 replies to my ad and all of them were females with some sort of education. But one email sprung out amongst the others. A beautiful Thai lady of 24 years in age wanting to know if I was interested in emailing with her. Was I interested? Yes I was! I started to correspond with her on a regular basis and even at work I chatted with her on MSN messenger. She was a University graduate and was working as an office manager for a farang boss. Living together with her brother and his girlfriend and had just broken up a serious relationship with her Aussie boyfriend. I felt almost immediately connected to her and spent hours exchanging thoughts. Then the moment of that first phone call came and I was struck by the beautiful soft voice. Her English was very good and I could spend all evening talking to her.

I made arrangements for going to Thailand during the first weeks of August 2001 and she was willing to meet me at Don Muang Airport. After a long flight my plane landed and I was welcomed by the hot and humid Thai weather. My heart was pounding in my chest so heavily that I thought everybody could hear it and they might mistake the sound for some sort of terrorist bomb with a timing mechanism ready to go off. But luckily I cleared customs without any troubles and walked over to the domestic airport (long live the sky bridge). I arrived there and had to wait another three hours before meeting the woman of my dreams. She was absolutely gorgeous and I knew right away that this was the woman I would want to become my wife.

We hugged and she gave me a smack afterwards because she promised to do so (I had made some teasing remarks over the phone and she would get me back for that). So I was in love and hurt at the same time. We took a plane back to Phuket and she drove me around in her little green car which she lovingly called Panda. We checked into a nice hotel near Patong Beach and went for a stroll on the boulevard. After a while we sat down on one of those reclining beach chairs and watched the sun set down. That first night we had great sex and afterwards she had to return home because I did not think it was appropriate for her to spend the night with me. The next day I was sunbathing and swimming in the pool and waited for my Thai angel to pick me up after finishing her work. We loved every moment being together and I had already booked a second trip to Thailand in December.

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In December we raced the King’s Cup Regatta together since she had some good connections with a couple of yachties and we really had a great time. The second week we went down South to Satun to meet up with her parents and we expressed our love for each other and I asked her parents for her hand. Then came the big issue of the dowry and I was kind of puzzled how to solve this issue. Her parents asked me if I was rich enough to support her and how much money I was willing to spend. The dowry was initially set to 1 million baht! Jeez Louise… a million baht! What kind of perception do these people have? So we avoided the whole issue and just went on planning how to get her to Holland. We had already started the whole visa mumbo jumbo right before my trip to Thailand in December 2001 and with a lot of patience and some good preparations the whole process took a little bit more than three months. In March 2002 I returned to Thailand and went with my fiancée up North to Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai and Mae Sai. We had a lot of fun backpacking and staying in cheap guest houses and halfway our trip we got the great news that she was allowed to travel to Holland. So we changed our plans and the last week we spend in Bangkok. First we stayed at Kao San Road and quickly decided to find a cheap hotel closer to the BTS. We moved to the Niagara Hotel which turned out to be a curtain hotel (no wonder we had such a hard time finding a taxi driver that wanted to take us there…) and stayed there for an entire week. I guess the hotel staff did not know what kind of people we were and were surprised every time we came in again together (a farang with the same girl for an entire week?)

During that week we visited the Dutch Embassy and also went to have some fun. I wanted to explore the tourist attractions including Patpong and Nana Plaza. And we both had a good time watching the shows and seeing the gogo girl do their best on stage, knowing that afterwards we would be going to the hotel and have great sex.

In May 2002 my fiancée came to Holland and we got married on August 30th 2002. We had a wonderful wedding (partially Dutch, partially Thai) with her friends and family coming over from Thailand. The dowry was settled as getting the parents here to Holland for a two week trip and everybody seems to be happy with that arrangement. Right now she is doing very well in becoming a Dutch citizen and we are very happy together.

The reason for writing this story is that next to all the sad stories about bargirls and how they only do it for the money and cannot express real love, is that there are numerous Thai ladies who are sincere, have a good education and are willing to meet farang guys. So if anybody out there is seeking sincere love and not some money costing bargirl scam, then do not hesitate and try to get into touch with honest Thai ladies that have absolutely nothing to do with the sex industry. They are more than willing to give you a good time and take good care of you for as long as you like (for the rest of your live if they can persuade you into that). Just place an ad in any newspaper and just see huge pile of the replies. Filter them for the right kind of woman and go for the big one.

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You can never get a better woman than a Thai woman. They are so kind, gentle, caring and loving, but never underestimate their own will. They are very strong in their heads and usually have a good idea about what they want in life.

Thus ends my contribution to your good website. I agree with you that bargirls are wonderful creatures that deserve a good life and need to be treated with respect, but if you can stay away from them and meet other Thai women, then you will have a much better way of finding true happiness.

Stickman says:

Well done. I hope you and your wife have a wonderful life together.

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