Stickman Readers' Submissions March 19th, 2003

The Fate Of My Three Bargirls

The Fate Of My 3 Bargirls


The fate of my 3 bar girls- In my time in the kingdom I have gotten to know only 3-4 BG quite well. Here are their tragic stories.

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I first arrived in Thailand 5 years ago next month. Thailand was the last leg of a Southeast Asian business trip and I was exhausted after 6 weeks of hotels, meetings, and uncharted cities. I needed a break! The only good thing is I was handling it better than my business partner who spent the first 3 days in Thailand sleeping 12 hours a day, trying to recoup. Waking up one morning, I decided to let my partner sleep and headed down to breakfast. Sitting alone at my table, I noticed a guy in a similar situation at the table next to me. I can't remember who struck up the conversation but it was a conversation that changed the entire course of my life. (Yep, that guy truly is the devil!Stick) Amazing how one little thing does that. Where would I be if I decided to sleep in that morning? Who would I be? This young kiwi at the next table had just flown into Bangkok and was planning to spend one year here. With an RSA in hand, money in his pocket he was ready to tackle the big mango. He asked me if I had been down to Patpong yet. No, I replied not having a clue that a Patpong was. Well he would show me later that night if I wanted. Anything sounded better than another meeting with another VP of another company. It was time to explore.

Walking down the soi with my new kiwi friend, I was amazed to learn that this guy spoke and wrote Thai. Just what I needed, someone who could guide me in unknown areas. It was a welcome break. Heading up to Queen Castle 2 bar, I was shocked at what I saw. Naked girls doing all kinds of rude and wonderful things. I was having the time of my life. Both of us had women all over us. I was amazed at what was happening around me. Then I spotted her, the most beautiful women I had ever seen! Long, sleek black hair, the perfect hour glass shape, stunning face. She seemed to notice my awe and approached me. We hit it off straight away. Not knowing the protocol of such an establishment I just played it day by day. Never heard of a bar fine nor short time. We ended up spending the rest of my trip together. Never asked for money and I did not know I was supposed to give! We just grew closer and closer. Travelling around Thailand brought our friendship to a much higher level. It was very difficult to say goodbye. Leaving her at the hotel, I promised I would return one day and would keep in touch.

During that year, I learned all I could about Thailand. Reading Trink and online articles about it. My Kiwi friend even started a homepage about his adventures on a private geocities page. The Stickman’s Guide to Bangkok it was called – basically a personal webpage with some information on Thailand. One year later the day came that my company wanted a follow-up trip to Thailand. Hmm… Better make it one way, as I planned to stay there 6 months to a year.

I had finally arrived in Thailand, mid April 1999 was the day and I was scared shitless. Scared of the unknown and what the future held for me in this country. Meeting up with my kiwi friend, we decided to go back to QC2 bar at Patpong. As soon as I reached the top of the stairs I heard this screech. “Whosyourdaddy, WYD WYD “ said this little Thai lady of 39 Kg. It was lao, the best friend of my stunner. Wow I was impressed, they remembered me. I was in heaven. But in life you must take the ups with the downs, my mother always told me. My stunner was so excited to see me, but told me that should can not go with any men anymore since she was dating the DJ at the go-go bar. I was truly, truly heart broken. All this way, for nothing. All those letters, for nothing.. All those phone calls, for nothing. I felt like I was about to cry. Fucking hell!!!!

A few months later, my kiwi friend and I were walking down Sukumvit in front of the Thermae bar. My kiwi friend was explaining that his girlfriend hated it when he gave Buddha a not so high wai and proceeded to show me.. Well out of the blue, comes this little Thai girl with a lot of spunk. She proceeded to berate my friend for his actions.. I was laughing my ass off. I liked this girl, she definitely had some balls. We followed her into the Thermae and had a wonderful night with her. She was great. She asked me if I wanted to go to her place for the night. Wow, what an offer. We proceeded to have the best night of passion in my entire life. This lady was insatiable, and could not get enough. 8 times was a new record for both of us in a 12 hour period. It was amazing. We continued to see each other for a month or so. She quit working and decided she would become a singer. I supported her decision and went to watch her on stage most nights. But the day came when her Swedish sponsor returned. We both knew it was over between us and went on our way.

The last BG I ever knew was a Rainbow One girl. Ending up at her apartment for the weekend was one of the most educational times in Thailand. She taught me so much about Thai language and culture in those 48 hours. She was excited as me with her new find. Running around her apartment with a big smile on her face, giggling away saying “box-ee-da, Box-ee-da. Mee fan box-ee-da” Later to learn that box-ee-da is the word for a white person in Lao. We continued to remain friends. She would stop by for dinner once a week before work. We had fun!

All three of these girls have a special part in my heart. They supported me in a strange country and taught me about myself as well as about the kingdom.

Unfortunately all stories don’t have a happy ending. The follow-up…

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Tonight I was out and about with some friends and sitting outside on Sukumvit eating some corn when I girl came up behind me and asked if I was WYD? Turning around, I did not recognize anyone. Then this extremely chubby girl looks up at me and asks if I remember her. Shit no, but I do recognize the voice. It was Lao, the previously 39 Kg girl who used to work at QC2 and was the friend of my first Thai girl. I was so shocked to see her as she had moved to Germany 4 years ago. I asked her how my stunner was doing. Well she explained that she wanted to see her but she did not have time to visit her as she was only in Thailand for a short time. Ahh where is she, I asked? In police jail was the answer. Has been there for 2 years on drug related charges. Shit. My heart sunk.. How could that be? She had the world in her hands as well as my heart a few years ago, and now she is rotting in some Thai prison. Here her best friend is very well fed, enjoying the European food and lifestyle with her family. And the stunner is eating rice and cockroaches for supper. Lao and I just stood there looking at each other, knowing exactly how the other one is feeling but truly lost for words at the fate of our friend. That got me thinking about the other BG that I knew.

The spunky, passionate women who was my second has been dealt just as bad a hand in life. Her passion for sex finally caught up to her and she is now HIV positive.

My Rainbow One girl is now working back at Rainbow One. Started just a few weeks ago, after a 2-3 year sabbatical to raise a kid who she was impregnated with by a Malay customer. She has returned to the scene until the father sends money for her and the baby to emigrate to Malaysia. But there seems to be too many hurdles in her path so she continues to slave away in the bars.

People always ask what happens to bar girls after they leave the scene. Well for my three Thai BG, they have all suffered the consequences of the profession and their choices. I met these girls between 1999 and 1999. A few years later and all three have devastated lives. I am sure many girls have a similar fate, or is it just my luck..? Thank goodness, I left the scene years ago, my heart could not take the fate of any more friends.

Stickman says:

That's what happens when you get involved with young Kiwis… But seriously, this is a very sad story. I have always said that it would take a few years in country to be able to work out just what happens to girls who stay in the industry for a long time. This story represents the sad reality of prostitution…

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