Stickman Readers' Submissions March 11th, 2003

Relationships With Real Thai Women

I have an interesting story that I have got to share with you, telling of just how some Thai women can fall in love too quick, and become a touch too obsessed!

I am currently back in England, but recently spent 8 months living in Thailand, most of which was spent down in Koh Samui. After being there only a short time I became friendly with a local girl who worked in a shop. As things progressed, I started to see more and more of her, and we became boyfriend and girlfriend. She was a lovely girl, very pretty and caring, but after a few weeks I had a niggling feeling that she was becoming just a little bit too serious, too quickly!

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I have got a lot of friends who own many of the bars down in Samui, both Farang and Thai, and we all used to "hang out" together, so my new girlfriend soon became part of the gang. Everything was going really well, then I started to notice that when I went out for an evening on my own with the lads, my girlfriend would appear after finishing work, just to see what I was up to. Now having gone out with numerous farang girls back home, this was not an experience unique to Thailand, so I didn't think too much of it, as some women are naturally suspicious! (with no reason, I might add!)

Anyway, as the relationship continued, this became more and more common place, and in fact a bit of a standing joke between my friends. Where will she turn up tonight? What time will she appear? Who will be the one to spot her first peering through a crowd at us? It became so ridiculous the winner even got a drink for seeing her first! I decided that after overlooking this for quite a time, I would ask her just why she would follow me around when I was out with my friends, to which the reply came that she only came to look for me because she loved me so much and just wanted to see me having fun with my friends! Now I know that Thai women are very different to Farang women, and I had tried very hard to account for this, but I thought this to be a little obsessive. I had tried to make it work, we spoke Thai to each other and not English, she never wanted for anything, and apart from the spying thing, all was just fine. I asked her to stop following me around so much, and she agreed and apologised.

For a week or so everything was great but it soon started again, so I came up with a cunning plan to let her know that she had started to stalk me again! I arranged an evening out with a handful of my friends and their respective Thai girlfriends and wives. We all met up in a friend's bar before heading off to a local beach party. Now being very sly, I had already spoken to all of my friends partners and asked them to drop into conversation with my girlfriend the fact that I really really liked her and thought that the relationship could go a long way, as long as the obsessive behaviour was curbed. I know I could be accused of avoiding addressing the problem myself, but I thought that if it came from some other Thai girls, that may have a more positive result. Anyway, the night started off well and we were all having a good time, apart from my girlfriend. She seemed to be a bit "spikey", and scowled at me a couple of times when I was chatting to other Thai girls. Everyone else picked up on this and told me that she was burning a hole in the back of my head with her gaze every time I spoke to someone other than herself! Another factor that may have affected her behaviour was that she was experiencing that "special time" of a woman's month, when in some women all Rhyme and Reason can go flying out of the window! Not being a stranger to this as a Farang girlfriend I once had nearly punched her way through a brick wall once during an argument, I tip-toed on eggshells.

As the night went on we all jumped on our motorbikes, and headed for the beach party. On arrival we headed toward our usual spot to take in the sights, saying hello to friends as we worked our way through the crowd, which seemed to rile her even more as quite a few greetings were from women, both Thai and Farang. After about an hour of partying she was having little digs at me, left right and centre, so I decided to call an end to it and go home. I grabbed the bad tempered one, and headed toward the car park. After finding the motorbike I headed toward my house, all the time getting abuse in my ear. So picture the scene, I have had a bad night, the girlfriend has been having sly digs at me constantly, I have been embarrassed in front of all my friends, and my fuse is becoming shorter and shorter. So after one particularly nasty dig suggesting that I was playing away from home, I stopped the motorbike in the middle of the road. I turned round and told her that if she didn't stop this nonsense I would turn the motorbike around and take her to her house, and I would go back to mine without her. She said sorry, so I continued again toward my place. Not a mile farther down the road she had another go. So true to my word I stopped the bike again, turned round and started heading toward her house. Sensing what I had done and the direction in which we were now travelling, she started to cry. I was not in the mood now, and said we would sort it out in the morning, which is when she completely surprised me. We were travelling at about 40 mph, when all of a sudden the bike went light and jumped forward. I hit the brakes hard and came to a stop immediately, and turned round to be greeted by the sight of my beautiful girlfriend bouncing down the road like a bowling ball! She had launched herself off the back of the bike and was tearing down the road on her bum and various other parts of her body! I jumped off the bike, picked her up, sat her in front of me on the bike, and tore back to my place. When we got there I carried her inside, lay her on the bed and then proceeded to patch her up with my first aid kit. She had grazes on her bum, arms, forehead and knees, a right sight! She was hysterical and crying still, so I put her to bed after calming her down, and thankfully she slept.

In the morning I took her to the local hospital and got her various wounds properly patched up, as I am no Florence Nightingale when it comes to dressing wounds, then took her to her house. I got there and asked her why she had thrown herself off the bike to which she replied "if I couldn't stay with you for the night, then I would rather have died!" Not the words of a rational woman, I hope you agree!!

Well for me this was the icing on the cake. I then decided to end the relationship which was easier said than done. Luckily I had not moved her into my house which looking back was a God send. She decided that she was going to head back upcountry to go back to her parents, and we remained friends.

About three weeks after she had left I started to go out with an absolutely gorgeous restaurant manager that I had met through friends. I was playing the perfect gentleman, out for romantic meals, walks on the beach, shopping trips, the full monty. I was really into this girl, and she was with me. So after a few weeks I took her out on a Saturday night for some food then a few drinks. During the night, I had asked the new girlfriend if she wanted to come back and stay at my house for the first time. She agreed, and we went home. After a very romantic night I was woken with the sound of my front door being knocked. I got up, put some clothes on, and went to investigate who was banging my front door down at 8.30 AM. You guessed it, it was the ex-girfriend on my doorstop! She had flown down from Bangkok to see what I had been doing with myself! You can imagine her delight when she looked down to the floor and seen not only my shoes, but those of a woman's as well! She went straight into a mad fit, shouting a screaming, but I managed to calm her, and packed her off to her friend's house. As I went back into my house I was greeted with the sight of the new girlfriend sat on the end of my bed, fully clothed, bag in hand, saying nothing but "I think you should take me home". I tried to explain that she was my ex-girlfriend, and that she was mad as a hatter, but she was having none of it. I took her home as she asked, then did as every self respecting English bloke does when faced with a relationship problem, and went on a bender with a mate of mine! I had gone from having a beautiful, intelligent girlfriend whom I really liked, to having absolutely nothing, all in the space of 5 minutes of answering the front door on a Sunday morning!! That was a bad day.

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It did actually turn out ok in the end, after a couple of well timed bouquets of roses and cards and chocolates, and we ended up living together full time. But it nearly went a very different way.

I thought i would share this experience with you to show just how some Thai women can get a little bit too much too quick! Oh yes, and also how you should always take a taxi and not your motorbike on a night out!

Hope you liked the story, I have got more, but this is one of the most bizarre!!

Stickman says:

Thai women seem to have a far greater propensity for inflicting damage upon themselves as per your girlfriend jumping off a moving bike. Being dumped, rejected, or simply not getting their own way can send them into a temper tantrum. That is one of the reasons I suggest people take it slowly in relationships with Thai women. If there are any such red flags, call it off there before things get serious.

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