Stickman Readers' Submissions March 11th, 2003

Meeting Girls Online

By Kiwi B

With the interest in your web site regarding relationships with good Thai girls, particularly on the internet, I thought I'd write down my experiences for you to use on your site.

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Firstly a bit of background. My first trip to Thailand was several years ago and was solely for the purposes of meditation and attending retreats at various farang oriented wats around the country. I stayed for 5 months, didn't learn a lot of Thai but I feel I picked up a good understanding of the culture.

My second trip was a couple of years later, was intended for the same purpose but a Thai friend I had met the first trip introduced me to a nice Thai lady and wammo! She was a good Thai girl working as a computer technician, quite independent from her family which is part of the reason why I was able to move in with her after only a few days. I stuck at it in Bangkok for six months and tried to earn a little money teaching English until I finally got sick of the city and the difficulties living there. I made the effort to learn some Thai this time.

When I was home I made a few Thai friends here and one introduced me to a Thai lady who lives here, because her parents do, and was studying and working part time and was 13 years younger than me. She said she didn't like farang, after a few weeks with me she said, you make me like farang. I think she thought I was cute cause I could speak some Thai, knew some of the culture, I'm not sure what else as she was way out of my league in the looks department. After 5 months she left me for a young Thai guy… mai pen rai.

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After that I figured I needed a trip back to Thailand, maybe I'd find somebody else, maybe not. I contacted women on the internet through an IRC program and over the next 4 or 5 months spent a lot of time meeting and getting to know them. In the end I had 91 on my contact list after deleting the really really boring ones, of those about 10-15 I would chat to regularly and consider friends. I learned a lot more Thai by chatting in karaoke to these people.

By the time 2 month holiday arrived I felt pretty confident that one in particular was just the one I was looking for, but I wasn't holding my breath and advised her not to as well, my past experiences meeting farang girls from the internet were very disappointing.

But before I say more on that here are some tips on meeting Thai girls on the internet;

– Never ever ever bring up the subject of sex, and if they do just act sweet and innocent,
– Always tell the truth, just because they aren't as complex as us westerners they aren't stupid and they do appreciate honesty, even if the truth is something you aren't proud of,
– Learn Thai language and the Thai mindset,
– Be funny, and cute,
– Ask them for advice, especially about Thailand and relationships with Thai women, they love to help.

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Anyway when I arrived in Bangkok the one that I felt good about was even better than I hoped and the feeling was mutual, but because of difficulties with her ex boyfriend she went back upcountry to sort that out while I stayed in Bangkok and had the opportunity to meet the others. I was very open and honest with my new found girlfriend that I had other friends here to meet, and though uncomfortable she appreciated my honesty.

So while in BKK all up I met about 18 other girls. To blow a few stereotypes, only two insisted on bringing a friend, many were a little late but only one so late that it annoyed me, most insisted on paying half, many wanted to pay for me, very few expected me to pay for everything, all up I think they were more generous than farang women. Another point to note in all this time not one girl has asked me for money, I guess part of the reason could be is I'm pretty quick to drop contact with someone I think is on the prowl for a rich farang benefactor. Most were helpful and interested when I talked about my new girlfriend, a few were noi jai, but all in all I made some new friends and many of them met my girlfriend when she was back in BKK.

Anyway, the girl I found is everything I wanted, intelligent and articulate as any farang girl, and a lot better looking, loyal and attentive as any Thai, and qualified in a medical profession. I stayed in her family home when I went to her hometown and her family were very kind to me and love me like their own, mainly because of my interest in Buddhism, adaptation to their culture, honesty, and sense of humour. They are middle class, they aren't interested in my money, and are reasonably well off though have cash flow problems with their business at times.

The boyfriend she broke up with to be with me is 11 years younger than me, taller and a lot better looking, and a lot richer than me belonging to one of the richest families in their province. However he is a narrow minded mummy's boy, and had started to jao choo.

As far as sex goes all three of my past Thai girlfriends put out much quicker than I expected, and I think that is mainly because they knew I was interested in a genuine relationship and not sex for the sake of sex.

The other thing you'll notice is I never got involved in the bar scene, that's never ever, and I think most Thai people can tell I'm not the type to get involved in that and respect me for it.

Much as I disagree with many Thai cultural norms I can act outwardly in accordance with them, I'm lucky my girlfriend can listen to reason when I tell her aspects of her culture I don't like or don't want to conform to.

Anyway, so there's my 2c worth on meeting good Thai girls, I hope it's helpful.

Stickman says:

Many relationships start this way these days. Congrats on finding someone nice!

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