Stickman Readers' Submissions July 24th, 2002


Several months ago I had an experience that really got me thinking about the kinds of financial and legal responsibilities we Farangs can unknowingly and unintentionally incur here in Thailand. I was lying in bed with a very healthy-looking 20 year-old bar girl and noticed she was pressing her hand to her chest and quietly crying. I asked what the matter was, and she told me it was "just" chest pains that she experiences fairly regularly- once a month or so. Then she went on to explain that her father died at the age of 30 from a heart attack! She said she was afraid she may have inherited his heart condition and that she too might die an early death. I asked why she didn't go to a doctor and get tested (E.K.G., etc.), and she replied that she was scared of the truth and preferred not to know. I thought at first of encouraging her to get checked out and to offer to pay for the tests, then quickly reconsidered: What if the doctor said she was in dire need of some costly medical procedure? What would I say? I barely know the girl, yet how could I say to her, "Well, now you know. Good luck coming up with the money to pay for treatment!" I would be in a terrible spot. And yes, if she couldn't get some sort of life-saving treatment, then she probably would be better off not knowing. Then another thought occurred to me: What if the poor girl were to have a heart attack and die in my room? Would I be suspected of murder? Imagine trying to explain to the Thai cops that this sprightly young lass of 20 died because of a congenital heart defect! Sure, they'd believe me! Uh, huh! Right. Of course there would be a proper inquest done with a complete autopsy, the results of which would exonerate me- or? This is Thailand remember. Plus, the police and the judges may not feel overly-sympathetic towards a sex-tourist in bed with a fresh young cadaver half his age! Now, you are probably thinking, "Gee, what a terrible situation; but so unlikely. The chances of something like that happening are so rare." Yeah? What about all the guys zooming around on rented motorcycles with bar girls on the back? The Farang driver usually has a flimsy helmet on. The girl on the back is almost always bare-headed. Suppose he crashed the bike and she was severely injured or killed? Can you imagine the charges he might face and the kind of financial compensation he would have to pay? Reckless driving? Involuntary manslaughter? Driving drunk, possibly? Would he spend time in prison? Pay a fine? Compensation to the girl's family? The mind boggles! When you rent a motorbike, are you insured for this kind of thing? I rather doubt it- especially if you are found to be at fault for the accident (and how often in Thailand is the Farang found to be at fault?). Hey, here's another one: Suppose you fall asleep in your beachside bungalow and are lucky enough to wake up in time to escape the conflagration caused by your neglected cigarette or candle. There's a strong enough sea breeze blowing to quickly spread the flames to all the nearby huts. Even supposing nobody gets injured or killed, how are you going to pay for the entire bungalow operation you just burned to the ground? Am I crazy for thinking of these things?

One more possibility that comes to mind right now is the risk of being implicated along with a bar girl for drug use. I NEVER do drugs or go near anyone who does if I can help it. But, users can be very secretive and you just never know what that bar girl may be carrying in her purse. I remember one time a bar girl I had with me spent an awful long time in my bathroom. When she finally came out, I thought I detected a funny odour and her behaviour was changed. She was really hyper-active and acting like a nymphomaniac; however, during the sex she didn't seem to be quite mentally present. Although I had planned on having her with me all night, after sex I made an excuse and asked her to leave early instead (she did not protest!). I do not want any contraband substance in my room, nor do I want to sleep with anyone who is high on that shit. Relating back to the first anecdote (the gal with the heart condition), a little too much "yah bah" (methamphetamine) can cause even a healthy heart to race to the point of "redline" and the user can die of a heart attack. This stuff is not produced to pharmaceutical standards of purity and dosage.

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Stickman says:

There are more dangers with bargirls than many folks care to realise…and these are just some of them.

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