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Stickman Readers' Submissions May 24th, 2002

They’re All Liars

I came to Thailand eight months ago and currently reside in the city of Korat. I work part-time teaching English and part time for my Government (USA). I can honestly say that I have yet to meet a Thai woman who is honest. I can safely say that ALL the Thai women that I have met are liars, even the ones that do NOT work in the bars! The sad thing is that a lot of them truly believe that I am unaware that they are lying to me. I'm 39 years old and have had a lot of experience with Thai women. It is a fact, they do NOT love the Farang. They are looking for some lovesick white man to take care of them. And it is sad that most of them will sell their soul to find a farang. These women lack integrity, education, ethics, etc. I am totally convinced that lying is a an accepted part of the Thai culture. They think only of their daily needs and nothing else. They are the most impatient people I have ever met. Take a look at how they drive. Ever wonder why there
are so many accidents here in the land of smiles?

Another thing that really bothers me is this "butterfly" concept. Personally I think it's the biggest crock of shit ever. I use to stay at the Iyara Hotel here in Korat and on many occasions would SIT with the ladies in the cafe. I never once had sex with any of them. I enjoyed just talking with them. I then began to learn that I was considered Jow Joo or butterfly. Why? Because in their eyes, me sitting with different ladies meant that I was a womanizer, even though I never had sex with ANY of them. Now let's look at it from another angle. I asked one of the girls why it was okay for her and her friends to sit with many Thai men but not okay for me to sit with ladies? She told me "it's my job." Oh I see, a job that you were forced into huh? They will rationalize and convince themselves that it's okay to do this, or sleep with a Thai man. Get this, the women in the Karaoke bar in the Iyara hotel ALL have boyfriends or are married. How do I know? My current girlfriend use to work there and I became quite close with all of her co-workers. She told me that many of them sleep with Thai men for money because their boyfriend is in Bangkok at the moment. Therefore, it is okay to them? Jesus! Can you see any logic in this?

He Clinic Bangkok

I also would like to warn you about this hotel if any of you ever stay there. ALWAYS check your bill (checkbin) very carefully. On many occasions I have seen a "misc." charge ranging from 500-600 baht. When I asked what this charge was for I have gotten responses from "singer order necklace" or "mai pen rai." Of course I have NEVER paid the "misc" charge ever. This is total bullshit. I think it's almost like a game to them trying to see how much they can attempt to steal from the farang. I even once started dialling the police (191) because they tried to overcharge me. When they say that I was serious, they quickly said, okay okay okay, you no pay, mai pen rai.

You have to constantly be on the guard here in this country. Korat is NO different than any of the places here. My advice to anyone who wants a Thai girlfriend is to GET HER out of the bar and forbid her any contact with the bar business. Even then the odds are against you. My current girlfriend has already threatened on several occasions to go to Ko Samui to work. I always tell her "go ahead, I'll just find a new girlfriend." That usually quietens her down. Honestly, it's damn hard to have a serious relationship with a Thai woman. Aside from the language barrier, they are not like us. They do NOT think like us. All of these stories I have read here all share a common theme. I use to be skeptical at first, but after living here now for sometime, I believe all of them 100%. For the first time farang visiting Thailand….just have fun with the women and DO NOT get serious with them. Remember when they are doing having sex with you, they are off with the next guy. They sell you their pussy not their heart.

Stickman says:

It can be difficult to find the right girl, and I often wonder whether looking in the poorer places (and Korat is most certainly not rich) is the right way to go. They don't all lie – and in fact many of my students in the past have said to me "mai chop khon gohok" – I don't like people who lie. Honesty is not valued quite the same in Thailand, as it is in the West, but you CAN find honest Thais. Don't give up.