Stickman Readers' Submissions October 18th, 2001

My 21 Years

By Belgian Boy

Hi all you guys reading this forum from Stickman. I'm addicted to his site as well, and having visited the far East many times over for the last 21 years, I would like to share some of the experiences I had in various countries in that neighbourhood. As you can see from my nickname, I'm a guy from Belgium, country very famous for diamonds, Bruges, chocolates and guys like me….. I'm 46 years, an engineer, and a very seasoned traveller. Indeed, the first time out there was in May 1980 and luckily my first stop was in Bangkok, City of Angels and many other good stuff. Since then I have done all of the far East countries, even North Korea, and some countries like LOS on a very regularly basis, more than 70 times…. I'm not too tall, not too fat, not too old, still all my hair but greyish, and apparently well liked by the opposite sex. Apparently what they like most about me are my eyes. What more can I say? Also I have a beard, very short trimmed and mostly grey as well, girls fall for this, it is sooooo attractive….. In some parts of China where I went, they saw a beard only on television, never in real life, believe me, everybody needed to touch my beard, very funny but boring after a while….. One of my cardinal rules is that the girl (or girls) must approach me, I never go around and pick one. This rule helped me very well in the past, and I can recommend this to all of you. You take your time, and you'll see that they will approach you, the ones that do this will not dislike you, unless they really are very hungry for your money. On the other hand, I had a lot of freebies over the years with girls that actually liked me, although one time after a few days she started nagging me about money and supporting her family, I was quicker than my shadow to get away from her….

He Clinic Bangkok

My very first visit to the City of Angels in the land of Smiles was in may of 1980! To situate this in the right context, remember that Vietnam was just a few years out of the war, the Khmer were killing all intellectuals and most others as well, AIDS was just invented, and an air-con was a real luxury. Time was more readily available, no mobile phones, no e-mail, no internet, even no faxes yet! People were less hurried and took more time to do things and talk to each other more. Bangkok was a lot smaller, streets were already jammed with traffic, but all bikes and motorbikes. No motorways, lots of tuk-tuks, lots of busses, very few cars. Taxis were not metered, spending a long time negotiating your fare before the ride. Lots of hotels without air-con or even a television, sometimes only a radio was available, and a TV only in the lobby or in a TV room.

When you travelled – say for 3 weeks – you had maybe 2 or 3 contacts with your office, forget about calling home or the wife, no fat chance! Urgent business was done by telex. At that time I was employed by an international inspection company situated in Switzerland and I was travelling an average of 10 to 10 1/2 months per year. I changed that 10 years ago and I'm now self-employed, and hence now I choose when and where I wish or need to travel to… I arrived at Bangkok airport after a very long flight of 18 hours, from Brussels via Istanbul and Delhi. Passing immigration, luggage and out on the street to a company car to bring me to the hotel, the Sheraton if I remember correctly. Arriving there, chicken, receiving my key, going up to the room. Opening the door, entering and through very tired eyes seeing something moving in the bed. Going closer, I notice a pretty face on the sheets smiling at me and welcoming me to join her. My-my is this how it is done in Thailand?? For sure I'll come back for more!! Anyway, closing the door, asking if she spoke English, and yes, she did very well indeed! She was a welcome present from the company that invited our services, sort of a bribe. Did I care she was a bribe, she was already unwrapped and slipped so easily in my arms. So she did all the usual routine with me, undressing, showering, massage and a nice boom-boom to top it off!

It was the first time with a Thai girl, it still feels today like the best sex I ever had. It happened that I also had lots of free time the next few days, so Bee (her name) took me around to visit the various temples, the palace, the water market, and more. She even took me to Patpong to show me around, like a good professional guide she was! Every other free minute and all nights we spend inside the 4 walls of my hotel room. We did spend on and off about 2 weeks together, always meeting in our time, at that time it was the greatest of all my experiences, my soul was eternally lost to this beautiful country! She called me Jai Dee, a name others later on used as well. She was my very very first girl and I have never seen her again, and I hope life was kind to her, I for sure will never forget her. Since then, many have passed the revue, but they are other stories….

CBD bangkok

Speaking to her and to the local Thai guys hiring my services, it was my understanding that in earlier times, when travelling and arriving in a village, one was always offered company to sleep with. Not only was it a form of politeness, on the other hand it helped to mix the genes as well and reinforce the strength of that particular village. It also gave that particular village more face towards other villages. Also the Buddhist attitude towards rendering favours and helping people helps understanding their attitude towards sex, and even towards their gentle attitude towards the sex industry. Since then, I've been well over 70 times to the most beautiful of all far East countries, last in May and September of this year, and I'm sure I'll be back many more times. The bottom line here is that every time I arrive in Bangkok, each and every pore of my body shouts that I'm home!

I had a chance to be in North Korea in 1995 for a quick visit and I had a close encounter with the professional ladies there. Everything you have heard and seen about this country is true and more! They should simply turn out the light and close the door, awful all. There is only one rule : all is from the government, and all comes from them, understand the leading party and the local leaders, all the rest does not count. The hotel was large, cold, grey and very drab, check-in downstairs, and passport taken away at a desk on your floor, exactly like Russia in their good days. I was invited for dinner, and afterwards disco ( yes a disco ! ) were apparently the top guys came for their entertainment. All the girls there were really in a very poor state, both physically and mentally as well. One guy was bragging girls were queuing to work there, so they impose an age limit of maximum 20 years old, I don't know how young they can start though….

One could easily see that there was no spark in the eyes, drab hair, poor clothes, underfed, and worse. At a certain time, girls were assigned to us, I forgot her name, but 'mine' was a really poor thing. She did speak a little English, and I had to take her to the room where she puts a finger on my lips, as apparently others were listening as well. To make this sad story short, let me say that she stayed 3 full days in my room, I fed her well, she washed her clothes, I bought her some new ones, she slept nearly all the time, and I did not touch her once, although she was afraid that I would give her a bad report to her superiors. Comparing her to professionals in other countries, I feel very sad as she had no option and no future in a country like that. I hope she is well, but I sincerely doubt this after what she did tell me. This only proves me the total bankruptcy of the communist system.

Vietnam is another country which I have visited often, the first time was as early as 1985. One could walk forever in Saigon (I use the name of Saigon instead of Hochiminh City) and never meet other Farangs at all. On the other hand, locals were sometimes very surprised to see one, and at checkpoints long controls were unavoidable as bribes were not possible yet. Try bribes today and see how quick and smooth everything is solved, very funny! Girls in Vietnam are pretty, and generally a little smaller and even more demure than Thai girls. Although, during my last visit there last month I did read an article that the youth has grown over 3 cm over the last 10 years. This is city youth, country youth was only 2 cm in average. They are pretty as hell, lighter skin, but a little more squat. Anyway all kinds and types are available, but it is less well organised than in LOS, and also I find that the girls are too much money oriented, meaning all is about money for them, like boom-boom, pay and bye-bye!! Forget about long time…..forget about kindness, once they have had you, they move on.

wonderland clinic

Comparing Saigon today, I would say that it is about Bangkok 15 to 20 years ago, except that Saigon was mostly built and organised by the French leaving many wide lanes with large trees, something that Bangkok does not have. The traffic is horrible, just like it used to be in Bangkok : so many motorbikes, so many more bikes, very few cars and busses. Pollution is bad as well, all fumes from old buses and the uncountable motorbikes. Enough of this, and move to the nightlife you are shouting! ok.

The scene is much different than in LOS, as stated before, they are out for your money and you have to be very careful. I also found out that if you don't have a condom with you, they will not even bother. For the bareback riders it is still paradise there! The girls will also do anything you want as long as you ask for it in advance and you both agree to the financial aspect beforehand. What I have not seen is 2 or more girls….., then again there are enough other options.

A lot of prostitution is done right in the streets, so please beware of that and do stay well clear of all that. Do remember it is still a communist country and police and army are still omnipresent and omnipotent. I would not care to be arrested there and having to confront the authorities, it happened to me once…. I was in a taxi that got into an accident with a biker, I got arrested because if I was not in that taxi, the accident would likely not have happened. Luckily I had my passport with me and enough money for backshish. Also present are many bars, all dispersed in district 1 (city is divided in 8 districts, no 1 being right in the center), some bars are pool bars, some have some karaoke rooms as well. Mostly all in poor condition, some nice girls, but mostly not really much life there. Also it may take several hundreds of meters between bars, guys you are not used to this, right? Then you have the clubs, situated over town, some even in the large hotels. Most of them cater to the Koreans, some to the Taiwanese and Chinese, but all 'accept' farangs as business is still business. They will all overcharge you, some even charging you $ 10 because you dare sit at a table, each girl wants her drink, but the club will also charge her time with you, and you are expected to tip her as well… If you are lucky, you might find a girl who speaks a little English, and if you really like her, yes you can take her back to your hotel. Most hotels will accept the company, but : they will charge you a separate room for her!! Be aware of that. About prices I can be quick : all in good US dollars, and equivalent to Bangkok, but in my humble view less quality for value if you calculate the club, the drinks, the taxi, the hotel and the girl. Basically if you are spoiled by Thailand, don't move to Vietnam as you'll likely be very disappointed.

I had some freebies as well in Saigon over the past years, some funny stories as well. Here is what happened to me in 1996 in a new hotel (not named). There was a shopping arcade in the lobby, and I saw a handbag shop next to a foot massage saloon. The shop was manned (or should I say girled?) by a very cute and pretty girl, which I will call here Moon to protect her. So, the first day I walk by and she hails me to buy a handbag for the lady back home, I stop and had a look and said that if the bags were as cute as she was, then yes, I would buy one. She smiled and showed me nearly each bag she had, and I kept saying no all the time. I left and went next door for a foot massage, but when I got out there she was again to bargain with me. At the end I bargained her into dinner (free of handbags) and she agreed. Dinner was great, I forget what I ate, but we did more than eating food, we were literally eating each other with our eyes as contact and touching in public is not really favoured, just like in Thailand. She was even making jokes about sex, and wanted to see me naked and told me all sorts of things she would do with me….should I mention that we skipped dessert? That night I did manage to smuggle her in my room, and we had a great time, and she explained that her boyfriend only wanted to fuck her and not to make love to her, I did, and she enjoyed it as much as I did. I never paid her any money, and it was never mentioned, but after 10 days, it did cost me 2 handbags, a few dinners, and a little gold chain I gave her. I met her again in 1997 and 1998, but she was then already married, unfortunately for her to the same boyfriend, as she got pregnant from the silly bugger. When I think of Moon I still see the beautiful smile and those big black eyes where one could easily drawn in.

During my travels I've been a few times to Japan as well, mostly in Tokyo and Osaka. Last time I was there was in 1992, since then the high days of Japanese economic supremacy are over. Even then prices were scary, I remember a glass of milk at breakfast was invoiced separately at $ 2 / glass, forget about scrambled eggs, you just went for the Japanese breakfast after one day….. Of course, each evening as their honoured guest, I was invited out, always ending at the bars or karaoke bars, with all the mamasans hovering around peddling their girls. One time we went to this most exotic and luxurious bar, all the girls were Farang : from Kiwi- and Kangarooland, US of A, the UK and even a few French girls. Crazy prices : company in the bar was $ 200 / hour, short time $ 1000, long time was immediate bankruptcy…. Sometimes we (always accompanied by my host ! = God forbid I was alone!) went for a massage, which is what in LOS is called a soapy massage. But there is one specialty : the girls don't finish with sex, but only with a handjob or jum-jum, and one finger up your ass stimulating your prostate. Believe me, your stairway to heaven and climax is enhanced more than 10-fold! Apparently it is a local specialty, I have not experienced this elsewhere….

Also I had freebies in Japan travelling on my own. I really do not think that the Japanese girls are the most attractive in the world, but after being there 10 days and longer, even they will become attractive…… One time in the subway, a girl approached me (as a matter of fact she was standing behind me) and asked in very good English if she could touch my beard. To make a long story short, we ended up in her apartment where she shared me with her sister as well…….all because of the beard. That was a very hot weekend! Go to popular places like Planet Hollywood, or ask the hotel what places are "in", go there and hang around, one might get lucky there, for basically 1 reason : they all heard the stories about the Japanese men being smaller and us, Farang, being larger (as opposed to small – no offence meant…), I can only confirm what the girls say afterwards : yes, it is true. These girls are all middle class, and always hang out in groups, so you might want to bring a friend along when chasing there.

Back in the 80s I had a very long job in Singapore working on an inspection job for Shell, and what their employees say is true : Shell is Hell….. I had to be there about the first 10 days of each month for a period over 12 months. One knows the reputation of Singapore, even in the 80s, so I brought books along to keep me busy, as I didn't think the nightlife would be too much to get involved with. However this was not in the plans of this most exquisite beauty of Chinese / English origin working in the office there. I had noticed her watching me as we had opposite desks, but at opposite ends of the office, at least 20 other people were in between us, but each time she looked, I could sense it… She took her time, but in my second visit she came to my desk with some "misplaced" papers, and finally I got her name as well : Jade. One look in her eyes and I got lost….I got my nerve back and just boldly asked her out for dinner : she said yes, but it had to be dinner at her place!!! What!! At her place? With the family? I was screaming inside about all possible traps and already trying to get out of this, when she said she lived alone with a roommate. Whew! Good news, and yes, our date was on! I brought her flowers and the rest of my Belgian chocolate I travel with (most of the time), and frankly I don't remember much about dinner, I do remember I met her roommate only in the morning for breakfast… For appearances I had to keep the hotel room (company paid) but I moved in with her, as we both promised each other that it was 'no strings attached'. She later told me she fell for my eyes and yes…the beard… No strings attached……Hmmm, I was wrong…..I fell in love… Months passed, and very slowly her tentacles enfolded me totally, until I was totally under her spell. Back home I was only counting the days to go back, and when I was with her, I wished I could stop time. At a time we were really contemplating sharing the rest of our life together, however she made it simple for me : although she was a fantastic girl, very liberal and free for her time, she did not want to leave Singapore and her family. I for sure did not want to move to Singapore, and miss the rest of the fun, so we made a clean break. Jade, fantastic times we had together, I miss you, I hope life is good to you.

I travelled many times to mainland China, and certainly not to the larger cities like Shanghai or Peking, although the nightlife there is more than ok. No, my travels – I mean business – took me to smaller cities, although in China smaller means anything from half a million up to 3 million people….. Last year I was in JiaYang, rather close to Hong Kong, about 1 hour flight or 5 hours by car. My agent there picked me up and booked me in the best hotel there was, but I believe there was only one hotel, and it was rather empty (and brand new as well). At the reception it took one guy and two girls to do the check-in, just trying to decipher my passport and visa….. It was promising for what was going to follow : no English talking with anybody for the next 8 days except my agent, he is no fun after a few hours. Anyway, comes nightfall and a customer invites me for dinner. Ok, where? Right here in the hotel? I hope I didn't have to pay for it later…..( I didn't!). So my room is on the 20th floor of the 30 floor hotel, but floors above mine have not yet been finished…. Of course they have to book me on the 20th, it gives everybody more face. Apparently the restaurant is on the 5th floor, but all private rooms, our room is rather large with a huge round table seating at least 16 people. We come in (my agent / translator / sponsor / caretaker) and 6 guys are already there :the customer and his friends and family, all males. With us this makes 8 men, and about 25 girls are lined up against the walls, up to us to choose a table companion. I just asked who spoke English and choose the girl who spoke the best : she knew yes / no / good / money and goodbye. Lots of fun there. Food was brought in in great quantities and varieties and certainly at great speed. Glasses were never empty and all drinks had to be ad fundum (bottoms up). Anyway, some of the girls were extremely pretty, but after dinner they all disappeared… From there, downstairs to the inevitable karaoke club in the same hotel, 8 guys in a large private room, mamasan walks in and showed over 80 girls. Again, same principle : who speaks English, or at least a few words? Dammit! Only one girl spoke decent English, but soooo ugly, at least compared with the pretty ones. Obviously disappointed and showing it, the customer goes to the mamasan and returns with two incredible beauties, which she had hidden away probably for these reasons. However, not a single word of English, not even yes or no… What can one do in this situation? You cannot even ask the girl upstairs or even ask her about money and other stuff. Take my agent back upstairs with a girl to help me translate? Not take a girl and have the customer loose face for this? Or me loose face that I cannot take a girl? Problems! So the evening wears on and Mr Heineken found me a solution : take Miss Pretty upstairs : ok, no problem, but also take Miss Ugly upstairs to translate. So said, so done…. Do note I totally forgot their names, except for Mr Heineken…. So the 3 of us in the room, ok, one more drink, then Miss Pretty goes for her shower, then I go for my shower, while Miss Ugly decided to sit in a chair close to the bed, but (thank you) with her back to the bed. So we start, and Miss Ugly translates all, but it is not really working…. First of all, my 10 word sentences get translated in 10 pages, and the replies get even longer…. Then it is Miss Pretty that is not really performing too well : she looks like a jaguar, but performs like a cheap Jap car. When I start complaining very politely, Miss Ugly suggests to switch places. What you mean? Now Miss Pretty will translate???? And what about Miss Ugly? No, she meant she would shower and have sex with me…. I was now drunk and too horny to say no, so ok… Well it turned out that she looked like a cheap car, but man, could she drive! You know what is better than a jaguar? Two jaguars! Until then Miss Pretty was still there watching us with bored eyes, and I hope she learned something. I paid for Miss Pretty, and fell asleep with Miss Ugly, and she got me started again in the morning… She later explained me the difference in her view : because she was not pretty, she had to love men with all her heart and pussy, whereas the pretty girls used only the pussy… nice way to explain things… For the next days, I was invited everyday by other customers, but each time it was the same routine. Same restaurant, same club, different girls. It appeared that most girls only worked part-time there, and that Miss Ugly was still in college studying. I never saw her again, and I had more language problems every time, but I developed a certain sign language and before going up, I instructed the girl through the good translation services of the agent…. Also a few night I was very rude to my hosts declining girls invoking a language barrier, hey sometimes a guy needs a rest and I did come for business, so I did have some work to catch up.

Over the years I also visited Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, but I always returned to my very first love : Thailand, Land Of Smiles, and my favourite place : Bangkok, City of Angels. I don't want to brag, I have had hundreds of girls on all 5 continents, paying them or not, but the Thai are simply the best. It is my firm belief that my views are shared by thousands of guys. One cannot change a prostitute or a hooker, they all do it for the money, but in LOS they also do it with fun and sometimes for the fun, and certainly with a lot of kindness and without hurry. This makes a man feel a lot better than wham-bang-thanks….

Don't ever forget a few rules :

– NEVER FALL IN LOVE with a professional, money is her "raison d'être", or her reason to be, Stickman would say that you can get the girl out of the bar, but never the bar out of the girl.
– YOU ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU PAY, meaning you pay cheap, you get cheap.
– LET THE GIRLS COME TO YOU, never push yourself to a girl….

Stickman says:

You're right. There are guys from all over the world who get lured in by charming Asia, and ultimately get trapped to its charms and ways, slowly changing themselves…slowly becoming more Asian. It's amazing that despite all of the wonderful experiences that you have had in the far East, that you continue to live a life in Europe. Many a man would have moved out of the region. 21 years…oh, I have so many fun experiences still to look forward to!

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