Stickman Readers' Submissions September 27th, 2001

A Horror Story

This is various information about my ex-wife, and the mean, selfish and despicable things that she has done to me. She is the worst person that I have ever known in my entire life. She has treated me worse than anyone. I have never known a man or a woman that was such a no good person.

I rescued her from a life of prostitution and an almost certain death from AIDS, and brought her to the USA. I spent countless thousands of dollars on her and her greedy money grabbing family. She has rewarded me for my kindness with genital herpes, is an unfaithful wife, and a whore. No matter how much I gave her she could never be happy. No matter how much she got, she wanted just more and more and more.

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It was about six years ago when I met her I first met her at the Kaew massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She is an excellent masseuse and brought great relief to the pain in my legs and feet from caused by my diabetes. I was staying at the SP hotel at the time and gave her my address and room number. I went every day to have her massage me, as it was a great relief. She was young and cute, and one evening she showed up at my room at the SP hotel. We slept together that night and there was never any mention of money.

A couple of weeks later while we were on the way to meet her parents in Phayao, she started asking for expensive gold jewellery. She said this was to show her parents that I really cared about her and they would approve of me. Being the kind and stupid type that I am, I agreed and bought her about $500.00 worth of gold jewellery. We then went to visit her parents where we all were gathered around in an auction like atmosphere where the parents gave her to me.

For the highest bridal fee they could get from me; I thought that for two thousand dollars (!) was getting an OK deal, and it would keep the parents from selling her in the future. I knew by now that I was in over my head and didn't know what to do. I paid the parents two grand and then Alei belonged to me and all the expenses were over, or so I thought. Back in Chiang Mai, Alei decided to go to school to learn English. I was happy to send her to school. I soon had to go back to the US, and I had to leave her with a large amount of money. In addition to that I sent her money every month so she could pay for her expenses. The first indication that something was wrong came a few months later when I went back to see her. All the money was gone, and she had pawned the gold jewellery that I had given her. She wanted more money to get it out of hock. Yes, Mr. Stupid paid again and gave her the money, spent the next 2 months in Chiang Mai with her and had a good time. I found out that she had been a prostitute, and was hiding it from me. I went back to the US again and as always continued to send her money to keep her out of the prostitution business while awaiting the immigration process to bring her to the US. I got to know the real Aiei the day she finally got her visa. We were both sitting in the hotel room in Bangkok. I had just given her over $100.00 to go and buy some clothes, as you get much clothing for that money in Bangkok. I asked her to please come with me to the restaurant and keep me company while I ate, as I really could not speak any Thai. When we got to the lobby and we were to enter the restaurant, she started to take off to the outside door when I again asked her to keep me company. She just kept on going her own way with my $100.00 and couldn't care less about me! What a nice way for anyone to treat someone that just spent thousands of dollars on her plus got them a visa to the US.

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I ate and went back to the room just mad as hell. I knew in my heart that this was the beginning of the end and it was all I could do to keep from tearing her passport and visa up and throwing them in the trash. But having a soft heart I thought this just might be an isolated incident and only happiness would follow, so I decided against it. Alei came back in two or three hours and acted like there was nothing wrong.

The next incident was here in the US. It was a warm and sunny winter's day when I drove Alei and myself out to one of my favourite train watching spots in the New Mexico Desert. I was parked for less than ½ hour when she became angry and decided that she wanted to leave. When I refused, she got out of the pickup and started walking down the tracks. I let her walk about 1/5 mile before going after her. I couldn't put her life in danger to show a point. She was so angry that she wouldn't even get in my pickup. I had to pick her up and physically put her in my vehicle. Well, this was only a sample of what would happen in the future.

I took Alei to Disneyland, to the Grand Canyon, to Monument Valley, to Colorado to ride the narrow gauge railroad, to New England, to Maine, New Hampshire and even more places. I was so captivated by Alei's charms that I didn't seem to notice that she always wanted to eat out and would never cook, except for herself. I was stupid enough to let her use the phone to call Thailand just about whenever she wanted. I thought this would help her to not be so lonely and feel so far from her family, I even found a tutor for Alei
and as a result of that she learned English fairly well.

We were not in the US for very long when I was informed that I should be making a contribution of $200 a month to her Mom and Dad. Stupid me again got with the program and did exactly what was asked. There were numerous occasions that I asked Alei to just leave and go back home. On some of these occasions she did leave, and every time she left, I paid for her tickets and I always gave her at least several hundred dollars to hold her over. But she always returned.

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One time we were in Thailand and I decided I wanted to go and see The Bridge over the River Kwai. She didn't even want to comply with this simple request. After much bitching and complaining, she reluctantly came with me, begrudging it all the while. There were times when I even went to Thailand to tell her I missed her and wanted to try again. One time when we were in Thailand together, I gave her $1000 to spend in any way she saw fit. This was just not good enough for her. She wanted more money to buy her brother a motor bike. When I refused, she had one of her temper tantrums, and threatened to
leave me. Like a dam fool, I gave her the money she wanted to buy him his motor bike, about $800 more.

The last time she was in Thailand she stayed for 6 weeks. When she came home, she admitted to having had a boyfriend there, and having sex with him. Things never got better, and I was a fool to try anymore. I did stop sending her family money after about 2 or 3 years. I did find out that I was supporting the opium habit of her parents. Well, after several years we decided that a move might be good for us, we moved to the East Coast. Things got progressively worse. Alei went to work, and developed more of a "I don't need
you attitude". On one occasion she got angry with me, and called some Cambodian guy that she knew that worked with her. She took a taxi to the work place to meet him and then spent the night with him. She called me the next day and asked if she could come home. Like a fool I said yes.

Until that time I really didn't think she was such a low class tramp as to have sex with him. I guess the old saying about "once a whore, always a whore" is correct. She did tell me she had sex with him some time during the same day she came home. I begged her to tell me she was lying, but she said she wouldn't lie. That was a lie in itself. She had a boyfriend in Thailand. She actually had the nerve to call him on the phone, with me in the trailer in the USA. My suspicions were aroused when things didn't seem normal, such as tone of her voice while talking to him. After she hung up I dialled last number recall. A man answered. I told her she was a liar. She told me it was her sister, and then she admitted to being a liar.

We fought constantly, and finally we went to counselling. Alei only went once and said nothing was wrong with her, that I was crazy, and she wasn't going again. I continued to go for two more sessions. At one of these sessions, I told the counsellor that she told me of having sex with two men, and threw it in my face. The counsellor told me that it didn't matter if she had sex with them or not. Her motive in telling me was to hurt me, and she had been very successful at that. The counsellor told me that he couldn't help me. The best thing I could do was to get rid of her.

On one other occasion Alei took off with one of her fellow workers. She went to Foxwood Gambling Casino in Connecticut and didn't return home until 3:00 AM in the morning. Only God knows where she really went and what she really did.

One other time on the East Coast in the trailer, after a fight with Alei, she called me on the intercom to ask me to take her to work. I did not answer the intercom and had no intentions of giving her a ride. It was a beautiful sunny day and only a 15 minutes walk from the house to work. She became angry and smashed several of my prized and valuable possessions on the floor, doing several hundred dollars in damage to them. I told her to get out, and finally she did. She continued to frequently visit the house.

Previous to these events, there was a time that she told me that I was crazy if when my Mom died, that I thought I would get away without giving her some of that inheritance, that she should get half of it. She is a greedy and evil person. There was also a time that I was not collecting my social security and I was totally broke. Alei told me that she was not buying anything for me, that she would go shopping and buy her own food and I should do the same. Finally I told her that I was moving to Tucson. When it was a couple of days
before I was to leave, she brought all her stuff from where she was living, and put it in my travel trailer. I should have refused her, but didn't. While on the trip to Tucson I stayed in touch with my cousin, and was told my Mom was in the hospital and was doing poorly. I decided to stay in NM and wait for further news about my Mom before continuing on to Tucson. Alei was really angry over this, but that was too bad. My mother is number 1, not some little whore that does not appreciate anything, and makes my life miserable.

On one occasion while in New Mexico, we had a fight about something, and Alei started her crap again. We were talking about the incident between her and her Cambodian guy, and she screamed "yes I screwed him and if l had the chance I would screw him again, (the Cambodian guy in Massachusetts). She screamed in front of my friend "yes I am a whore and I have been for years.

Once again I told her to find her own place. She did, and stayed in an old dirty filthy roach hole motel. She befriended an elderly man that also lived there, and told me he gave her money occasionally and $400 when she left. I believe without a doubt that she was screwing him, or providing him with oral sex for that money. People like her put money above everything, and they have no heart or morals.

I told her I was moving to California, and like a fool I let her come again. I have never loved her for over two years, and I can't ever forgive her for whoring around on me. Nor can I forgive her for using me, lying to me, and deceiving me. It was only while back east that I really started to hate her, I had always told Alei I loved her, and I always treated her good. At some point when I would tell her 1 loved her, she would start to mimic me, and just make some non-understandable mumbling. I really started thinking what a
fool I was at that point. Alley did everything she could to hurt me and make me feel bad, and it was time to get out of this relationship to nowhere. We don't tell each other we love each other anymore. I despise her and I am sure she doesn't love me.

I do hope that she gave her genital herpes to the guys she was screwing when I was married to her. I hope and pray that she will get the hell out of here forever. My friends had a very good suggestion. They told me just leave her in NM and leave in the middle of the night. I blew that one too, who says three strikes and your out. Well, I am at the end of my rope, and I will tell her to get out again soon, but here in California, it might have to be me that gets out.

I hope that this story gets a point across. No matter what, don't marry a prostitute. I am sure that there are people that have married prostitutes and have had happy marriages, but that is a very small minority. It is so very easy to fall in love in Thailand, the girls are so sweet and treat you like boyfriends, not customers,

When these beautiful and young girls treat you so nice, it is hard not to fall in love. But don't be a fool like me and marry one of these girls, and bring them home. They will break your heart, and they will break your wallet. Just keep in mind that you are paying for services rendered. And you owe them no more than what you paid them.

If you were treated like American women treat you, you wouldn't be in Thailand in the first place. If you are truly interested in finding a decent Thai wife, get a guide that speaks Thai and English. Learn at least basic Thai yourself, it impresses people and shows them that you want to learn.

Meet girls at places like Robinson's department stores. These girls just want to have a job and are happy with what they are doing, or at least satisfied to be making a few bucks without selling there bodies. They may or may not want to have a relationship with you, but if you find a girl like this, don't expect to take her home and have sex with her. Decent Thai girls are like decent American girls and don't jump in bed with you right away.

June 19th 1999 Alei came home from her job at 11:20 PM as usual. I told her my feet and legs had been in severe pain since yesterday and I asked her if she could massage them for me. The answer was no, she said do them yourself. However in almost the same breath, she told me she wanted me to take her to San Bernadino on Tuesday.

On father's day, Sunday the 20th of June, Alei advised me that she was going to leave and go back to Massachusetts. If this happens, it will be the most wonderful father's day present I could ever receive. I have never had to put up with this kind of crap from any woman in my entire life. I guess I must have been deeply in love to put up with the abuse of a little whore from Thailand, yes the one that has ice water pumping through her veins.

I regret the day I allowed myself to fall for her, and thank God she is leaving. She thinks she is pretty smart, but I wonder if she is smart enough to know that all her phone calls were monitored in Massachusetts and here. I know how badly she talked to her family about me when she knew she could not bleed any more money out of me. I wonder how Alei would stand in the place she works, and how the rest of her so called friends would react if they knew she had herpes, was a prostitute, and a big fraud. If I were one of these
people, I surely wouldn't want her in my home, or leave my husband alone with her. To be continued in the future.


Alei finally left me about 2 July 1999, at this time she left me when we were living in California. I dropped her off at the Railroad station in San Bernadino where she caught the train to Massachusetts, after she left me she continued to call me at every time the train stopped long enough to allow her the time to call, almost daily, I was finally very happy to get rid of her and I didn't want to hear from her again, but she continued to call me almost daily from Massachusetts and tell me how much she missed me and loved me, so I got a
caller ID so I could tell when it was her calling and I never answered the phone. Unfortunately she found out my friends number and started calling him to ask why I wouldn't talk to her. He suggested to me that I speak with her and see what she wanted, and to try and get her off my back. So I did finally speak to her after about a month. She continued to call me at least every couple of days continuing to tell me how very much she missed me and loved me. And being alone for all this period of time had made me quite weak and vulnerable so finally at one point I asked her if she still really wanted me. Her response was yes, and at that time I asked her if she was positive of that and she still said yes. Well I didn't give her anything positive at the time, but the next time I talked to her I asked her the same questions and when she answered the same, I told her I would come back to Massachusetts to be with her and I would be leaving within a month. I had to prepare the 2 pickups and trailers to make the trip, of 3100 miles, and she told me that
she wanted to get back together with me very much, well I stupidly told her yes, and I did give her my cellular number. She called my cellular number at least once or more daily while I was on the trip back to Massachusetts, telling me every day how much she loved me and how things would be different, well after 6 days on the road and countless problems with the pickups and trailers, the night before I was to arrive here, I was in Buffalo New York when she called and said she didn't want me any more, this came very close to driving me over the edge, but I made it, even after my being ill Massachusetts, Alei continued to call me several times a week after I was here, when I told her that my mother was doing quite poorly, she threatened to take me to the cleaners once that my mother died and that I would be lucky if I got $100, I told her that since we were divorced that she would get nothing at all, and she said that due to the circumstances of the divorce ill New Mexico that she would deny even knowing we are divorced, and Massachusetts law being what it is, and her being a poor little foreign girl, she would fix me, she had me pick her up Every Wednesday at Massasoit College and take her to eat, I did not mind this, but she is cold, rude and threatening and I want no more of this, there was one occasion where she told me Bridgewater is not big enough for both of us and I better leave or she would make up some big trouble for me, and as strange as it may seem, I have been very afraid and upset, I do take threats very personally, especially living at my mothers place. I don't want any harm to come to my mother, I don't know who Alleys boyfriend is or where he lives and I don't have her telephone number, it is always her that calls me, I have no idea what her boyfriend is capable of and I am afraid for my safety and for my mothers safety, and as far as that goes, my ex is a liar and a cheat for starters and I don't know what she is capable of, she called me at 1:30 AM Wednesday and told me she had split with her boyfriend and she was afraid of him and would I come to pick her up, when I asked where she said at Berniers store, I did go and pick her up and when I arrived at the parking lot of the store, her belongings were scattered all over the parking lot, and she was coming, I did try to comfort her as I loaded her stuff in the pickup, Alei stayed with me for Wednesday and Thursday night, I told her that she had to get her own place within a couple of weeks and at that time she threatened me telling me if I threw her out that I would pay dearly or words to that effect, I took her to Massasoit on Friday, and then picked her up at 2:20 PM, I then took her to the Bridgewater nursing home where she works, she told me that she wasn't sure if she got off at 8 or 11, she called me at 7:30 and said she was working until 11:00, I called the nursing home to ask her something at 8:30, they told me she finished at 8, the next time I heard from her was about 10:45, she was intoxicated and was mumbling and talking to me in a threatening way, I have done everything in my power to help this girl be transformed from a low class Thai prostitute into a decent person, but I now am afraid of her and her threats and want nothing else to do with her, I truly hope that she will just leave me alone and just end it, no one ever in my life has caused me such pain and agony, it seems like it was even intentional, I just will never understand.

Stickman says:

This story was submitted to me well over a year ago, the author requesting that I publish it online and allow others to learn from the dreadful experience that he had. At the time, I was fiercely proud to only publish my own work online and while I liked his piece, I said no to publishing it. I have just recently discovered it and that is why it has now been published. If the author would kindly contact me, I'll put in the appropriate credits! This story is an extreme example of when a bargirl customer relationship turned marriage goes drastically wrong.

Freel free to contact the author

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