Stickman Readers' Submissions August 15th, 2001

The Siem Reap Adventure

This story is quite different from the ones I read here, its nothing about love, lies and misleading which is quite common with what you guys write here, its only a nice and funny story which happen to me at early January 2001 at Siem Riep in Cambodia.

So here I go, an Israeli backpacker in his mid 20s after being all around Thailand and Oceania ordering the bus from Bangkok to Siem Riep, heard some stories of a rough ride and wasn't disappointed… We started with an Air-con bus. When I say we I mean: 2 friendly Norwegian guys, one Jewish English guy, very hot Swede blonde, 3 naughty
Israeli girls, a nervous Dutch guy and me.

He Clinic Bangkok

After 2 hours ride to the Cambodian border the front glass just blown to pieces! Luckily nobody get hurt, but the driver just ignored it and continue to drive while we all cover ourselves with clothes to hide from the dangerous tiny glass pieces that kept flying towards us. We were happy to get to the Cambodian border and thought we past the rough part…

After all the paperwork at the border we've been led to an open truck and been told to get on the truck with our luggage, now getting some tips before I bribed the driver (extra 200 Baht) and get to sit in the front with air-conditioning and more important with closed windows, the Norwegian guys saw it and did the same. While this was a smart move in a way, I discover afterwards that sitting in the back could have resulted in a night with that hot blond. The ride was awful, 180 KM in 8 hours! Because all the roads are dirt roads and not quite smooth, we guys that sat on the front had all our body hurt but as we look at our friends at the back they were broken and also dusted heavily.

Booking the rooms I noticed the English guy and the Swedish girl booking a room together after they only knew each other at that same morning, this gives me the regrets why didn't I sat on the back!

CBD bangkok

At the morning all of us rented a driver+ motorbike that takes you to see the beautiful ruins in Siem Riep, its absolutely amazing stuff, considered one of the wonders of the world. After fulfilling my cultural needs I started to think about more urgent needs, so I asked my driver to take me around the place to look around, I've noticed that the sellers are usually young beautiful ladies and they were very naive the kind that you hardly find in Thailand, it was easy to get them down on the price for the merchandise but not to get them to go out with you later.

The next day I again went to the ruins and after I have looked around in the near villages. Back in the hostel we all plan to go out at evening, the Dutch guy noticed a place called "happy herb pizza" on the main (dusty) road. The words "happy herb" we all knew what we can get there and wasn't disappointed.

We ate some happy pizzas with "herbs" inside, happy garlic bread was also on the menu and happy banana shakes come and go instead of beers. For those which still needed the smoking experience, a bowl of fresh happy herbs was brought to the table for the use of the customers. After the happy meal we went on to look around and found a karaoke and even a discotheque with mostly local people. We drunk some beers and other bad liqueurs and were very happy and having fun dancing, playing pool and chatting. During the evening two local girls which I've chatted with try to tempt me to have sex with them for money, which gave me the idea that this is quite similar to the freelancers in Thailand. They asked for 20-30 US$ for the night which a poor backpacker like me couldn't afford. They were quite attractive, on whole I must say that the Cambodian girls were more good looking than the Thai girls that you usually see in places like Pattaya, Nana and those kind of bars in Bangkok. They were more the style of the gentle and shy. I also remember that when I wondered in the villages around, even the poor girls that live on the rivers and dress badly had very beautiful faces. As the hours passed many of our group left to sleep but me and an Afro-French guy were still looking for something… (He joined us at the hostel). The Israeli girls wasn't hard to get but I was in "Love" with the Asian ladies.

Roaming around on the way back to the hostel we saw the familiar red sign- "Massage". As we come near, a few girls offered their services, I was tired from the expensive prices and said to them "5 dollars", to my surprise they were very happy and urge me to choose a girl. The French guy made his choice by going back to the hostel and try his luck with one of the Israeli girls which quite liked him. I stayed. It was the right choice this time, He didn't get what he want and me…. well read on.

wonderland clinic

I have notices the most beautiful girl sitting a bit inside quietly, she looks very young (don't think of me as some maniac, she had a sexy mature body and might be 18-19) so I said to the others: "I want her", they talked with her and she seems confused, she maybe didn't worked there and come to visit her friends? Or she was new or I don't know…anyway I smiled at her and take her hand gently which convinced her to go with me inside the massage to a private room. Now comes the funny part, You are talking about a man (me…) which is half stoned and half drunk, hardly have power to walk but horny has

I didn't had the power even to fuck her so after a bit kissing and grabbing that lovely shy girl I pointed her mouth and my dick in a way that she understand what I wanted from her… then she said in a cute nonchalant Cambodian accent: "boom boom – ok, no yum yum!" At that moment I just laughed for a few long minutes, describing a blow job as
"yum yum" was so funny that my belly was hurt, she started to laugh too and while I catch my breath I said to her "yum yum I like!" and she replies with "no yum yum, boom boom – ok".

After we both calm down a bit she said to me "Lady good yum yum" and pointing to the door. Well I really prefer her but I'm a good guy and though god gave me a strong sex urges I never will do something that a girl dislikes even if she agree to it eventually because she don't have a choice. So I said to her ok. And there comes a girl maybe at her late 20s, though not beautiful I have noticed her big juicy lips and let her do the job.

** The naughty part ** (I hope it won't get censored by stick…)

That was the greatest ever BJ I got, and I got quite a few good ones before, She started by licking all over my belly, ass and balls with soft bites, then she swallowed it all the way done looking at me and make some vacuum sucking noises. I felt I could hardly breath and exploded happily in her mouth. To my surprise she didn't stop for the next few minutes and continue with gentle blows and licks all over. I had to ask her to stop as she seems to continue to do it till been told to stop.

** End of the naughty part **

I left to the voice of the laughter of the girls which thanked me. It was a major feeling I got, having one of my funniest ever experiences together with one of my great sex adventure in the last half hour not to mention the whole enjoyable evening and the magic of the ruins of Siem Reap.

Back in Thailand the girls keep doing me a puzzled face when I've asked them to "yum yum", and when they finally understand they were not even close to that great BJ ever…

Stickman says:

Nice story which shows that in Asia, just about anything is possible and when you go to a reputable place, they insist on satisfying their customers.

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